10 of the best nightlights

We recommend the best nightlights for newborns, babies, toddlers and older kids, to gently light their room

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1. GroEgg 2, £22.99

Nightlight and room thermometer


The gold standard of dimmable nightlights has been updated for the next generation of parents finding their way in the dark. The unique changing colour light system, from blue for too cold to red to too hot, is the same and is still supported by safe sleep experts, The Lullaby Trust; but the new generation GroEgg2 is 33% bigger than the original, making it even easier to check.

“The temperature indicator and change in the light colour are reassuring”, says MFM tester and mum of 2 Magda Ibrahim. What parent doesn’t appreciate a good multitasker?

The new sleek silicon design means, as well as looking good, it will bounce if an overzealous toddler decides to use it as a toy. It remains mains or USB charged, unlike other lights on our list, like the Clippasafe, which plugs into a socket directly, or the GroLight that screws into main lighting. But all in all, some lovely improvements to a classic thermometer.

Available from: The Gro Store, Amazon and John Lewis

2. Ewan The Dream Sheep Deluxe, £40

Nightlight, toy and sleep aid

A cute nighttime companion for the youngest in your brood, Ewan has fast become associated with helping babies, (and therefore, parents), get a good night sleep. And, since it runs on batteries, Ewan can assist with naps on the go, too. Similarly to the popular Lumie Bedbug, Ewan is recommended as comforting sleep aid, which ticks the multitasking box.

Suitable from birth, the sleep inducing wonder sheep’s calming soundtracks and one-of-a-kind glowing ‘heart’ are both aimed at gently breaking down that resistance to nodding off.

The Deluxe version has an intelligent MoonMode® smartCRY® sensor, which is cleverly designed to automatically activate when baby stirs, helping resettle them. See also, the Suzy Snooze. Not forgetting, (and this one is a biggy), that the Ewan Deluxe is MACHINE WASHABLE. Stellar stuff.

Available from: John Lewis, Boots and Amazon

3. GroLight, £16.99

2-In-1 nightlight and main light

If you are looking for something simple yet effective, this nighlight is easily screwed into any existing bayonet lightbulb fitting. Flicking on the regular light switch then fills the room with an adjustable brightness gentle glow, not strong enough to wake a sleeping baby – or blind you into not being able to go back to sleep after doing your checks. Job done.

It might not offer itself as a sleep companion or offer up the room temperature, like many others, but if an innovative nightlight is what you are after, they don’t come too much more ‘does what it says on the tin’, than this. Maybe not the wisest choice if you don’t want to fiddle around with light fittings, but shouldn’t prove too much of a task.

Available from: The Gro Store, Amazon and Boots

4. Lumie Bedbug, £59.99

Nightlight and sleep aid

As cute as Ewan, but with changing light display and without the soundtrack, the Lumie Bedbug is designed to help optimise sleep and ease the bedtime routine.  We love that you can use it first as a bedside light, with low-blue white light, which avoids stimulation during bedtime. It then switches to a sunset colour change for sleep time, which gradually fades to off, or to nightlight setting.

“The 15-minute transition from a calm bright light to the orange light is perfect for a bedtime story, and helps you [all] really relax. If my little one did wake up in the night, he went back to sleep a lot easier than [before we had Lumie].” Mum of 1, Oana. Chargeable with a micro USB to mains plug lead, Lumie is the light therapy specialist inventor of the wake-up light, so you can rest easy knowing you are in expertly calm hands with this one.

Available from: ArgosAmazon and JoJo Maman Bebe

5. Clippasafe Nightlight, £3.75


Ok, so we says the GroLight was simple… but the Clippasafe could easily steal that crown. Offering the least amount of bells and whistles in terms of any additional features, this nightlight simply lights up the night.

Giving a soft, reassuring glow to any nursery or hallway, no, it might not have a temperature gauge or give off any white noise, like the GroEgg2 or Ewan, nor use WiFi, like Suzy Snooze, but it will undeniably light you, and your baby’s, way; making it a brilliant budget option.

