Planning a baby shower

We show you how to host the perfect pregnancy party...


Planning a baby shower

Originating from the United States, a baby shower is a great way to celebrate the forthcoming birth of your baby with your friends and family and to receive some much needed practical gifts for when your new bundle arrives.  Another alternative is to have the party once the baby is born to show off your new addition as well as celebrate with your friends.


Planning a baby shower

When to have your shower….

Most baby showers are held in the third trimester and organised by your friends, family or  anyone except mum-to-be! By all means get involved but remember this is a time for you to put your feet up and feel stress free!


Planning a baby shower

Who to invite

A baby shower is usually a ‘girly’ affair, but there are no set rules so if you want to invite partners then why not?  It could be a nice way of making dad feel involved.

The shower shouldn’t really be held at mum-to-be’s house as once again preparation and cleaning up afterwards can lead to stress. Ask a family member or close friend if they could be the host or think about a local café, church hall or even a park if you’re due a summer baby.


Planning a baby shower


A great way of keeping costs down and to be environmentally friendly is to invite your guests via email. Check out Evite, which has a huge array of electronic invitations, which you can customise.

Or if you want to get creative why not bake baby themed cookies and tie labels to them. Check out The Cakes Cookies and Crafts Shop for baby themed cookie cutters.


Planning a baby shower

Themes and Games

Baby Showers usually have some kind of baby theme like teddy bears or nursery rhymes or something simpler like pink or blue if you already know the sex of your baby.  You can buy baby shower decorations like banners and balloons on line. Click here.

Keep your guests entertained with some fun baby themed party games. Some of our tried and tested favourites are:

Who’s that baby? Cut out pictures of celebrities plus pictures of their babies  and ask your guests to match who belongs to who.

Ask your guests to bring a photo of themselves as babies and then have fun guessing who is who amongst your friends.

Baby bingo A fun spin on original bingo but with pictures of baby products instead of numbers. Click here for example baby bingo cards.


Pin the nappy pins on the baby Our favourite version of ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ Print out a picture of a cartoon baby from the Internet and it up on a photocopier. Also print out a nappy pin each for your guest and whoever is closest to sticking it in the right place on the baby whilst blind-folded wins.

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