10 of the best buggies for less than £350

Top pushchairs minus the top-shelf price tag, from big name buggy brands including iCandy, Quinny and Maxi-Cosi.


Pushchairs with a premium performance, not premium price

When buying a buggy, what is it you look for? Top performance? Yes. Great features? Yep. Good looks? Yeah. Budget-blowing price? Nope, that’s definitely one thing new parents and parents-to-be can do without. With this in mind, we’ve found 10 fab buggies that cost less than £350. But it’s not just price that’s led us to picking these pushchairs – all featured here have scored 4-star, 4.5-star or full 5-star reviews.


We’re not saying £350 is budget by any means, but in today’s pushchair market, where buggies can easily cost over £500, these models, ranging from £270 to £349.90, offer decent value given their great performance.

The price of each of these buggies can vary depending on where you purchase it. This means the figures shown here are a rough starting guide based on what deals we spotted at the time of publishing. It also proves you should shop around as much as possible. There are great offers to be had, but make sure you weigh up the bargain against how reputable the website or retailer is – it won’t be such a good deal if you get nothing for your money. Also check what’s included in the price – is there a raincover, or will this cost extra? Can you use the buggy from birth, or will you need to purchase the optional carrycot? All these extras add up.

For truly budget options, head to our 10 of the best buggies for less than £150 and 10 of the best buggies for less than £250. Finally, make sure you read out buggy buyer’s guide before you purchase a thing.


Mamas & Papas Urbo buggy, around £325

Weighing a nippy 9kg, the Urbo’s name is matched with stylish urban looks. It can be rear or forward facing, and is travel system compatible, too. Comfy, luxurious and easy to fold and steer, the Mamas & Papas Urbo scores full marks in its MFM review.

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Britax B-Smart 4-wheel buggy (2011 model), around £329.99

The 4-wheel version of the Britax B-Smart is sturdy, and as with many Britax buggies, it’s travel system compatible. You can use it rear or forward facing, and the very large hood gives good coverage in a shower or sunshine. It’s easy to fold one-handed… actually, it’s pretty easy to do most things on this buggy, as its full 5-star review proves.

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Maxi-Cosi Loola Up, around £270

The sturdy Maxi-Cosi Loola Up’s compact when folded, so ideal for small car boots. It can be rear or forward facing, and is travel system compatible. It scores full marks for all features, including ease of folding, steering and comfort.

Read the full Maxi-Cosi Loola Up review.


Quinny Speedi SX, around £280

Described as a super off-roader with great suspension by our reviewer, the 3-wheeler Speedi SX copes well with all terrains. Its height adjustable handle adds to the ease of pushing, and it’s also travel system compatible.

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iCandy Cherry, around £320

Light and travel system compatible, the Cherry has a lot going for it. The iCandy Cherry can be rear or forward facing, and it gets top marks for comfort for your baby.

Read the full iCandy Cherry review.

Check out our step-by-step buyer’s guide lightweight buggies for more advice.


Micralite Toro, around £275

Lightweight and incredibly easy to fold and unfold, the Toro can also add travel system compatibility to its great list of features. Its suspension makes for a great ride for your child.

Read the full Micralite Toro review.

See our buyer’s guide lightweight buggies for more advice, too.


Maxi-Cosi Mura 3-wheeler, around £335

A sturdy buggy that seems to smooth out any terrain, the Mura offers great comfort for your baby. The super-soft seat can be rear or forward facing, and the Mura’s travel system compatible as well.

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Petite Star Kurvi, around £299.99

Light, but not flimsy, the Kurvi is available as a 3-wheeler or 4-wheeler. The buggy has its pram body convert into the buggy seat, so there’s nothing bulky to store. It can be forward or rear facing, and the Kurvi is also travel system compatible.

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Phil & Teds Classic Inline Double, around £349.90 (£299.95 for buggy, £49.95 for doubles kit)

If you have to sum up the Phil & Teds Classic Inline Double in one word, it’s got to be ‘versatile’. This buggy can tackle all terrains, convert from a single buggy to a tandem and back again, oh, and it’s travel system compatible too. With two on board it’s stable, and it’s easy to fold with a bit of practice.

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Jané Solo Reverse Pushchair, around £309.99

The Solo Reverse, as the name hints, can be rear or forward facing. It feels light and is manoeuvrable. It’s travel system compatible and, without the seat unit on, collapses compactly and is freestanding once folded.


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