Practical Parenting Awards 2011-2012

From buggies and car seats to bottles and nappies, Bugaboo to Maxi Cosi and Maclaren to iCandy, find out which are the best buys for pregnancy and baby up for this year's Practical Parenting Awards


When you’re buying for your baby, you want to know you’re getting the best, which is why we’re proud to bring you the very best baby buys on the market. Everything you can see here is nominated for a Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine award, so whether you’re looking for a best buggy or a cot,  the best nappy or a travel system, you can rest assured you’re seeing the best buys on the market.

iCandy Cherry, one of the best buys up for an award

Best buggy buys

A buggy’s one of your most important purchases, which is why you want to know you’re getting the best. If budget’s tight check out these value buggies under £300. Got a little more to spend, or fancy a look at something higher end? Cast your eyes over the best buggies over £300. Of course, if you’re expecting more than one you’ll need the double buggy

Looking for something to take you from car to pavement? You need a travel system. We’ve got the best travel systems under £500 and travel systems over £500. If you’re off on holidays, don’t miss the best buy lightweight buggies. Mums with after a buggy with off-road credentials should check out three wheeler buggies

And of course, don’t forget the best buggy accessories. Everything from sunshades to security devices. Discover the best of the best buys, all up for a coveted Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine award.

Phil & Teds Tott XTR. Could this best buy car seat win an award?

Best buys for on the move

If you’re having a baby and you’ve got a car, you’ll need a car seat. From group 0/0+ car seats for newborns, Group 1 car seats for older babies and group 2/3 car seat best buys for when your babies become children. Then there are multistage car seats that grow with your chid.

Off in the car for days out, or on holidays even, with your baby? You’ll want to know which are the best buy travel items for keeping your baby safe and entertained. And we’ve even got the best budget ideas for travelling with your baby.

For mums who fancy an alternative to a buggy and want to be even closer to their babies when out and about, check out the slings and baby carriers.

Medela Freestyle electronic breast pump

Best breast and bottle buys

All the best buys for helping you feed your young baby. Discover the best feeding tops and bras. If you’re planning to express, find out whether a manual breast pump or electric breast pump is best for you. And you’re going to need bottles too. We’ve got the best bottle and teat buys on the market, all up for a Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine award.

Philips Avent Combined Steamer & Blender

Best weaning buys

Weaning is a massive development step for both mums and babies. Before you start you’ll want to know which are the best buys in feeding equipment and the best budget equipment for feeding And, of course, you’re going to need to know which is the best highchair to put your little one in.

For those days when you need a little help in the kitchen check out the these top baby food ranges. For older babies discover the tastiest toddler food ranges. Breakfast time is covered too with the yummiest baby and toddler cereals that will start your little one’s day perfectly.

And for the odd treat, or something to pop into your bag for when you and your little one are out and about, find out the best buy snacks competing for a Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine award. On the move? You’re going to need a booster seat or a travel highchair.

Luv U Zoo Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym

Best toys

Before you spend money on a toy you want to know your child is going to love it and it’s going to last. That’s why knowing the best buys toys is so important. Whether you’re after the best toys for newborns, for babies, the best value toys.

Toys that help your baby’s development are vital to help your little one grow up. Whether you’re looking for budget learning toys, or baby development toys that cost a little more. We’ve got all the best buys on the market

And toddlers aren’t left out. We’ve got the best value toys for toddlers, toys for toddler treats and extra special toddler or preschooler toys for birthdays and Christmas or when grandmas’ paying!

If reading’s more your thing, check out our selection of the best books

Kiddicare Just 4 Bums nappies. Will this best buy nappy win something?

Best things for little bottoms

Changing time can be a challenging time, but if you’ve got the correct equipment, it’s a little easier. Find out which are the best buy baby wipes that will be able to handle all that poo. And which nappies are the best nappies for newborns, nappies for older babies and who does the best trainer pants. If you’re an eco-mummy or just fancing saving cash, don’t miss the reusable nappies up for an award

if your little one is ready to get out of nappies, find out the top products for potty training.

Tomy Digital Plus TD350 Monitor

Best baby basics

These are all those must-haves you should have on your checklist before you have your baby. You’re likely to need a baby monitor, but do you choose from baby monitors, or the video baby monitors?

Your newborn will need somewhere to sleep. Are you planning to get a crib or Moses basket? Or do you want to go straight for a cot or a cotbed?

A bouncer seat or rocker is invaluable for those times you need to put your baby down. For changing time you’ll find to find out which are the best baby skincare buys for caring for your baby’s skin. And it’s worth investing in a few extras to make baby bathtime fun and easy.

Have you forgotten anything? Find out by having a look at the best budget buys for your nursery and the nursery buys that might cost a little more but, hey, isn’t your baby worth it?

For washing, which you’re going to be doing alot of, check out the best baby friendly detergents and fabric conditioners

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers

Best mum-to-be basics

Hey mum to be! You need to look after yourself during pregnancy, and what better way to find out the best buys worth spending your money on during your 9 months than those tried and tested products up for a Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine award. Keep yourself looking and feeling lovely with the best buys in pregnancy and new mum skincare. Find out the best pregnancy products that will help make your 9 months more comfortable – whether that’s helping with sleep or swollen ankles. And treat yourself in the run up to giving birth to a really lovely best buy changing bag. It will be your constant companion for the next few years, so take a look at the best of the best.

Tippitoes Swing Shut Safety Gate

Best health and safety buys

Make sure your baby is in the best possible health by knowing exactly what the best safety products are to help prevent accidents and the best buys to keep your baby and toddler healthy.

Buggy Tug

Best of the rest

This is the place to find the exciting stuff that makes being a mum easier. Don’t miss the latest baby innovation products, more exciting must-haves the best new baby products on the market this year


We’ve also discovered the cutest baby keepsakes and the best baby books, all up for Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine awards.

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