Iron Man 3 toys: a shopping guide

Get your children to bring Iron Man 3 to life with this fabulous selection of Iron Man toys


Iron Man costume, £20

Children can truly become Tony Stark’s Iron Man with this all-in-one costume, complete with plastic mask. There’s a general feeling around the office of ‘if only this came in adult sizes’.


Iron Man costume available from the Disney Store


Iron Man Electronic Mission Mask, £18.75

Don’t get on the wrong side of this Iron Man – he shoots missiles! Ok, they are tiny and drop about half a meter away, but they are pretty darn cool. Graham Norton even wowed Iron Man 3 star Gwyneth Paltrow with one on his show. If Pepper’s on board, so are we!

Iron Man Electronic Mission Mask available from Tesco


Iron Man action figure, £20

In the latest installment of Iron Man 3 we see Tony’s been busy building 42 iron men. Start your kids’ collection with this 10 inch figure and check out our review of the film here.

Iron Man action figure available from the Disney Store


Iron Man ARC FX Repulsor, £9.99

Your kids can wow their friends with this super arc repulsor, just like Tony in the film. Zap arch-rivals simply by pulling on the repulsor. Either that or they’ll really scare the cat.

Iron Man ARC FX Repulsor available from Toys R US


Iron Man Walkie Talkies, £12.99

Just like in the film, your mini iron men can buddy up with another for their next adventure with these cool character walkie talkies. Tony Stark would be proud.


Iron Man Walkie Talkies available from Argos

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