Your hand, body and hair mum makeover

If you’re short on money and time, don’t worry, you can still look gorgeous with these quick tips…


Your hands

Mummy mitts get covered in all sorts of mucky things thanks to toddlers. If yours are feeling sore and dry, we’ve got just the ticket for peaceful palms…


Scrub up well

Pour a tablespoon of olive oil over your hands and dip them in brown sugar. Rub together to remove dead skin and soften dry patches.

Do it yourself

No time for a manicure? “Take off old nail varnish at night before going to bed and slather on a cuticle cream for it to work overnight,” says Angela Bartlett from the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology ( “In the morning, after your bath or shower, use the edge of your towel to push back your cuticles, which will have been softened overnight by the cream and the warm water in the shower.” Try this Lemon Butter Cuticle Crème, £5.99 from Burt’s Bees (

Mix your own

“If your nail polish has dried up and become sticky or hard, add a dash or two of nail polish remover,” says Jo Hanks, co-author of Mums Know Best, Exceedingly Helpful Household Tips (£8.99, Square Peg). “Make sure you shake the bottle well and apply as normal.”

Your body

Don’t neglect your body now that you’ve got a little one to look after. It’s done a lot of hard work over the last few years but simple daily changes can give you a lift from top to toe.

Look after your blades

Dunk your razor in ice cold water before and after you shave. This will help keep the blade sharper for longer, so you won’t have to replace it as often, saving you a few pennies.

Brush up your bod

“Before jumping in the shower, dry brush your body to boost your circulation,” says Georgia Louise. “It only takes a minute and works wonders on dead skin. Brush your body towards your heart for the best results.” Try this Body Brush, £10.75, from Green People (

Wait for your wax

“Try and leave 4 to 6 weeks between each wax, and if you need to trim hair in between this time, use scissors – don’t be tempted to shave it,” says Otylia Roberts, founder of Simply Wax ( “A few days before you wax, exfoliate and moisturise the area, so the skin is soft and supple. This will stop the wax sticking to your skin causing pain.”

Make your own scent

When your perfume’s running out, top up the bottle with cold water and shake until it all mixes together. Voilà! You’ve just made yourself a light body spray to spritz yourself with.

Enjoy a soak

“If the warmer weather makes your feet weary, soak them in hot, salted water,” says Jo Hanks. “Ordinary table salt is fine, and after drying, sponge them with cool vinegar to combat smelly foot problems.” It refreshes and softens your tootsies a treat.

Your hair

No time for a trim let alone a wash and blow-dry? Fix your locks with minimal effort and spend thanks to our done-in-a-flash treats.

Strip your locks

Coloured hair can look messy after too many DIY dye jobs. Use the Colour B4 range, £9.99 from Scott Cornwall (, which removes added colour to reveal your lightest shade.

Moisturise your barnet

“Massage a pea-sized blob of unscented body butter into the ends of your hair,” suggests Jonathan Long, Co-Founder of Lockonego ( “It’s a super-easy way to hydrate dry locks.”

Trim your own

“If I haven’t got time to go to the hairdressers, I cut my own split ends at home. I use nail scissors and make sure Marcus is asleep, so I know he won’t come and distract me mid-snip.”

Sophie Mitchell, 25, from Cornwall, mum to Marcus, 4.


Don’t leave home without…

  • One application of mascara to give your eyes a wide-open look.
  • A quick bit of blusher on your cheeks to give your face a bit of colour.
  • A slick of Vaseline over your eyebrows to tame any unruly hairs.
  • Hand cream to protect your busy mitts.
  • Checking the corners of your eyes for any last bits of sleep (a yummy mummy no-no).

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