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10 of the best new baby gear you’ll really want

Innovative baby bottles, rucksack buggies and three-dimensional co-sleepers - fantastic products seen at Harrogate Nursery Fair


Sneak a peek at the new looks and styles to hit the shops this year

Harrogate Nursery Fair is known for showcasing the latest baby products on the market.


And this year did not disappoint; there were innovate products all over the place – extra lightweight buggies and stylish thermometers were just a few things that caught our eye.

So of course, we’ve compiled a complete list of the best trends and newest products on show at Harrogate. Let us know what you think of them.

Mee-Go Feather

Meet new kid on the block Mee-Go, a British parenting brand that makes travel systems, highchairs and furniture.

It also makes a very dainty lightweight buggy, the Feather.  Weighing a tiny 4.5kg it has a light aluminium frame (here’s the sciencey bit), it’s constructed using a honeycombed technique.

It’s the same method used in the aerospace industry, it provides maximum strength (particularly in tension) but weighs very little.

The forward-facing pushchair also has an adjustable handle, one hand-fold system and basket.

Pricewise, it’s £125 all in, so perfect for parents on a budget.


Shnuggle Pebbly

There are plenty of bath thermometers on the market, but none that look quite like the Shnuggle Pebbly.  It’s inspired by nature and looks like a smooth, grey pebble.

It’s easy-to-read, heart-shaped light display glows red if the bath water is too hot and blue if it’s too cold.  When it’s the perfect temperature it glows white.

We’re not the only ones who like the clever bath thermometer; it was a big winner in the innovation category at the Harrogate Nursery Show.


Buggies on your back

Pushchairs are getting more portable by the minute and the biggest trend this year by far is the easy-to-carry buggy.

The OmniO Rider, Ruk Bug and ABC TakeOff all transform from strollers into backpacks.

You can check out the full list of features for these brand new buggies in our best easy-to-carry buggies article here.

Check out the 6 best backpack pushchairs here.



It’s a controversial subject, we know!  Every other day there are new dos and don’ts of how to look after your feminine area after you’ve given birth.

Some healthcare professionals recommend that you shower after using the toilet, which may not always be practical.  That’s where the Femette comes in.  It’s a portable external valve that sprays a controlled, consistent water flow to soothe and cleanse.


Halo Bassinest

Co-sleeping just got more versatile with this Halo Bassinest.

It’s a stand-alone bassinet that is connected to an extendable arm, which also swivels 360 degrees, so moving your baby in any direction couldn’t be easier.

One side of the co-sleeper lowers – ideal for mums who can’t bend over – and the premium version comes with a vibration feature, nightlight and also plays music.


All-terrain buggies

It seems we’re always out and about with our babies, as all-terrain buggies continue to be very popular.

So much so, outdoor transportation company Thule is getting in on the action.  The Swedish brand, already known for its bike trailers, has created a couple of its very own jogging buggies.

The Glide and Urban Glide are described as high performance sports strollers.  They come with 16 and 18 inch wheels respectively, adjustable canopies, one hand fold systems and wheel disk breaks.

For those of you who want all-terrain in style, then you’ll surely be happy with iCandy’s latest offering.

The Peach All-Terrain has been given a hot new look, perfect for sporty, yet sophisticated dads and mums.

And Jane’s new Crosswalk pushchair is what you’d get if you mixed a luxury sports car and quad bike, in our minds at least.


Comotomo natural feel bottle

This bottle is probably unlike anything you’ve seen or felt before.  Not only is the teat made of silicone for a soft, natural feel; the base is also made of silicone, making it squeezable and durable.

Anti-colic, BPA-free and microwave safe the Comotomo bottle is designed to mimic natural breastfeeding as closely as possible.

It’s also shatterproof, leak-proof, bacteria resistant, scratch resistant and dishwasher safe.


Mee-Go ride-on buggy board and extendable handle

British brand Mee-Go has created an extendable handle to stop you having to awkwardly reach over your toddler’s head when pushing a buggy and they ride on a buggy board!

This means you won’t have to walk like a penguin to avoid kicking the back of the board. We’ve tried steering the pram with the handle, it’s very responsive and easy-to-use.

The board itself comes with a seat, steering wheel and harness, so they can roll along in comfort. It can then be converted into a stand on board when they’re older – brilliant.


Cuddle Twist

From the company that brought you the hugely popular apron towel, Cuddledry has created a really easy-to-use children’s hair towel.

A super absorbent cloth that’s made out of bamboo, it takes away the nightmare struggle of having to get your little one to lean forward with soaking wet hair. Simply put in on their head, it twists at the back and is secured at the front.

But perhaps the best thing about the Cuddle Twist hair towel is that it’s affordable, only £8.99 – result!


Mable’s Labels Scan & Store labels

This label brand already has a huge following in the US and has won many awards as a result. While it provides the usual write and iron-on labels, Mable’s Labels also makes some brilliant Quick Response Code (QR) storage labels.

Compatible with iPhone and Android mobiles, the custom labels work with an app where you upload the contents of your boxes online. Then when you need to find out what’s in storage, you can simply scan the label using your phone.


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