8 of the best smartphone baby monitors

We pick out the easiest to use, most reliable smartphone baby monitors in a range of different prices, from HD video monitors to audio-only smartphone monitors


Baby monitors are a great way of keeping an ear or an eye on your little one when you aren’t in the same room.


And technology now means that you can use your smartphone or tablet as the parent unit, as monitor makers have recognised that many of us want to integrate the way we live our lives.

From simple audio monitors to full HD video monitors that can pan and tilt and be controlled remotely, and even keep a record of temperature and humidity, there’s so many smartphone baby monitor choices out there.

The best bit is that several devices can often be connected through an app, and they give you chance to check on little ones even if you or your partner are away from home – no more missing bedtime!

Of course, if you’re after more traditional video, sound, digital and movement monitors, you can see the best here.

Here’s 8 of the best smartphone baby monitors…


1. Panasonic Smart Home Baby Monitoring Camera Kit, £149.99

  • Type: HD video monitor
  • Pans/tilts: No
  • Lullabies: Yes
  • Features: Motion, sound and temperature detection

The Panasonic Smart Home Baby Monitoring System Camera Kit includes an indoor camera and smart hub, and up to 8 smartphones or tablets can be registered to the main hub, with 4 of them able to monitor what’s going on.

It’s got motion, sound and temperature detection, a 2-way talk option, night vision, and 5 lullabies – all accessible on your phone or tablet through the free app.

Plus, you can add other Smart Home kits, such as a window/door sensor for toddlers, and an outdoor camera for the garden, and all connect using an ultra low energy (ULE) wireless that Panasonic says gives more protection from hacking than regular wifi.

It impressed the judges so much at the MadeForMums Awards 2017, that it won the bronze award in the baby monitors category.

Our MadeForMums judge Claire thought it was a great idea for using with her two little ones: “With this monitor, you can set it up very easily on your smart phone or tablet, and you are good to go! You can watch your baby live, record or take photos, talk to them and you can play lullabies. All from your phone. Such a great idea. I do love the idea of having the monitor on my phone, and it was also great when grandparents babysat, as we were able to install it onto their phone

You can buy the Panasonic Smart Home Baby Monitoring Camera Kit from Toys R Us and Amazon.


2. Nokia Home Smart Baby Monitor, £169.95

  • Type: HD video monitor
  • Pans/tilts: No
  • Lullabies: Yes
  • Features: Motion, sound and indoor air quality detection

In its previous incarnation, this was the much-lauded Withings Smart Baby Monitor, which, connected directly to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Having been bought out by Nokia, the latest version has a new look, and upgraded features, including a 12x zoom on its 1080p HD camera and instant audio and motion alerts to your smartphone even on lock screen.

It has night vision, remote 2-way talkback, music and customisable nightlight sequences, plus it monitors indoor air quality.

It can also be connected to an Apple watch or Apple TV, so there are tons of options for keeping an eye on your baby.

You can buy the Nokia Home Smart Baby Monitor from Nokia, or on Amazon.


3. iBabyCare M6T, £169.95

  • Type: HD video monitor
  • Pans/tilts: Yes
  • Lullabies: Yes
  • Features: Motion, sound, temperature and humidity detection

Combining a moving video camera with temperature and humidity sensors, this smartphone baby monitor boasts plenty of features.

Use buttons on your smartphone to remotely turn the monitor up to 360 degrees, and tilt it up to 110 degrees, so you’ll never lose track of what your baby is up to.

Sound and motion sensors send alerts straight to your phone, and you can play lullabies and pre-recorded stories remotely too.

Want to securely share your video feed with friends and family? The monitor allows you to invite unlimited number of users by sending them an email invite.

You can buy the iBabyCare M6T from Tesco, Amazon, and BabyMonitorsDirect.


4. Nabby Smartphone Baby Monitor, £79.95

  • Type: Audio monitor
  • Pans/tilts: No
  • Lullabies: No
  • Features: Sound and temperature detection

The Danish makers of Nabby had one overriding concern when they developed this dinky little smartphone baby monitor – to make things ultra easy for parents.

It’s an audio-only device that works through a Bluetooth microphone unit, connecting to your smart device, but the lack of video means the team has been able to make it with super low radiation.

You can adjust the sound sensitivity, and add features like a temperature sensor, plus it charges in just 1 hour to give 70 hours of use.

You can buy the Nabby Smartphone Baby Monitor from Precious Little One, or from Artic Design.


5. Motorola Smart Nursery Camera, £149.99

  • Type: HD video monitor
  • Pans/tilts: Yes
  • Lullabies: Yes
  • Features: Motion, sound, humidity and temperature detection

Like the Panasonic Smart Home system, this monitor from Motorola has the option to be used on its own, or as part of a network of products.

In this case though, the Motorola network is all about the nursery so you can also buy a humidifier (£79.99), dream machine projector (£79.99) and even scales that connect into the smart nursery system.

On its own, the camera has a 270-degree pan, tilt and zoom features, two-way talkback, lullabies, infrared night vision, and sound, motion, temperature and humidity detection.

Pair with your smartphone through the Motorola Hubble Connect app, or you can buy it as a package with a dedicated Smart Nursery 7 parent unit and the camera included (£299).

You can buy the Motorola Smart Nursery Camera from John Lewis, Mamas & Papas, and Amazon.


6. Babymoov Baby Camera Smart Monitor, £169.99

  • Type: HD video monitor
  • Pans/tilts: Yes
  • Lullabies: Yes
  • Features: Motion, sound and temperature detection

Claiming to have zero emissions, the Babymoov baby camera smart monitor has a range of neat functions, including sound, motion and temperature detection, plus talkback and customisable lullabies.

You can connect up to four smartphones at a time, so lots of watchful eyes can make sure your baby is safe and sound.

The camera has 360-degree rotation, but this is done manually, rather than remotely through your phone, which is worth considering if your little one is a light sleeper.

You can buy the Babymoov Baby Camera Smart Monitor from John Lewis, Amazon, and Precious Little One.


7. Electriq HD baby monitoring camera, £49

  • Type: HD video monitor
  • Pans/tilts: Yes
  • Lullabies: No
  • Features: Motion and sound detection

This good value monitor has all the basics for peace of mind while your baby sleeps – it’s got hi-resolution 1080p video and a microphone for hearing what’s going on or speak to your little one.

You can set motion alerts so you get a notification on your smartphone and adjust the sensitivity so that it doesn’t update you if your pet goes past!

The remote pan and tilt is controlled from your phone, and it can move through 270 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically.

You can buy the Electriq HD baby monitoring camera from Debenhams, and LaptopsDirect.


8. Philips Avent uGrow Smart Baby Monitor, £190

  • Type: HD video monitor
  • Pans/tilts: No
  • Lullabies: Yes
  • Features: Motion, sound, temperature and humidity detection

With HD video imaging in colour during the day and black and white at night, this monitor can be connected to up to three different devices, so mum, dad and the grandparents can all watch at the same time.

It also has a nightlight and soothing lullabies, plus monitors temperature and humidity in your baby’s room.

Our reviewer found the sound and picture quality to be excellent, even in the dark at night time.

However, she did point out the connection and app can be glitchy at times, worth considering before you make a pricey purchase.

Read the full review of the Philips Avent uGrow Smart Baby Monitor here.

You can buy the Philips Avent uGrow Smart Baby Monitor from John Lewis, Amazon, and Philips.

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