Prima Baby Awards 2015 – Breastfeeding accessories

The PBA Judges have chosen the three top breastfeeding products you simply must have


Gold Award Winner – Medela Breastfeeding Start Kit

Get started with the best breastfeeding kit available.


The Medela Breastfeeding Start Kit includes everything you’ll need from Calma teats and 150ml bottles with multi-lid, to disposable nursing pads, Purelan cream,Quick Clean microwave bags and Pump & Save bags.

And all for under 30 quid – brilliant!

£24.99, Medela

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Silver Award Winner – Cupcake Nursing Pads

Made from hemp and cotton fleece these Cupcake Nursing Pads have two layers and will hold several times its weight in milk.

Reusable, eco-friendly, and washable, our PBA panel found the nursing pads were especially perfect for women with larger breast, which is, let’s face it all of us when breastfeeding.   

£5.90 for a pair, Cupcake

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Bronze Award Winner – Breast Angels Silverette Healing Cups

What wouldn’t you give to have a Breastfeeding Angel to stop your nipples getting sore and cracked?

No, it’s not a pipe dream, it’s a clever innovation from Breast Angels – Silverette Healing Cups. But how do they work?  we hear you ask.  Well, they are pure silver and Breast Angels swear by the antiseptic qualities in the metal. 

Here’s the sciencey part; silver can be traced to the Ag ion, which is able to precipitate the bacterial protoplasm proteins.  This complex Ag/proteins continues to exercise a methyl zing action. Silver forms insoluble complexes with the deoxyribonucleic (DNA) and ribonucleic (RNA) acids which explain the antibacterial action.

£39.99, Breast Angels

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Also shortlisted:

Multi-Mam Compresses 


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