Prima Baby Awards 2015 – Bath Accessory

Make bath time a little easier with these Prima Baby Award-winning products


Gold Award Winner – Vital Baby Nurture Digital Bath & Room Thermometer

It’s easy to see why our Prima Baby Awards Panel describe this as a “very cute and very usual bath time tool,” as it’s a digital bath water and room thermometer in the shape of a sweet teddy bear.


Free from phthalate, latex & BPA, this thermometer gives fast and accurate temperature readings in baby’s room or floating in the bath and has a warning light that flashes when the bath water is too hot.

And if that wasn’t enough it’s sure to please your little one as it can double up as a bath toy.

£9.99, Vital Baby

Before you buy a baby thermometer make sure you read this.


Silver Award Winner – Skip Hop Moby Rinser

This Moby rinser from US parenting product company is a simple and yet brilliant.  It’s a baby rinser in the shape of a whale (hence the Moby connection), which has a small rubber fin at the end of it.

The soft rubber lip fits snuggly to your little one’s forehead, channeling a steady flow of water and preventing water from getting in baby’s eyes and stopping the dreaded hair-washing panic.   

£8.50, Skip Hop

We’ve got some great advice on cleaning your little one from her head to her tiny toes, here


Bronze Award Winner (Joint) – Munchkin The Scooper Hooper

Two bath toys in one, the Munchkin Scooper Hooper is a net hand toy that can be used to catch balls and a mini basketball hoop that sticks to the side of the bath.

It’s great for developing little one’s hand-eye coordination as they can try to catch the colourful rubber balls in the net, but most likely they’ll just have fun throwing them all round the bathroom, missing the actual net by miles.  

£5.99, Toys ‘R’ Us

It can be a struggle bathing baby, so we’ve come up with these simple bathing step-by-step guide, just in case you needed it. 


Bronze Award Winner (Joint) – Summer Infant Tub Time Bubble Maker with Solution

What’s the best thing about bath time?  It’s the bubbles of course! 

And if your little one just has to have more bubbles, (or is a West Ham fan in the making) then you can get a Summer Infant Tub Time Bubble Maker, which’ll create loads more bubbles at the touch of a button.

Bath time is fun time, after all.

£11.99 Summer Infant

Also shortlisted:

Cuddledry Baby Apron Bath Towel

Hippychick Baby Towel

Puj Flyte

Pop-In Apron Hooded Towel

Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support


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