Practical pregnancy advice from mums

Mums share helpful hints about practical things you should consider when pregnant


To save on maternity wear

“To make my normal clothes last as long as possible with both my pregnancies, I invested in a bump band to put over the gap between trousers and tops that werea little short. This was great before my clothes really got too small and I had to buy maternity items.”


Abbie Queens, 29, from Surrey, mum to Ryan, 3, and 38 weeks pregnant

For choosing a cot

“To make sure I was going for the right cot I spoke to other mums first. They recommended one with a height adjustable base so you can reach your baby easily in the newborn days and move it further down later. I ended up choosing a cot with casters on the bottom so we could easily move it from our room to Harry’s own room later.”

Jenny Hughes, 33 from Devon, mum to Harry, 3

For coping with bump and tot

“When I was expecting number two, my older son, Josh, was full of energy and I struggled to keep up with him when we were out as my bump was too big for me to run. Toddler reins were the answer as he could still move freely but I had control in case he tried to run off, which kept me calm and relaxed and not constantly on edge.”

Yvonne Peck, 42, from Maidstone, mum to Josh, 4, and William, 3 months

For helping with tiredness

“I’ve got two children and am expecting my third, so I’ve found I’m pretty shattered at times. Online shopping has been my saviour, and I have an account with the same delivery slot each week so I don’t have to traipse round the supermarket with a bump and two bored children in tow.”

Laura Duncan, 35, from Bristol, mum to Rosie, 5, Ashley, 3, and 31 weeks pregnant

For free dresses

“I’m the last one of my close friends to get pregnant, and in a bid to save a few pounds, I invited them round for a clothes swapping party. They brought their old maternity clothes and we all exchanged bits and bobs from my pre-pregnancy and their pregnancy wardrobes. I got a lot of stuff in one night and we all got to see each other for once!”


Amber Jones, 29, from Redruth, 34 weeks pregnant

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