Weekly walking workout for pregnancy: Week 2

Exercise during pregnancy doesn’t have to be hard work. Walk yourself to fitness with our weekly step-by-step guide.


Week 2

Hooray, you’ve made it through week 1 of your pregnancy walking work-out! Now your body’s in the swing of exercise and your fitness levels will have gone up a notch, you can really start working up a sweat. Week 2 introduces a longer walk, which is great for fat burning.


Session 1

Walk at a moderate pace for three minutes, then speed up slightly and maintain this pace for 10 minutes. Slow the pace down for five minutes and then walk at a moderate speed for seven minutes.

Session 2

Walk at a brisk-ish pace for 10 minutes, slow down for three minutes and then pick up the pace for seven minutes. Speed up again for five minutes, before having a leisurely five-minute stroll to finish.

Session 3

Walk at a pace that taxes you without leaving you breathless for 15 minutes continuously, then recover by walking slowly for five minutes. Repeat.


Don’t miss week three of your workout next week!

Check out week 3 of your pregnancy walking work out!

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