6 of the best co-sleeping cots and bedside cribs for safe sleeping

We've found, tried, tested and reviewed the best bedside cribs and cots, for a brilliant way to sleep closely and safely with your baby


Co-sleeping safely

Co-sleeping cots and bedside cribs are becoming increasingly popular. They allow you to keep your baby close, while following safety guidelines to have your baby in a separate crib or cot.


Effectively, you’re lying next to your baby, but you’re not sharing bed coverings.

As the side of the crib can be put down temporarily, this means you and your baby can maximise the breastfeeding and soothing benefits that proximity brings, while minimising the increased risk of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) that’s associated with actual bedsharing.

This is especially useful if you’ve had a difficult birth and find getting out of bed to feed painful. Co-sleeping cribs attach to the side of your bed, so you can just reach over as opposed to getting up and walking anywhere. Some also double up as a moses basket, giving you more sleeping options away from the bedside.

The Lullaby Trust (formerly known as the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths – FSID) says the safest place for your baby to sleep is on their back, on their own sleep surface, in the same room as you, for at least the first six months.


What kind of bedding can I use?

To make sure you’re arranging your baby’s bedding as safely as possible, you can either:

  • Use highly-fitted sheets and blankets, firmly tucked in – not above shoulder height. And place your baby with his feet at the foot of his bed (so he can’t wriggle down and get the sheets over his head)… or…
  • Use a baby sleeping bag – which means your baby won’t need sheets and blankets at all. Be sure to buy the correct size (so that your baby can’t slip down inside) and the right tog for the room temperature and season.

See the best baby co-sleeping cribs on the market


1. Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib, £185, MadeForMums Gold Award Winner

This award-winning new crib came out last year and has really impressed parents with its easy-to-use design, making it our top choice for co-sleeping.

You can use the CoZee Bedside Crib for co-sleeping or as a standalone crib. This makes it a fab option if you want to try out co-sleeping without filling the bedroom up with lots of different products. There’s even an incline option for babies suffering from congestion or reflux.

The crib is also great for travel, with a 30-second open-fold mechanism making it easy-peasy to set up in hotel rooms or when visiting family. When you’re finished, pop it into the travel bag included. Back at home, the fabric lining can be removed and popped in the wash.

You can keep an eye on your little one through the breathable mesh window as they snooze on the deluxe foam mattress, and there’s a handy storage shelf.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the CoZee Bedside Crib:

“Excellent product. I could not be without it, I have found it so easy to use and my baby appears to find it comfortable and sleeps very well. It is very well-made and straight forward to assemble and fold away, which makes it simple to transport if you’re staying elsewhere for a night. Highly recommend.” Mum of 3, Georgina

“I love the look of this crib, it is stylish and practical. I love the fact that this can be folded up in seconds and taken away with you for overnight stays away from home. There is no assembly required, I was able to put it up within a matter of minutes straight from the box. My baby settled in this on the first night really well, and I love that I don’t need to sit up to see her or soothe her. I can just lay my arm straight across from our bed to hers. It is perfect for night feeds.” Mum of 1, Claire

You can buy the CoZee Bedside Crib from: Mothercare and Tutti Bambini.


2. Chicco Next2Me, £179, MadeForMums Silver Award Winner

The original side-sleeping crib has won many fans for its versatility (it can also be used as a standalone crib or travel cot), helping parents bond with their new arrival. It wins the silver award for the second year in a row, and stood out from the crowd with its rocking mode, 6 height levels and tilting function – great for helping with reflux.

It’s soft and comfy and has a mesh window to keep your baby cool. Plus, the crib fits on all beds, including divans, and has 4 wheels with brakes. You can use it as a standalone crib for up to six months.

A travel bag is included, making it perfect for holidays.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the Chicco Next2Me:

“I love using this product. My baby is very comfortable. The product has a very high quality, almost luxury feel. The mattress is thick, sturdy and comfortable. My main love for this product has to be how I’ve been able to bond so close with my baby in a very safe way by having him in the crib right up close to me. I would absolutely recommend to every new parent!” Mum of 3, Aisha

“I’m a big fan of Chicco. This looks great and is significantly cheaper than the others.” Broadcaster and mum of 2, Sarah Cawood

Here’s the full review of the Chicco Next2Me crib

You can buy the Chicco Next2Me from: BabyMonitorsDirect, Kiddies Kingdom and Amazon.


3. SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib, £199.95, MadeForMums Bronze Award Winner

The SnuzPod has won plenty of awards for its clever 3-in-1 design, including our bronze award for top co-sleeping equipment. It can be used as a bedside or standalone crib, or as a rockable bassinet.

By night, keep your baby close by attaching it to the bed, so you can feed and comfort them easily through the night.

By day, let them sleep in a familiar environment around the house, or when travelling – just lift the bassinet off the base.  Suitable from birth to six months.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib:

“The crib has been a lovely addition to our nursery for our little one. It was quite easy to build, and looks so modern. I liked the fact that there was a little shelf at the bottom of the crib, where I kept things like Infacol and other bits for night feeds which was really handy! Overall, this crib is a fab product and would be a lovely part of any new nursery.” Mum of 1, Laura

“You will be hard pressed to find a better-looking co-sleeper, and features like the lift off bassinet add to its appeal. I like the storage and rocking.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

Read the full SnuzPod review here

You can buy the SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib from: Amazon, Snuz and Natural Baby Shower.


4. Jané Babyside Crib, £225

This versatile crib from Jané can be used for co-sleeping with all types of beds, including divans, plus it can be used as a standalone cot when your baby gets bigger.

Suitable from newborn to six months, this stylish co-sleeper has six adjustable heights and can be inclined to help with reflux.

It’s easy to fold compactly, or to move around on the 4 swivel wheels with brakes, and measures 67cm x 92cm when assembled, and can be adjusted from 68-79cm in height.

See our review of the Jané Babyside Crib here

You can buy the Jané Babyside Crib from: The Baby Farm and Precious Little One.


5. Babybay Convertible bedside cot, £200

Designed to be used as a co-sleeper and more, this well-designed bedside cot impressed our MFM judges with its quality finish and ease of use.

The D-shaped design fits snugly to the side of a bed, and it can even be converted into a highchair once your little one outgrows it, using the additional kit (£59.95).

Add a specially-curved soft foam mattress (£36.50) or a coconut coir mattress (£44.50) for a restful night’s sleep.

Read our review of the Babybay bedside cot.

You can buy the Babybay Convertible bedside cot from: Natural Baby Shower and Amazon.


6. Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 Co-Sleeping Crib, £219.95

The Knuma Huddle is a versatile piece of kit; it can be used as a bedside co-sleeping cot, standalone crib, portable bassinet and then when your child is old enough a child’s desk and bench.

The mesh sides of the co-sleeping crib mean it’s breathable and see-through, and the base rocks – literally.

Read the full Knuma Huddle review here.

You can buy the Knuma co-sleeper crib from: Knuma

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