Natasha Hamilton on how to make the World Cup family time

As she launches the search for ‘Football Mum of the Year’, we caught up with the 8-month pregnant former Atomic Kitten to talk pregnancy, mum-duties and being a football mum


Update! Winner announced:

Congrats to Scottish mum-of-two, Rona Grimmer who won the‘s Football Mum of the Year. Her son Jack has just become the youngest player for Aberdeen FC and we’re sure it’s got a lot to do with the 20 hours a week dedicated mum Rona puts into his training! Well done Rona!


Natasha congratulated the winner, saying, “With two football mad kids of my own and a new baby who is sure to follow in their footsteps, I know how difficult it is to be a woking mum and still find time to support your kids’ passion for the game. It’s great that a mum like Rona has won the Football Mum of the Year Award, she is a great inspiration to all the other mums out there.”

Back to MadeforMums’ interview:

You managed to keep this pregnancy out of the media. How has it been?

This is actually the easiest pregnancy so far, I haven’t been sick yet –touch wood! I haven’t been working too much and the boys are at school so I’m not too rushed off my feet.

It’s hard enough being pregnant without cameras being flashed in your face. How do you deal with the press when you’re having a run-down day?

To be honest I’m so used to it I don’t even think about it any more! Being in the music industry since I was 16… I’ve really learnt how to do my make-up in 10 seconds flat! Get the kids ready for school, get on the slap. I’d never feel quite right going out without at least a bit of blush on my cheeks! It’s just the routine now!

With two little boys already, your house must be football mad?

Oh yeah and we’re expecting another so I’m a bit outnumbered! Riad (Erraji, her husband) plays Saturday league and we have it on TV all Sunday… And Saturday too actually, Soccer AM. I enjoy it a lot more now than when I was younger. I find it quite relaxing! Though I sometimes fall asleep at half time – one half’s enough!

So what is “Football Mum of the Year” and why have you got involved?

It’s a search for the mum who’s really done the most to get their kids into football, help them enjoy it and maybe gone some extra miles for it. I think what mums do behind the scenes to make sure all these football matches get played is so unrecognized. From washing kits and ferrying the little players around to holding World Cup BBQs this summer are just some of the things mums do for the next generation of footy stars. I think it’s a great way to say thanks to mums for all their hard work!

How do nominations work?

You can do it on the website – and you can nominate any mum you like. Yours, or a friends…anyone you think deserves it. And if you’re a super footy mum and think you deserve it, nominate yourself!

Your boys, Joe and Harry are 7 and 5 now. Do they want to be footballers or popstars like their mum?

I think they want to be a fireman and an explorer at the moment. They really enjoy my job, we put on the album and they dance around and sing to it but I don’t think they’re in a pop star phase at the moment! I think Harry’s even getting a bit bored of his drama classes. He’d rather be out playing football!

So you’re still working at 8 months pregnant and you’ve a single coming out later in the year. Any tips for busy working mums?

I really love working but I’m like every other working mum. There’s never a set schedule, I juggle everything and am really good at get everything done super quick! My single’s out this summer and I went to New York to record the whole album so that was actually all out of the way before the baby came along.

How will you be enjoying the World Cup?

Well, the baby’s due three days before the first England game so it depends on him! We’re planning on having a really relaxed BBQ for the first match. The kids are going to decorate the house with red and white and we’ll have a few friends and family over. Maybe some face painting for the kids. Just a real fun day for everyone.


So with three boys, do you think you’ll be trying for a girl?

I really didn’t mind that this one was another boy. It never mattered to me. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a girl…. Maybe one more baby, we’ll see!

Natasha Hamilton is launching the search for the Football Mum of the Year, celebrating & championing the unsung heroes of football this summer.  To enter, please visit

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