8 of the best pancake recipes

From traditional pancakes with lemon to savoury, American and gluten-free - we've got everything you need to get ready for Pancake Day on 13 February


Traditional pancakes with lemon

These thin delicate pancakes with lemon make a tangy pudding or dessert – great for the whole family.


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Gluten-free banana pancakes

This flour-free pancake mix is packed with bananas, coconut oil and ground almonds, making them much more filling than traditional pancakes.

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Sweet Potato Pancakes

Great with savoury or sweet toppings.

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American pancakes

You can make these pancakes with whole milk, but using tangy buttermilk makes them lighter.


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Chinese-style pancakes

Give your pancakes a savoury Chinese twist to make them a tasty meal for the whole family to enjoy.

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