Favourite things to do in winter when pregnant

Mums-to-be share their top tips on what they’re looking forward to this winter as the festive season approaches…


“Two words: retail therapy! This Christmas I discovered some great websites to order presents for all the family that delivered the gifts right to my doorstep. Compared to rushing around last minute in a panic and chasing (I use the word loosely) my 17 month old through the shops, online shopping is such a pleasure. It also gives me more time to spend with family and friends.”


Mia, 35 weeks pregnant with her second child

“I always love snuggling up with my partner during the winter, but especially this year. I am employing him as my foot masseuse. It’s a really great way to spend some quality time together and since I can’t reach my feet anymore, he really helps to get rid of my aches and pain. We spend the time talking about. And imagining, what we’ll be doing this time next year with our child, and that more than helps to keep me jolly.”

Shelley, 31 weeks pregnant with her first child

“Besides drinking loads of camomile tea, I love using my Body Shop Ylang Ylang Massage Set. The massage oils, bath essence and massager are just what I need for relieving those stressful aches and pains – and even better, they smell fantastic! I really look forward to my spa time. It helps keep me cheery in the winter months.”

Ashley, 31 weeks pregnant with her first child.

“Winter fires make me smile, but I find a little pampering helps more! I’ve booked myself a last minute deal at Babington House to try the appropriately named Blooming Cow – a pregnancy massage that uses soothing water pads and aromatherapy oils. Between the spa and my yoga sessions I plan to enjoy plenty of relaxation time this winter.”

Suzi, 27, pregnant with her first child

“I always find that winter is the perfect season for taking things a bit easier and allowing myself a little extra ‘me’ time. The best ways to do this are by wrapping up and going for a walk or taking a good soak surrounded my candles with a good book in hand. Watching a favourite movie, snuggled up in a cosy blanket, and indulging in your choice treats never hurts either!”

Claire, 30 weeks pregnant with her third child

“There’s nothing better than getting your hands sticky with glue and then going to town with scissors and glitter. I love keeping busy on long winter nights by making mu own birth announcements for our family’s new addition. I’ve also started compiling a scrapbook – charting my mum’s life and my life as a mum – which makes being pregnant even more meaningful. And of course, a big mug of hot chocolate never hurts!”

Caroline, 32 weeks pregnant with her third child

“I know this sounds a bit boring but I’m really looking forward to my first New Year’s Day without a raging hangover! My husband and I have booked a small cottage in Norfolk for the New Year weekend, so we’re hopefully going to have a really low-key, grown-up evening, hopefully curled up in front of a roaring fire. We’ll probably end up playing Scrabble or cards and then have an early night. Then on New Year’s Day we’ll go for a really long walk, and feel smug.”


Helen, 26 weeks pregnant with her first child

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