Prima Baby Awards 2015 – Home Safety Product

Our PBA judges have chosen the best products to keep your kids safe when indoors.


Gold Award Winner – Hippychick Dream Tubes

A simple, but much-needed product that stops little ones rolling out of bed, great for parental peace of mind.


Hippychick’s Dream Tubes fits most single beds and is an ideal safe travel tool, it’s also lightweight, compact and easy to assemble.

£34.99, Hippychick

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Silver Award Winner – Lindam Safeloc safety gate

Every parent knows a safety gate is a must-have to keep babies and toddlers safe.  And this Lindam one is one of the best on the market, so says our PBA panel and MFM reviewer.

An easily adjustable gate it fits securely with ‘pressure fit’ openings of 75cm to 82cm and can be extended to up to 138cm with the use of separate extension.

It is also very secure, as our reviewer says “no child without an Oxford degree could open it,”

£23.99, Lindam

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Bronze Award Winner – Creeper Crawlers Easy Grip Crawl Suit

Described as developmental clothing for babies, the Creeper Crawlers Easy Grip Crawl Suit provides additional traction for kids while crawling on wooden and tile floors.

“But how does it work as a developmental product?” I hear you ask.  Well, as crawling is the most important developmental stage, which helps develop the brain, muscles and eye function, anything that makes it easier must be a benefit.

£18.99, Creeper Crawlers

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Also shortlisted:

Lindam Xtra Guard Dual Locking Multi Purpose Latch 


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