Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine Awards 2011/2012 Best toddler food range

From the moment you start weaning your little one onto solids, you're trying to make sure what's on the table for dinner will keep him or her as healthy as possible. Check out these food ranges vying for a Practical Parenting & Pregnancy awards


Nutrition for your baby is vital but you don’t have to make all meals yourself thanks to loads of wonderful companies making tasty and nutritious solids for weaning and beyond that are sure to make your toddler clear his or her plate. Particularly as you have other things, like introducing table manners and moving from fingers to forks  to worry about. These are the companies hoping to be crowned Best Toddler Food range in the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine awards.

Little Dish meals range

Miniscoff Organic Pasta Sauces

With yummy flavours, such as West Country Cheddar Cheese and Cheese and Tomato, these pasta sauces are perfect for busy mums. £2.99 for 320g – serves up to 4 kids.

Miniscroff Organic meals

Miniscoff Organic Meals for Children 1-8years plus

Miniscoff makes ready meals that are desirable for all the right reasons and they’re frozen fresh, ready for when you need them. £1.25-£1.35 for 100g (1-2 servings). Check out what’s safe and what’s not when you’re feeding your toddler

Miniscoff organic pasta sauces

Little Dish Fresh, Natural foods for kids

Healthy meals for kids made with no added salt or sugar and you can find them in the chiller aisle. £2.49. Find out more about moving onto family meals

Benjoy Munchcup

Benjoy Nutritious snacks in anti-spill, less mess Munchcups

Small, single portions of yummy and nutritious Benjoy snacks come in the unique anti-spill, no-mess munchcup. From £2.69 for a multipack of four portions. How to encourage independent eating.


Hipp Organic Tray Meals

Healthy and nutritious meals for toddlers when mums and dads are on the go. Great organic value with an RRP of just £1.73 and suitable from 12 months onwards. How to make famiy mealtimes work

Organix Toddler Food range

Organix Toddler Food range

Range or organic meals, biscuits, fruit bars, raisins, corn snacks and more are ready to use in toddler-size portions and all can be enjoyed at home or when out and about. From 59p to £2.69. Your toddler’s feeding milestones – what you need to know.

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