Why Santa’s got to go

This mum didn't get the memo about the Mummy / Daddy / Santa present ratio. So this year she's changing things up 🎅


Before I go any further AT ALL, I need to say right now: I’m NOT about to tell my 6-year-old that Santa’s existence may be a teeny bit exaggerated 😉


But my decision to, shall we say, kill him off a bit is based around the presents.

And the fact that last year I told my then 5-year-old daughter – purely because I hadn’t thought it through – that everything was from him. 😲

He came on his sleigh, down the chimney… and left… all the presents.

It got me in hot water, especially from Grandma, who’d given some presents for me to wrap but then they got lumped in with the ‘Santa’ pile just like ours.

So, when the December 25 discussions began in August this year – as they generally do in our house – my daughter was swift to point out, “You and Daddy didn’t even get me anything for Christmas!”


Be still, my quivering bottom lip! The painstaking choices, the HOURS of wrapping, the neatly (ish) tied bows…

Santa got all the praise and I was left with a virtual kick in the teeth.

So, early doors, October this year, I worked up the courage to have the convo with my girl.

I approached the subject nervously. “You know, now you’re 6, I wasn’t sure if you realised that Santa won’t be bringing quite as many presents as last year..,” I said, sheepishly.

“I mean, you’ll still get quite a lot, but probably only a couple from Father Christmas, and actually, some from Mummy and Daddy too, just because Santa does tend to request adult help for older children…” (WHAT?!!!)

Big. Pause……

“I already knew that!” she said with her lip curled up, like it was soooo totes obvs man.

Oh. OK. Phew.

Then, with a look as she headed out of the lounge, she added, “Can I have fish fingers for tea?”

Guess that went pretty well……  😂

What do you think?

How do you deal with the presents situ at Christmas? Half from Santa, half from you? Stocking only from Santa, maybe? Or something else entirely? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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