Dr Tanya Byron tackles toddlers

Dr Tanya Byron on toddlers


Consultant clinical psychologist Dr Tanya Byron is a mother of two, and has spent her career working with children and young people, together with their families, who are experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.


She has a new book, launching today (Mon 3 March 2008), called

Your Toddler Month by Month (£16.99, Dorling Kindersley)

which combines Dr Byron’s professional expertise with her common sense, child-centred approach, to help you manage and enjoy your child’s early years, month by month.

She helps you understand all the areas of development: physical, mental, emotional and social, so that you can enjoy and maintain a long-term positive relationship with your toddler at this time of rapid growth and change.

We asked our Babyexpert.com chatroom users to post some toddler queries for Dr Tanya to answer, and you can read the questions and her exclusive answers by clicking here


Your Toddler Month by Month is published by DK, priced £16.99. For further information visit www.dk.com 

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