Keep toddlers safe around dogs

Children love to say hello to four legged friends, here’s some tips on how to be safe.


Most small children love dogs and like to pat them. But to protect your child, teach him these tips from the experts at the Kennel Club’s Safe and Sound Scheme:


How to say hello to a dog:

Ask the owner if it’s OK

Go up to the dog calmly, with your hands by your side.

Make a loose fist with one hand and let the dog sniff it.

If the dog jumps up and frightens you:

Make like a tree: stand still and don’t scream; drop what you’re holding; fold your hands across your chest.

Don’t stare; just act bored.

Walk slowly backwards when the dog moves away.

If the dog knocks you over:

Stay on the ground and cover your face.

Tuck yourself into a ball and stay still.

Don’t move until the dog has gone away.

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