Welcome to the MFM Community!

We're a pretty friendly, funny, helpful lot, and we want to keep things that way. So, we'd appreciate it greatly if you'd follow this short-but-sweet set of posting rules.

  1. Be friendly
    Basically, don’t say anything to another MFMer that you wouldn’t say to their face. We will delete posts that we consider to be hateful/discriminatory/libellous, once we are made aware of them.
  2. Be constructive
    We all like a good debate but we do draw the line at slanging matches. Please tolerate opinions that differ from your own. We will delete posts that we consider to be deliberately inflammatory and/or to be personal attacks on other MFMers, once we are made aware of them.
  3. Be considerate
    Lots of people come to MFM for help, advice and support. Please make them welcome and be generous with your knowledge. Don’t mock/ridicule anybody for their lack of knowledge or experience – remember, this parenting business ain't easy and we all have to start somewhere.
  4. Be honest
    Please don't spam (try to sell/promote goods and services for free). Please don’t pretend to be another MFMer, or a public figure. Please don't recruit other MFMers to a Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp group. Please also don't recruit to other websites or surveys or online groups or non-MFM product tests. Please don't post casting callouts, competition vote requests, requests for money or media requests. And please don't infringe copyright by using other people’s text and images without permission.

Great. But what if someone else is breaking the rules?

We don't actively moderate but, if you see any post that you feel breaks our rules – or that you think someone at MFM HQ should take a look at – please use the ‘Report’ link to let us know about it. We always reply to Reports, take action where it's needed, and we're always grateful for the heads-up.

Have fun on the boards!


(You can also see our full legal code of conduct here)