What to buy for your twins – your baby shopping checklists

Here's your specific twin baby shopping lists to download and print, plus checklists of all the essentials you need when expecting twins and the baby products you can do without


When you’re pregnant with twins, the amount of nursery, feeding and general baby gear you need to buy before your twins are born can feel endless…and be rather confusing! Here, we have three definitive shopping lists for you to use when buying for your new twins. These shopping lists can be viewed online, or you can download them as easy-to-follow checklists for printing out and ticking off as you purchase your babies’ new clothes, feeding kits, cots and more.


From the big baby items, such as car seats, double buggies and cots, to breastfeeding and bottlefeeding kits, and the smaller supermarket items like wipes, nappies or cotton wool, these three checklists will show you exactly what to buy for your twins (and what you can skip) when preparing for your twins’ arrival:

1. Essential baby buys for twins. A definitive list of the practical baby products that are essentials for twins, from car seats and nursery items, to feeding by breast or bottle, nappy changing, bathing and baby clothing.

2. Very useful baby items for twins. A checklist of items that are very useful when juggling two small twins, but which you may decide you can do without, for the nursery, travelling around, breastfeeding and bottlefeeding, nappy changing and bathing.


3. Twin baby items that are nice to have. Products that aren’t essential, but which can be nice extras for you and your twins if money and space allow for them.

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