Best children’s and parenting books for May 2016

This month stripes seem to be the order of the day as bees and tigers stage a book takeover


1. I Wish I Were a Pirate by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Sarah Ward


This is the latest in the ‘Push, Pull and Play’ series from Bloomsbury. The pages have plenty to look at, as well as anchors to pull and planks for sailors to walk, while the chunky pages are easy for little hands to grab.

This is a lovely fun book that will encourage toddlers to use their imaginations, stimulate observation skills and develop their language.

Published by Bloomsbury, 5 May, £5.99


2. The Bumblebear by Nadia Shireen – 2+

This story follows Norman as he starts his first term at bee school. But there’s something a little bit different about this bee – he’s actually a bear with a cunning plan to steal all the bees’ honey.

But when his plot is discovered, Norman is snubbed by his friends until they realise a bear may not be so bad for the school. This is a charming story about acceptance and friendship from the author of the very amusing Good Little Wolf!

Published by Random House Children’s, 5 May, £6.99


3. Squish Squash Squeeze by Tracey Corderoy and Jane Chapman – 3+

The authors are a winning team who have once again come together to create Squish Squash Squeeze which is once again, a great picture book. Mouse’s new house is a very tidy house, with just enough space for his possessions.

But wait, why is there a crocodile in the bath and who’s that grunting and growling near the piano? This is a funny tale that will delight youngsters with its constant plot twists and surprises. 

Published by Little Tiger Press, 5 May, £10.99


4. Where do babies come from? Usborne Press – 4+

There are some questions you want your children to ask and there are some you don’t! This question is often one of the latter.

However, in this ingenious book all those awkward questions can be answered without making the subject too scary or complex.

Often these questions arise when there is a new baby on the way, and this book offers lots of reassuring answers about what goes on in mummy’s tummy and what the baby needs once it’s born.    

Published by Usborne, priced £9.99


5. Alison Hubble by Allan Ahlberg – 5+

Ahlberg is one of the best children’s author ever – and this new story is clever, confusing and completely brilliant.

Alison Hubble ‘is the story of Alison Hubble who went to bed single and woke-up double’. The pages are packed with mathematical mayhem as only child Alison for some inexplicable reason keeps multiplying.

This is a feast of fun for children and adults alike as there is as much to keep the parents amused as the youngsters. A fantastic tale from a true picture book master!

Published by Penguin, 4 May, £6.99


For parents

Cool Kids Cookby Jenny Chandler

This book features 50 recipes, as well as loads of food facts and tips to help you set your child on the road to a healthy lifestyle. The aim is to get children cooking proper meals that the whole family can enjoy together.

Recipes include everything from chicken noodle broth to double chocolate cake and it offers handy hints such as how to position your fingers when chopping. The book is aimed at children over seven years of age – and the tone and language used are spot-on.

If your child would like more responsibility at mealtime or you have a fussy eater that you feel should feed themselves, then I would definitely recommend this book. A great addition to your kitchen library!

Published by Pavilion, 12 May, £14.99


Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck

In this book, Planck debunks some of the many commonly held beliefs about pregnancy and baby nutrition. According to Planck, for mums-to-be and very young children, the body’s overwhelming requirements are fat and protein, not vegetables and low-fat dairy -which is why, for example, cereals aren’t right for babies, but meat and egg yolks are.

This school of thought of may not suit everyone, but Planck certainly gets her point across in an authoritive, balanced way.

Published by Bloomsbury USA, 16 May, £11.97


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