How MadeForMums reviews work – and why they’re the best in the UK

Find out how we review items, who tests products, what features each product review has and all the essential buying advice we offer mums, dads and parents-to-be.


MadeForMums has the best pregnancy and parenting reviews in the industry. Impartial, in-depth and free to view, these product reviews are accompanied by the most comprehensive catalogue of buying guides, advice and trend reports in Britain. Here’s how we bring you the best reviews and product info around…


How MadeForMums reviews products

See how we find out which products we need to test. Discover who our product reviewers are. Read how we get products for testing. Find out how you, and other parents like you, have a big role to play.

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What every MadeForMums review covers

We know our reviews are the most insightful and honest ones you’ll find online, and we want to show you why! Take a fast tour of what every single product test has to offer, from image galleries to those iconic MFM star ratings.

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The vital pregnancy, baby, toddler and child buying advice MadeForMums offers

Available for free, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, we’ve made it our mission to ensure you have the most detailed, easiest to follow and useful buying info at your finger tips. Find out exactly what’s offered in our:


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