Baby wipes

Which wipes are best for delicate baby botties?


Mums choose the wipes they rate

With so many different brands of baby wipes out there it might seem impossible to choose between them, but our mums managed it. Here’s their pick of the bunch.


Finalist: Cheeky Baby Wipes Kit

Reusable wipes? That’s right! Cheeky Baby Wipes have devised this kit which could save you £££ and is better for the environment too. Easy to store (clean or dirty) and wash clean, the wipes only use natural ingredients so they’re kind to your baby’s botty. £34.95
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Finalist: Bambino Mio Miowipes

Infused with aloe vera, lavender and chamomile, these wipes help prevent nappy rash. They also use natural ingredients which helps make them 100% biodegradable. £1.49


Finalist: Clearly Herbal Natural Bamboo Wipes

Kind to all skin types, these wipes don’t contain alcohol, lanolin, parabens, chlorine or other nasties. They also come in packs of 80 so they’re great value for money. £2.99
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Finalist: Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes

Mild and gentle enough to use on every part of your baby’s skin, they also contain the Johnson’s No More Tears formula. £2.69

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