Mums: this Christmas don’t worry if…

10 things mums should forget about this Christmas – it’s supposed to be a holiday!


…your wrapping paper is going to be the same as Santa’s (again!).

…you end up eating all 12 of the mince pies your kids will leave out “because Santa is extra hungry”.

…the trifle is going to be shop bought this year – who has time to make jelly?

…you laugh a little (ok, a lot) at the spelling in your children’s letters to Santa.


…the present for your mother-in-law was originally a gift from your co-workers.

…you don’t get round to sending out Christmas cards this year, even though you bought a stash in last year’s sales.

…you’ve only just dug out the vase your auntie got you last year because you know she’s coming round.

…secretly you don’t want to go out at all this Xmas and would rather sit with the kids in your pjs, eating chocolate, watching re-runs of The Vicar of Dibley.

…you re-organise the tree decorations after the kids have finished making their masterpiece.

…the toys you suggest family members buy your kids are the most expensive on your little ones’ wish-list.


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