In a nutshell

Versatile crib that has some great functions, from tilt to rocking and one-handed access to baby. However, it is one of the more expensive models on the market.


  • Easy to adjust height, four recline options, can be rocked, can be used for co-sleeping or as a standalone crib, good size, side can be lowered with one hand


  • Covers can only be hand washed, too heavy to transport easily

Chicco is a well-established company, with over 50 years’ experience in the market, and it's one of the first companies that comes to mind when it comes to bedside cribs.The brand has, over the last few years, developed its well-known Next2Me range to make nighttime a little bit easier for parents. The original Next2Me crib has similar price point to many others on the market, but the Next2Me Magic has a slightly higher price – £239.99 – due to the fact it has a number of added functions.


When choosing a bedside crib, safety should be your first consideration. Beside cribs manufactured since November 2020 need to adhere to recently revised safety regulations (BS EN 1130:2019). The most significant requirement is a 120mm high barrier between the sleeping baby and the parents’ beds, which ensures the child doesn’t accidentally roll out of their safe sleep space and onto their parents’ mattress. The Chicco Next2Me Magic complies with these new regulations.

Other features you might want to consider include how easy it is to keep clean, how portable it is and whether it has a rocking function – all of which can make quite a bit of difference to use.

Tested by

Laura is a mum-of-2. She tested the Chicco Next2Me Magic bedside crib with her 10-week-old baby.

What were your first impressions of the Chicco Next2Me Magic?

My first impressions were that the mattress looked comfortable and breathable, and that the style of the cot would blend easily into our home without sticking out like a sore thumb. Also, that the controls were nice and large, so it looked easy to control with one hand.

Chicco Next2Me Magic

How is the Chicco Next2Me Magic different from the other Next2Me models?

I previously used a different Chicco Next2Me crib and found the Magic to be much improved. It was so much easier to use and with some added functions, such as the one-touch sliding side panel. It also has retractable feet and the widest range of height adjustment. The Next2Me Air, on the other hand, has mesh panelling on all four sides of the crib to keep babies cool.

What age is the Chicco Next2Me Magic suitable for?

It is suitable for babies up to six months, or until they can sit up unaided.

Do you prefer this to a Moses basket? Why?

I preferred the Chicco Next2Me Magic to a Moses basket as it has much more longevity. Babies tend to outgrow Moses baskets very quickly, yet this crib accommodates them until they are ready to go into a room of their own.

MFM Awards judge Louise agreed, remarking: “My baby is 2 months old now and still has plenty of room to grow, whereas he will soon be growing out of his Moses basket which he slept in prior to getting this crib. In this crib we have a sleeping option for my baby, so that he can sleep in our room for longer without needing a full size cot, which we don't have space for in our bedroom.”

The only advantage a Moses basket would have over this crib is manoeuvrability – the Next2Me Magic crib is designed to be moved around the house easily with retractable legs, and four wheels, but in reality doing that can be a bit cumbersome and and particularly difficult if you want to take it up or down stairs.

How easy is it to see your baby when they’re in the crib?

It’s very easy to see your baby through the breathable mesh panels on the two sides of the cot.

Chicco Next2Me Magic mesh

How easy is it to access your baby when they’re asleep?

The easy access is what impressed me a lot with the Chicco Next2Me Magic. You can move the side of the cot up and down with the push of a button, using just one hand. This is a fantastic help when you are trying to transfer a sleeping baby in and out of the cot without waking them. If you're using it in standalone mode you must put the side back up, but if you have the crib correctly fastened to the bed at the right level, you can leave the side down.

Images by Zara, MFM home tester

However, some of our MFM Awards testers found this function slightly tricky – Nikki, for example, reported that she found the sliding side not very smooth and often work her baby up when she slid it back up, as it jolted the crib.

How portable is the Chicco Next2Me Magic? Is it easy to move around your home once assembled?

One of the selling points of this cot is that it can be moved around thanks to the supporting legs that slide in and out, making it easier to fit through doorways, and the fully rotating wheels with brakes. However, the Chicco Next2Me is a relatively large cot, so if you lived on one level it might be doable, but if you wanted to take it downstairs for example, you might struggle.

How does it fit onto the bed - how does it attach?

If you want to use the crib in side-sleeping mode, you need to attach it securely to the bed using the included harnesses which is secured with clips. It is designed to fit most types of beds, including divans thanks to the variety of height adjustments and the extending feet. MFM home tester Zara said that it "attaches to the bed really well so I felt completely safe using it for my daughter over night."

How do you lower the side for night-time feeds, and how easy is it to do?

Using one hand, you press the button on the side of the crib and you can lower the whole side up and down. It’s so easy to do and makes night-time feeds much smoother.

Chicco Next2Me Magic

Can the Chicco Next2Me Magic be used as standalone as well as for co-sleeping?

It can be used as a standalone cot, which is how I preferred to use it, and for co-sleeping. I was worried at first about using it as a standalone cot, but once it was put together, I could see that it was sturdy and didn’t need to be strapped to the bed to feel safe.

Chicco Next2Me Magic stand alone

Can you rock the Chicco Next2Me Magic?

Yes, you can rock it, but only when used in standalone mode. The fact that it is strapped to the bed in co-sleeping mode means it is unable to move as it rocks from side to side rather than backward and forwards. There are levers on both sides of the cot that you push down if you want to rock it, then back up again to lock it into place. They are quite stiff to move, but doing so didn’t disturb the baby.

