Best children and parenting books August 2015

Whether you're suffering with baby brain or preparing your little one for big school, we've got something for everyone in this month’s selection


The Mouse Who Reached the Sky

Age: 18 months+


The Mouse Who Reached the Sky by Petr Horacek is the perfect story to introduce the principles of sharing and working together. Little Mouse sees what he thinks is a red shiny marble resting in a tree. He would love to play with it, but he can’t reach it, so he enlists his friends to help. However, the shiny marble turns out to be something much more delicious and Little Mouse decides to share the treasure with his very helpful chums.

Published by Walker Books, 6th August, £9.99


Herman’s Holiday

Age: 2+

Tom Percival’s naughty but nice bear is back for more mischief in Herman’s Holiday. Herman and his friend Henry need a holiday and opt for a camping trip. But not everything goes to plan and the pair soon discover sleeping under the stars isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This is a really funny book which can be enjoyed by grown-ups and children alike and the lift-the-flap postcards that reveal what the friends are really thinking add a very amusing touch.

Published by Bloomsbury, 27th August, £6.99


Katie McGinty Wants a Pet

Age: 3+

It’s usually around this age when the word ‘pet’ enters your child’s vocabulary and they will continue nagging for one on and off until they are about 13! Katie McGinty Wants a Pet by Jenna Harrington and Finn Simpson is a delightful story about one such little girl. However, Katie is not satisfied with a cat or a hamster she has set her heart on a zebra, and not just any zebra – it has to be one that can ‘slurp spaghetti’ and sleep in her bunk bed. This book is beautifully illustrated and the fun story will resonate with all pet-weary parents.

Published by Little Tiger Press, 13th August, £6.99


Get Ready for School Sticker Book

Age: 4+

For all those about to start big school, why not have a go at some of the puzzles and educational games that can be found in the Usborne Get Ready for School Sticker Book? The book covers basic numeracy and literacy, as well as sections on shape and colours too. And with more than 1,000 stickers to distribute throughout the challenges, this should keep pre-schoolers occupied for hours. This is a really enjoyable introduction to some of the subjects covered during the first year of primary school. Highly recommended.

Published by Usborne, available, £12.99


Lovely Old Lion

Age: 5+

Lovely Old Lion by Julia Jarman and Susan Varley is a very sensitive story explaining the concept of dementia for the very young. Lenny is a little lion who adores his grandfather and when the King Lion starts to forget the odd thing or two, Lenny begins to worry. But with the help of his family and the King’s friends, Lenny begins to understand how he can care for his grandad. This is a very beautiful story told with great care and will undoubtedly help any family experiencing the same issues.


Published by Andersen Press, 6th August, £11.99

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