Entertaining at home when you have a baby

Having friends come to you is an easy way to keep in touch after you have a new baby. Read our guide for entertaining at home to give you confidence for dealing with your newborn and your mates…


Inviting friends round for a girlie lunch is an easy way to keep in touch with your mates without the hassle of planning a big trip out, as long as you don’t heap pressure on yourself. “Remember your friends are there to see you and your baby, so don’t panic if there’s a pile of washing up,” reassures Lucy. “Wait until you’ve got a bit more energy to entertain rather than in the few weeks after the birth.”


Keep your baby near

If you’re cooking at home, create an area for your baby to be with you, so you can keep an eye on her and check she’s happy while you’re busy. This can be as simple as her sleeping in her car seat or Moses basket, but it will reassure you she’s well even though you’re doing other things.

Keep it casual

Don’t expect to be able to serve up a three-course meal in a clean and tidy house without interruptions from your baby – it won’t happen. “Do as much organising as you can without over stretching yourself,” says Lucy. “You and your baby must be the first priority.”

Do lunch

Inviting friends for lunch is the best way to entertain. It’s simple, laid-back and it doesn’t matter if anyone’s late, as it can go on into the afternoon.


“If you’re cooking, go for a cold lunch, such as quiche with salad, that you can get the day before and keep in the fridge,” says Lucy. “It’s also ideal if you have to stop and feed or change your baby, as you don’t have to worry about reheat anything.”

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