Perhaps not ideal if you have an inquisitive toddler who wants to mess with sockets, but a better choice than the GroLight if you would simply plug in rather than screw around with your light fittings.

Available from: Amazon, Clippasafe and John Lewis

6. Suzy Snooze, £99

Smart nightlight, sleep soother, baby monitor

From the cheapest on our list to the most expensive, the latest baby on the nightlight block is multitasking Suzy Snooze, which definitely leads the way in terms of modern features. With a sweet, sleepy face, Suzy’s nightlight ‘hat’ can be pushed down to start a soothing soundtrack and orange glowing nightlight. Connect her up to the app and she becomes a remote control and audio monitor, and, similarly to the Ewan Deluxe, has a cry sensor if baby wakes in the night.

Luisa, mum of 2 says: I love the clever way it reacts (the music turns on) if baby cries during the night. Overall [Suzy is] a great attempt to offer efficient answers to many needs.” Suzy can be set in ‘alarm mode’ to teach toddlers to stay in bed until she lifts her hat – worth a try, right? And with that longevity and all its funky features, you might decide that it is worth that pricetag.

Available from: Amazon and Bleep Bleeps

7. White Rabbit England Children’s Rabbit Lamp, £78


If ‘all mod-con’ nightlights aren’t quite your bag, then how about a beautifully handcrafted lamp? Equally as stylish as the GroEgg2 or Suzy Snooze, just in a more traditional way, MFM tester and mum of 2 Magda Ibrahim notes, “The gorgeous design would fit perfectly in a luxurious nursery, and can be used beyond the baby years.”

The lamp uses an LED bulb, providing a gentle light to reassure babies and children throughout the night. It is still childlike, being a cute bunny, but may suit your interiors style more than an illuminated bug or sheep. Comes securely packaged in a white gift box, ready to use with a low voltage white cable, and white transformer plug.

 Available from: White Rabbit

8. Cozyglo, £39.99

Nightlight and sleep trainer

Now available in three adorable characters, Papa Penguin, Colonel Comfort and Beatrice the Rescue Dog a Cozyglo dimmable nightlights have some pretty nifty features, on top of being a super cute nursery addition. Joining the likes of the GroEgg2 and the Suzy Snooze as a multitasker, behind that sweet façade, this nightlight is also a thermometer, a countdown light timer for a gradual fade into sleep, and, similarly to the Lumie, a light alarm.

Summed up succinctly by MFM Awards tester, mum of 2, Katie: “Great product, reasonable price.” It can be free standing as well as mains powered, if you aren’t overly keen on cables.

Available from: Amazon, Argos and Rosebud Baby

9. Summer Infant Slumber Buddy, £24.99

Toy nightlight

And now for something completely different! Fancy a little lightshow to send your little off to sleep? The Slumber Buddy will light the entire room with colourful glowing stars and soothing music to help bring an air of calm. There are three colour and volume options, and a range of relaxing sounds to help send little ones off to sleep.

The Slumber Buddy has a 30-minute auto shut-off, which means you can switch it on and leave them to drift off.

Not only that, it comes in elephant, butterfly, bee, hippo and frog designs, so it could turn out to be a real favourite toy, as well as comforting nightlight. Plus, as it’s battery-powered, (3xAA, included) it can easily be transported. Like Ewan, this is perfect for on-the-go naps and nights away.

Note: Lullaby Trust guidelines do not recommend that plush toys are placed directly next to babies while sleeping for the first 12 months.

Available from: Amazon, Summer Infant and Mothercare

10. My 1st Years Personalised Grey Elephant Night Light, £25

Personalised nightlight

A personalised bedtime pal is guaranteed to thrill older children, so the otherwise comparatively simple design of this nighlight could be best suited to parents looking for something a little quirky, than tech heavy. Although, it might not be the best choice for night readers, as it only gives a dim glow. Look to the Lumie Bedbug for the ideal reading nightlight. You can personalise the elephant at checkout with up to seven letters, for no extra cost. It is powered with 3x LR44 batteries or with a USB cord, all of which comes included.

Available from: My 1st Years

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