How to bath your baby

Follow our step-by-step guide for bathtime bliss with your newborn baby.

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  • How to bath your baby

    Get everything ready before undressing your baby - baby wash or shampoo if you're using it, flannels and cotton wool for wiping eyes, towel, clean nappy and clothes

  • How to bath your baby

    Make sure the room is warm and run the bath so there's just enough water to cover part of your baby's body, but it's not too deep. Check the temperature is warm, not hot, with your elbow

    Undress your baby and ease him gradually into the bath, supporting his head and neck with one arm, holding him in a semi-reclined position 

  • How to bath your baby

    Use your free hand to wash him with cotton wool, starting with the cleanest areas - eyes, face - before moving onto back and buttocks

  • How to bath your baby

    Rinse his body with a flannel, take him out of the bath and wrap in a towel

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  • How to bath your baby

    If your baby doesn't like the bath, don't be disheartened - most come to love it. In the meantime, there's no need to bath him more than two or three times a week - just make sure you top and tail him with cotton wool and water every day that you don't bathe him

Last updated on 30 September 2009