Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your child is a challenge, but UK parents may be facing a whole new level of pressure this year.

A survey of 2,000 British parents, conducted by Westfield London & Stratford, discovered that top of every child’s 2012 wish list is, apparently, a baby brother or sister. Oh my!

And that’s not all your little one’s writing to Santa about, the second most popular gift was to own their very own reindeer, and third was taken by the need to have a pet horse.

The top 10 Christmas gifts children want this year are:

1. Baby brother or sister

2. Reindeer

3. Horse

4. Car

5. Dog

6. Chocolates

7. House

8. Snow

9. Rock

10. Dad

Other unusual presents that made the top 50 included the moon, a time machine (for all those Dr Who lovers out there), a beetroot, and of course, Harry Styles from One Direction.

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What have your children asked for for Christmas?

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