Has a photo given away the secret of Elton’s son?

Elton John’s baby has blue eyes… and his chubby cheeks


Sir Elton John and filmmaker partner David Furnish welcomed son Zachary on December 25th last year after both donated sperm to a surrogate mother in the states. They have chosen not to know who the father is, but evolution may have ruined the secret.


An uncanny resemblance was spotted between Zachary and ‘Daddy’ Sir Elton when the two were photographed during a visit to the Venice Biennale.

A 1995 study in Nature found that newborn babies often look like their fathers, which is thought to be nature’s way of helping fathers accept and bond with their newborns. 122 people tried to match pictures of infants with the parents; about half were correctly paired with their fathers, but the success rate was much lower with the mothers.

Zachary’s chubby cheeks may prove that he is Sir Elton’s “baby [with] blue eyes.”


‘Papa’ Furnish is reported to have said that it doesn’t matter. “Neither of us care,” he said, “The important thing is that he’s healthy and happy and loved.”

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