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10 of the best nightlights 

We use parent recommendations to round up the best nightlights for newborns, babies, toddlers and older kids, to gently light their room


In the early days of having a baby, a nightlight may be more for your benefit than theirs ­– for example it can help if you’re getting up for night feeds, where a soft glow is preferable to a search-light style ceiling lamp.


But as your child develops and grows, it can become a key part of their bedtime routine, helping them to settle, reducing fears about the darkness or helping them find their missing teddy or beaker. Older children who get up at night to use the bathroom may also benefit from the extra guidance in the dark and find comfort in seeing a familiar shape if they wake in the night.

We’ve researched the market and tested some key products to bring you a selection of the best nightlights for babies and toddlers. We’ve chosen a whole range from basic plug-in lights to colourful projectors, sleep aids and more.

Should I use a nightlight?

Experts actually recommend that babies and children sleep in completely dark rooms to stimulate the production of melatonin, which in turn causes drowsiness. However, the reality of getting a small child to sleep can be quite different.

It’s therefore a good idea to use a nightlight that either times out and turns off by itself after a fixed time period, or try to get into the habit of turning it off once your child is soundly asleep.

This is not always that easy either – many toddlers will profess to being scared of the dark and many parents like being able to check on the baby regularly without turning the main lights on. In those circumstances, try to opt for a very low glow rather than a big flashing lights show.

Establishing and maintaining a bedtime routine is a key part of any young child’s life and you can build a nightlight into this. Depending on their age, you can turn it on at the same time each evening to signal bedtime is coming or with toddlers and pre-schoolers, you can ask them to do it as a fun way of involving them in the wind down before bed.

What features should I look for in a nightlight?

Some children find lullabies, songs or even white noise very soothing so you can opt for a nightlight that has this feature added. You can also look at colour-changing lights as an option. Some lights may also have a sensor that is activated when your baby wakes, stirs or cries causing the light – and possibly associated sounds – to turn back on.

Keep in mind for babies under 12 months, Lullaby Trust guidelines do not recommend that plush toys are placed directly next to babies while sleeping for the first 12 months. So you might want to opt for a light that can placed away from their sleep or space or one with other functions like a thermometer or monitor.

In addition, if you travel around a lot or regularly stay overnight with friends or family, you might want a smaller model that’s easy to take with you.

For mobile toddlers and children, a portable nightlight is a good option so they can switch it on and take it with them on night time trips to the toilet.

Here’s our pick of the best nightlights for babies and toddlers…

1. Tommee Tippee Rechargeable Light and Sound Sleep Aid, £39.99

Best for soothing your baby

Type: Nightlight and sleep aid, with cry sensor | Power supply: USB rechargable | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Night-time comforter/sleep aid – Gold

Available in three equally cute animal designs – Ollie the Owl, Bennie the Bear and Pip the Panda – this multi-tasking sleep aid is a MFM Gold Award winner for good reason. Not only does it look adorable hanging from the side of your baby’s crib, but it delivers as both a subtle nightlight and an effective sleep aid.

It plays soothing sounds and calming lullabies, and even featuring a cry sensor that will jump into action if your child stirs. This automatically turns off after 20 minutes so there’s no five minute bursts or two-hour operas!

The adjustable light’s warm and calming glow will assist, not hinder, sleep and isn’t blinding or distracting. The toy can also easily be unhooked and moved around the room if you don’t want it directly over the crib.

Unlike the previous model which was battery-powered, this sleep aid comes with a USB charging cable. Tester Jade, a mum of four, enthused, “My little boy loved this, he literally put his head to the pillow when we turned it on, would definitely recommend – there are different strengths of light on this which is brilliant and the sound quality is really good.”

Available from: Smyths Toys, Argos and John Lewis 

2. GroEgg 2, £29.99

Best for newborn babies

Type: Nightlight and room thermometer | Power supply: Mains, USB rechargeable | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Nursery accessory for sleep – Gold

With it’s easy to use traffic light-style system that sees the egg change colour depending on whether your baby’s room is too cold (blue) or too hot (red), the GroEgg is a long-established favourite among parents who are keen to keep an eye on their child’s sleeping environment at a glance.

The GroEgg2 has the added bonus of being a dimmable nightlight with three different levels of brightness meaning it offers comfort and reassurance for the child as well as a digital thermometer with permanent lit LCD readout temperature for the parents.

