Food help for supermums

No time to cook? Make sure your children eat healthily even when you're rushed off your feet.


If you’re finding it hard to manage the nine-to-five AND make sure there is nutritious food on the menu for your little ones, help is at hand.


For 15 years now, child food guru Annabel Karmel has been encouraging us to rustle up vitamin-packed dishes to treat the kids’ tastebuds.

But for some mums, juggling family life and work commitments means there simply isn’t time to cook everything from scratch.

Rather than falling back on conventional fast foods and ready meals – often high in additives and low in nutrition – Annabel has come up with the perfect solution.

Her new range of Eat Fussy ready meals for children come with the guarantee you would expect from someone with her credentials.

Ingredients are 100% natural with no added salt or hidden nasties.

But why call them Eat Fussy?

Annabel explains, ‘I think it’s good to be a bit fussy about what you eat these days with so many ready meals containing high levels of saturated fat and salt.

‘I only use 100% natural ingredients, no additives, artificial colourings or flavourings. The meals are low in salt and saturated fat. 

‘What I aim to do is establish good eating habits right from the start. This is a range for parents who are fussy about what they give their children to eat.’

The meals, which all cost £2.29, come in varieties including: Cheeky chicken and potato pie; Scrummy chicken dumplings with rice; Yummy chicken curry; Beef cottage pie; Mummy’s favourite salmon and cod fish pie; and Hidden vegetable pasta.

Annabel says, ‘Balanced, mouth-watering meals for fussy children, without the fuss. I’m very fussy about what goes into them – just the best natural ingredients. I have chosen these recipes as they are the ones my children can’t get enough of!’

If you want to stock up on a few Eat Fussy meals for days when you simply don’t have the time to cook from scratch.


Eat Fussy Meals are available in the chilled aisle at Tesco, Sainsbury, The Co-op, Centre Parks, Budgens and

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