Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance

Do you have a fussy eater? Or a difficult sleeper? Or a little tantrum thrower? Help is at hand from Supernanny Jo Frost, parenting guru from Channel 4's Extreme Parental Guidance


Supernanny Jo Frost is back on our screens with her new programme Extreme Parental Guidance. While she helps families dealing with big issues and problem behaviour, she also has brilliant advice and tips for the tricky situations we all face everyday with our children.


Eating advice

Jo Frost helps your child to be a happy eater

Jo Frost helps stop your child overeating

Sleeping advice

Jo Frost’s steps to blissful baby bedtimes

Jo Frost’s top baby sleep tips

Get nighttime feeds under control with Jo Frost

Early riser? Jo Frost has the answers

Jo Frost’s help for bedwetters

Toddler tantrums

Got a troublesome toddler? Let Jo Frost help

Jo Frost on how to stop your child whinging

Jo Frost stops those car seat tantrums

Jo Frost’s parental guidance. Are tantrums hereditary?

You need to give your child guidance, says Jo Frost

Jo Frost tells you how to stay in control as a new mum


Jo Frost shows how to have better behaved children

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