Your pregnancy shopping checklists

What to buy shopping lists from essentials to nice-to-haves, plus what to buy for twins - all designed to download and print out


When you’re pregnant, the amount of kit you need to buy before your baby arrives can seem confusing and endless.


We’ve got these simple checklists, so you know exactly what you need to buy before you give birth.

1. What to buy before your baby arrives – the essentialsPractical, essential items for the nursery, getting about, feeding by breast or bottle, nappy change and bathing, plus baby clothing.

2. What to buy before your baby arrives – the very useful. Items that are very handy and that can make life with your new baby much easier, for the nursery, getting around, breastfeeding and bottlefeeding kit, nappy change time and bathing.

3. What to buy before your baby arrives – the nice to have. Baby products that aren’t vital, but worth knowing about, for the nursery, buggy, feeding, bath and nappy change time, and clothing.

If you’re pregnant with twins, we have dedicated twin baby shopping checklists for you to download.


You can view the shopping lists online or download them as easy-to-follow checklists.  It may help to print them off so you tick off the baby kit you’ve purchased or still need to find.

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