Innovative product

What was the best innovation in 2009?


The best innovative products of the year

From bottles to bibs, breast pumps to bags, readers vote for the products they didn’t realise they couldn’t live without.


Finalist: Little Helper Baby Boum Sleep Suit

The Baby Boum Sleep Suit is a gro-bag and jumpsuit all in one. The clever zip design means you can take your baby out of bed in his grobag, change him easily, and zip back up into a jumpsuit. Genius! From £29.99


Finalist: Debra Clare Baby and All Bag

Baby and All is a simple hands-free baby carrier that doubles as a handy bag to carry all those baby essentials. Looks good too. £45


Finalist: Medela Freestyle breast pump

Even though it’s costly, this breast pump is well worth it – it’s hands-free so you can feed with ease. Offers single or double pumping and breastshields for maximum comfort. £244.69


Finalist: Skibz

A bandana-style dribble bib that will keep your little one’s skin dry and free from chafing. Looks cool too. £10

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