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The best new product of 2009/10


The best new products released in 2009

With all the new stuff that comes onto the market, seemingly every week, it takes a keen eye to suss what’s best and leave the rest. That’s what PP mums are for.


Finalist: Nivea Sun Children’s Pocket Size

Nivea applies it’s leading children’s sun care knowledge to these cute bottles. Maximum protection and maximum convenience. £4.89


Finalist: Micro Scooters The Ezy Roller

The Ezyroller is propelled forward with right and left leg movements, so there’s no chain or pedals?! £79.99


Finalist: Summer Infant Secure Sleep Monitor

This monitor acts as a room thermometer and night light. The light changes colour with the temperature so parents know if the room’s too hot or too cold. £59.99


Finalist: Tommee Tippee Sangenic Hygiene Plus

A brilliant solution to nappy disposal, it wraps and seals away every nappy so they never have to be seen, smelled or touched again. £19.99

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