5 Buggy Trends for 2013/2014

After seeing the biggest names in buggies’ latest offerings, we’ve put together a guide to the biggest trends to look out for…


Designer Collaborations

Mamas & Papas have teamed up with quirky British designer Donna Wilson to create a special edition of the Urbo 2 buggy and matching accessories.


The autumn-inspired tree print features a gorgeous fox design.

CYBEX have also launched their Jeremy Scott collaboration.

The brightly-coloured cartoon junk food designs feature hot dogs, pizzas, popcorn and cotton candy printed on buggies, changing bags and baby slings.

As seen at: Mamas & Papas (pictured), CYBEX


Tan Leatherette handles

This is a trend that started with deluxe buggy brand Joolz but can now be seen across the board.

Tan leather handles and bumper bars give a handcrafted British Heritage look and complement a range of buggy colours.

As seen at: Joolz Day Studio (pictured), Mamas & Papas


Off-road buggies

Whether you’re planning to take your buggy off-road or not, it seems everyone wants an all-terrain buggy this season.

Even if you’re just whizzing through the city, all that 4-wheel suspension and wheels with extra grip will come in handy!

As seen at: Bugaboo Buffalo (pictured), Quinny Buzz Extra, Graco Evo XT


Pick ‘n’ mix colours

Customising your buggy has never been easier with the range of pick ‘n’ mix colours on offer.

The Joolz Tailor comes with 120 different colour options including this fantastic range of leatherette handles and bumper bars (pictured).

At the other end of the price scale, Oyster colour packs come in 12 different colours, allowing you to inexpensively change the look of your Oyster buggy from £22.50 – £50.

As seen at: Joolz (pictured), Oyster



Soft but durable denim fabrics seem to be the next big thing.

Whether it’s the dark blue denim seen at Quinny or the lighter chambray-like ‘Gris’ fabric at Joolz – buggies are having a denim moment.


As seen at: Joolz Day Studio Gris, Mamas & Papas Sola, Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 (pictured)

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