Chicco Next2Me Magic

How many height positions are there?

There are 11 height settings depending on what kind of bed you have, and this should fit most beds, although Chicco does not recommend this crib if your mattress is below 51cm from the ground or exceeding 66cm.

Chicco Next2Me Magic height

What are the dimensions of the Chicco Next2Me Magic and what do you think of the size of the crib?

The size seems perfect. With dimensions of H66.5-82.4cm xW73cm x L99.5cm, there will be enough room for the baby to sleep comfortably even up to 6 months.

How comfy is it for your little one?

The mattress has a good firmness to it and a soft cover which was breathable, warm and cosy. The crib is spacious without feeling too large for small babies, and the double mesh windows ensure good air flow inside the crib.

Chicco Next2Me Magic baby

Is there an incline/tilt option and if so, what did you think of it?

There are 4 incline heights to lift the head of the crib slightly. They can be useful if your baby suffers from reflux or congestion, although MadeForMums recommends you speak to your doctor or health visitor for advice before using a recline/tilt function, as a completely flat surface is what's usually recommended for safe sleep.

To operate the tilt function you press a lever at the head or foot of the bed to lower or raise the cot. It’s easy to do but at first I found it a bit clunky so it did wake the baby – not ideal if you are trying to make them more comfortable during the night without disturbing them too much. However, I soon got used to it and was able to control it much more smoothly.

Chicco Next2Me levers

Does the Chicco Next2Me Magic feel durable?

It feels like a high-quality product with sturdy handles and buttons and lovely thick fabric sides. You could certainly put it away in the loft and use it again for a second or third baby.

Is the Chicco Next2Me Magic easy to clean?

Ease of cleaning is one of the cot’s only downfalls. The material side can be removed, as can the mattress cover, but they are hand wash only, and quite tight to put back on once washed.

How do you fold it, and how easy is that to do?

It doesn’t exactly fold down, you have to use the push buttons to take the cot apart in order to use it as a travel cot, or to store it away. Its straightforward to do, but I wouldn’t want to do it every day if I needed to store it away to save space.

Is the Chicco Next2Me compact and easy to store when folded?

The crib can be used as a travel cot, so is designed to be folded down to a compact size, however it is still quite large so you would need a bit of space to store it day-to-day. It comes with a storage/travel bag.

What’s in the box?

  • Crib
  • Mattress
  • Cover
  • Carrier bag
  • Instruction booklet

Is it easy to put together?

You need to use a bit of your own intuition to put the Chicco Next2Me Magic together. There is an instruction booklet, but it comprises a series of what I would call indecipherable pictures. Our MFM Awards testers also unanimously found the instructions frustrating. Luckily, its fairly self-explanatory, as long as you refer to the safety pointers included.

Who would the product be most useful for?

The Chicco Next2Me Magic is so versatile that it’s suitable for anyone with a baby under six months, regardless of whether you want to use it for co-sleeping or not. If you’re breastfeeding then the co-sleeping mode could become a lifesaver if your baby wants constant feeding throughout the night.

Chicco Next2Me Magic breastfeeding

But even with bottle fed babies, as mine is, it makes life easier by making it smoother to transfer them back into the cot after feeding, and being able to rock them back to sleep if needed.

Even if you didn’t want to use these handy extra functions, it’s a good-sized, comfortable crib to use in your bedroom until your baby is ready to go into their own room. It's not so suitable for those who want to carry their sleeping baby around the house a lot – for that, I would start off with a Moses basket or a product with a detachable bassinet.

What would you have wanted to know before buying the crib?

I would have liked to know beforehand that the rocking function can’t be used while it is attached to the bed – although due to safety considerations around co-sleeping, I gather this is standard.

Are there any design elements you find particularly useful?

Being able to lower and raise the side with one hand was particularly useful at night, and the rocking mode was very helpful to soothe a restless baby.

What is the price, is it good value for money?

The Chicco Next2Me Magic bedside crib is priced at £239.99, which is quite expensive given that you will only be using it up to six months. But as any parent knows, you can’t put a price on a decent night’s sleep, so I think it is worth the money if it’s going to give you a less disturbed night. On the other hand, MFM tester Zara pointed out she wouldn’t pay more than £200 for a bedside crib.

How does it compare to similar products?

Product nameHeight positionsRocks (y/n)Crib sizeRRP
Chicco Next2Me Magic11YesH66.5-82.4cm xW73cm x L99.5cm£239
Snuzpod 47YesH95cm xW49cm x L100cm£199.95
Tutti Bambini CoZee Air6YesH92cm x W12cm x L56cm£185

Where can I buy the Chicco Next2Me Magic?

It's available from Argos, Very and John Lewis

MadeForMums verdict:

A versatile product that makes night-times that little bit easier and keeps babies safe by parents’ sides. With some great features, it’s easy to use and sturdy, if a bit expensive.



Product Specifications

ModelNext2Me Magic
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:66.5cm–82.5cm W:73cm D:99.5cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)From Birth
Sleep height positions11
Drop down / Removable sideYes
Rocking motionYes
  • Soft padding for maximum comfort
  • Includes soft mattress with removable, washable 3D mesh cover
  • Includes 4 wheels with brakes for extra manoeuvrability
  • One-hand-opening panel for easy access
  • Simple to assemble and use
  • Easy to transport in the included storage bag
  • Easy to attach and remove from parents' bed with 2 fastening straps provided
Stand includedYes
Mattress includedYes