10 of the best nightlights

We've found the best nightlights for newborns, babies, toddlers and older kids, to give their room a comfortable, safe and gentle glow


1. The Gro Company Groegg2, £29.99, MFM Gold Award Winner

The new incarnation of the popular Groegg has the same qualities as its predecessor – and more. It offers a soothing light at night-time with a digital thermometer and different colours to warn parents when the room is too hot or cold.


We also love the Groegg2’s sleek new silicon design. It’s 33% bigger and brighter than the original. It now also offers 4 levels of brightness to provide more adjustability. 

All in all, some lovely improvements to this perennial favourite among nightlights, making it our deserved MadeForMums Awards 2018 Gold Award winner.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Gro Company Groegg2:

“This really appeals to me. I like the different levels of light that you can choose, plus the design would suit any nursery. The temperature indicator and change in the light colour to alert parents of different levels of temperature is reassuring, and it’s pretty good value too. This would be a good baby shower gift.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

“This nightlight is extremely easy to operate. It’s lightweight and portable, it looks cool, and I love the idea of it having a built-in thermometer with linked colour-changes, so you can see how hot your child’s room is. I would definitely recommend this nightlight for parents with young babies and also for those with older toddlers as it’s so lightweight it would be ideal to take on holiday.” Mum of 2, Maxine

You can buy the Groegg 2 from John Lewis and The Gro Company


2. Chicco, Next2Stars, £24.99, MFM Silver Award Winner

The Chicco Next2Stars has taken the MadeForMums silver award for cramming a lot of features and functionality into a reasonably priced package.

It is a surprisingly effective nightlight thanks to its integration of soothing music – including classical, new age and natural music – its stars ceiling projection, adjustable brightness and sound-activation, which turns the light and music on in response to a child’s cries.

The gender-specific colour options of Next2Stars might not be to everyone’s taste, but its effectiveness keeps on winning us – and our readers – over.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Chicco Next2Stars:

“I was cynical about this product, as we never used anything like this with our first-born. However, I am very pleasantly surprised. Our baby is 9 months old and often wakes and becomes unsettled during the night.  The feature on this which wakes when it hears him is a god send and we all get back to sleep very quickly with the lullaby music. I cannot argue with the functionality of the product.” Mum of 2, Clare

“This product is very useful. Before I tried this, I was using my phone for lullabies. However, this comes with both lullabies and lights which my daughter loves. It’s also great that it can attach to the cot.” Mum of 3, Shelby

You can buy the Next2Stars nightlight from Amazon, Mothercare and Argos


3. Lumie Bedbug, £59.99, MFM Bronze Award Winner

This cute Bedbug by light therapy specialist Lumie takes bed- and night-time lighting to a whole new level.

It can be used as a bedside light with low-blue white light to avoid stimulation during bedtime, has a sunset colour change which gradually fades to off or nightlight setting, and a nightlight with two intensities, in an orange light that won’t trigger wakefulness during the night.

 The use of the right light – and avoidance of the wrong – has made a few headlines recently, so we love this bronze award winner. Nightlights don’t get more scientific, yet soothing, than this.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Lumie Bedbug:

“The design is very sweet and appealing. I like the concept of the sunset feature and blue tones, and it does work well in terms of this light therapy.” Mum of 1, Filiz

“The 15 minutes transition from a calm bright light to the red light is perfect for a bedtime story and helps you really relax (not only the child, it helps the parent too!). If he did wake up in the night, he didn’t cry anymore and went back to sleep a lot easier than usually. We also tested it on my husband who works night shifts and the light really helps him too. Lumie Bedbug is very versatile and has been a favorite in our house from the day we received it.” Mum of 1, Oana

You can buy the Lumie Bedbug from Lumie, Boots and Argos


4. SkipHop Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight Soother, £40

What’s not to love about this cute owl nightlight.

The glowing nightlight belly has dimmer control, while the stars and moons projection will light up the nursery with a serene bedtime show.

The volume-controlled nightlight plays 4 melodies and 4 nature sounds, and it’s possible to choose any combination of light/sound that will keep your little one happy!

Set the auto-off timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes, or have this nightlight and soother on continuous play for a whole night of blissful sleep.

What our reviewers say about the SkipHop:

“Well made nightlight with numerous combinations of lights and sounds. The starlight projection looks lovely and glowing tummy can be adjusted to different light strengths – it’s a great addition to the nursery and looks good.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda

“A practical nightlight, with a lot of functions, including a nice light show.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

You can buy the Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight Soother from KIDLY, JoJo Maman Bebe and Amazon


5. White Rabbit England Children’s Rabbit Lamp, £70

Beautifully handcrafted from bone china in the famous Staffordshire potteries, this is a gorgeous nightlight that wouldn’t look out of place in a boutique hotel.

The softly glowing rabbit uses an LED bulb and provides a gentle light to reassure babies and children all through the night.

Each lamp comes securely packaged in a white gift box, ready to use with a low voltage white cable, and white transformer plug.

What our reviewers say about the White Rabbit England Rabbit lamp:

“Great to look at.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

“Gorgeous design would fit perfectly in a more luxurious nursery. Can be used beyond the baby years and stunning design.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim


You can buy the Children’s Rabbit Lamp from White Rabbit England

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