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When you're pregnant, any pains in the first trimester lead to a panic that they're signs of miscarriage. But do pregnancy cramps, pregnancy bleeding or spotting always mean problems?


Congratulations, you’re pregnant! But where you should feel happy, it’s actually causing you sleepless nights. That’s because your body is doing strange things and you’re not sure whether they mean everything is okay or something’s wrong with your growing baby. When you experience anything out of the ordinary early on in your pregnancy, particularly pregnancy stomach cramps, pains spotting, or bleeding, it’s, quite naturally, bound to get you worried. The first thought to cross any pregnant woman’s mind is that it’s a sign of a miscarriage. But should that be the first conclusion you jump too? Not always, as it happens.


Is it a miscarriage?

The first thing to remember and what you should be really pleased to hear is that the chances of a miscarriage happening are actually much less than you might think. To set your mind at rest even further, it’s worth arming yourself in advance with all the latest information on what the most common causes of miscarriage are. It’s also important to know how to spot the signs for the different types of miscarriage. As with any worries you have throughout your pregnancy, you should still make sure you contact your midwife or doctor just to be on the safe side.

Are pregnancy cramps bad?

The good news is that thankfully, pregnancy cramps don’t necessarily need to mean something bad is happening. There are plenty of other (non-baby threatening) reasons why you could be having pregnancy cramps.

The stomach cramps that are happening to you could just be one of the many different aches and pains you’ll experience during your first trimester. But there are some occasions when you really should get them checked out with your midwife or doctor, particularly if you have severe or persistent pains as these should never be ignored.

On top of this, if you experience pregnancy cramps or abdominal pain along with spotting, bleeding, vaginal discharge, fever, chills, faintness, you’re uncomfortable while urinating, or are feeling nauseous and vomiting, or if the pain doesn’t subside after several minutes of rest, call your doctor.

Spotting should I worry?

Just like stomach cramps, spotting doesn’t have to be a concern. More women than you probably realise actually experience this kind of bleeding. Knowing this fact will hopefully help set your mind at rest a little, but if you’re experiencing bleeding right now and you’re really anxious, you’re definitely going to be asking yourself, ‘Why is this happening to me?’

There are a number of reasons why this could be happening. What you’re experiencing right now could be a sign of implantation bleeding. If this is happening to you it will lead to spotting during your pregnancy. One of the questions you’re probably wanting to know the answer to is: ‘how long does this spotting last’ so you can set your mind at rest.

The bleeding that you’re experiencing could also be a sign of other things. For example it could be down to your hormones or just another general symptom of pregnancy

Whatever’s worrying you it’s always worth being on the safe side and getting checked out by your doctor or midwife. If you’re still feeling at all worried, take a look at our guide to pregnancy complications and illnesses and make sure you take note of these 25 steps to a healthy pregnancy.

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