The facts about miscarriage

Around one in five pregnancies will end in miscarriage, according to Tommy's the baby charity.


The miscarriage rate for women aged under 35 is about 6% and increases to about 25% in women aged over 40.


When a miscarriage occurs more than three times, this is classed as recurrent miscarriage and happens to about 1% of women.

Doctors will ususally wait until there have been three miscarriages to determine whether the woman has an underlying medical condition.

There are many reasons for miscarriage, including hormonal factors, polycystic ovaries and structural abnormalities of the uterus.

Your doctor won’tr be able to predict the outcome if you fall pregnant again, but if there is no definite reason for miscarriage, there is increased chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Being an older mum increases the risk of miscarriage, as does smoking. But there are things you can do to get yourself in optimum health including taking a folic acid supplement before conception and up to week 12 of your pregnancy, gently exercising and a healthy, balanced diet.

Help and support

The Miscarriage Association: 01924 200799 


Tommy’s the baby charity: 0800 0147 800

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