School essentials – supermarket school uniforms

With September approaching fast, buying school uniforms is at the top of the list if your child's starting school. Here's what the big supermarkets have on offer...



School uniform shopping has become so much easier – you can now grab a bargain down at your local supermarket or you can shop online.


George at Asda always does great school uniforms and this year is no different.



Family-favourite Sainsbury’s has done it again this year with its fabulous, but cheap, back to school range. Find your local Sainsbury’s store, as you can’t currently buy from the range online.

You can, however, check out the deals for both girls school uniform and boys school uniform.

  • Unisex white polo shirt, from £2 for 2-pack
  • Unisex sweatshirt, from £2
  • Boys trousers, from £4
 for 2-pack
  • Girls polo shirt, from £2 for 2-pack

  • Girls cardigan, from £3

  • Girls skirt, from £2


With a vast back to school range, including shirts for £1 each, Tesco is an ideal place to bag a bargain school uniform.



Like the other big name supermarkets, at Morrisons there’s no need for a school uniform to cost you a fortune. Here, every item of school clothing is £3 or you can buy two for £5. Find your local Morrisons.

  • Girls long sleeved shirt, £3 for 2-pack
  • Girls skirt, £3
  • Girls polo shirt, £3 for 2-pack
  • Girls trousers, £3
  • Boys polo shirt, £3 for 2-pack
  • Boys trousers, £3
  • Boys ankle socks, £3 for 5-pack
  • Boys long sleeved shirt, £3 for 2-pack

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