Our MFM Award testers praised its sleek design, easy to read screen and durability. Our journalist reviewer Natasha was particularly impressed with its aesthetic appearance, saying, “The Groegg2 is a sleek and stylish product that would look good in a modern nurser. The flexible silicone dome is a pleasant design choice and remains cool to the touch when the nightlight is on.”

Parent tester Kate Yeoman added: “It is robust and appears to be accurate in it’s reading, a must-have for a new parent.”

The GroEgg2 is supported by safe sleep experts The Lullaby Trust and is 33% bigger than the original GrooEgg, making it that bit easier to use and view and that bit stronger too – it should bounce if an overzealous toddler decides to use it as a toy. It also remains mains or USB charged, unlike other lights on our list, like the Clippasafe, which plugs into a socket directly.

Read our full MadeForMums review of the GroEgg 2 here

Available from: Amazon, Argos and Tommee Tippee

3. Ewan Deluxe Dream Sheep, £39.99

A combination of soft toy and nightlight

Type: Nightlight and sleep aid | Power supply: 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Ewan is a long-established sleep aid for newborn babies and many parents swear by his soothing sounds to help their baby fall fast asleep at any time of day. His built-in soft pink/red light (said to mimic the comfort of the womb) also makes Ewan an effective, if subtle, night light.

Made for Mums reviewer Francesca tested Ewan with her two girls aged 8 months and 6 years. She praised the product’s portability: “It’s really handy to carry around and the velcro tail means it can work on the go in a pram and not just a cot. The batteries mean you don’t need a nearby socket either.”

Much like the Tommee Tippee Sleep Aid, this is a bit of an all-round sleep buddy for your little one so may take a bit of punishment as a result – but in a game-changing move (courtesy of a removable control pod) Ewan is actually machine-washable.

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Ewan Deluxe Dream Sheep

Available from: Argos, JoJo Maman Bebe and Sweet Dreamers 

4. Lumie Bedbug, £59.95

Best for establishing a bedtime routine

Type: Nightlight | Power supply: Mains

The premise of the colour-changing bug (who glows different colours at different times before fading away to a soothing night light) sounds complicated – but customers on Amazon praise this product for being easy to use.

With a 15-minute changing light display but no music, the Lumie Bedbug is designed to help optimise sleep and ease the bedtime routine.  We love that you can use it first as a bedside light, with low-blue white light, which avoids stimulation during bedtime. It then switches to a sunset colour change for sleep time, which gradually fades to off, or to nightlight setting.

“The 15-minute transition from a calm bright light to the orange light is perfect for a bedtime story, and helps you [all] really relax. If my little one did wake up in the night, he went back to sleep a lot easier than [before we had Lumie],” said MFM tester Oana.

Available from: LumieJohn Lewis , Next

5. Summer Infant Slumber Buddy, £19.99

Best for colourful lights

Type: Nightlight and sleep aid | Power supply: 3 x AA batteries (included)

Fancy a little lightshow to send your little off to sleep? The Slumber Buddy will light the entire room with colourful glowing stars and soothing music to help bring an air of calm. There are three colour and volume options, and a range of relaxing sounds to help send little ones off to sleep.

The Slumber Buddy has a 30-minute auto shut-off, which means you can switch it on and leave them to drift off. One Amazon customer said: “Our boy was thrilled with Eddie [the elephant] and now when we put it on it takes him just under five minutes to be asleep and if he wakes up during the night we switch Eddie on again and our son is out like a light. We could not be more grateful to Eddie and his creators.”

Not only that, it comes in elephant, butterfly, bee, hippo and frog designs, so it could turn out to be a real favourite toy, as well as comforting nightlight. Plus, as it’s battery-powered, it can easily be transported so is perfect for nights away.

Available fromSmyths Toys, Argos and Precious Little One 

6. Infantino 2-in-1 Night Light Projector, £29.99

Best for toddlers who want their own torch

Type: Nightlight and sleep aid | Power supply: 3 x AA batteries (included)

This fancy little fox will have your child gently nodding off thanks to his gently moving tail, subtle colours and soothing sounds.

Don’t be put off by the phrase “light projector” – it’s not an all-out illuminations affair, think more a soothing light show filled with low colours and peaceful sounds. Choose from 20 minutes of music (5 songs) or 3 nature sounds as the fox gently sways his tail in time.

The best thing about this particular product has to be the removable baby fox nightlight – it’s ideal for toddlers who want a torch-style light they can hold or carry themselves should they need to get up for a drink or to use the bathroom.

One Argos customer praised this nightlight for making bed times easier, “The 2-in-1 nightlight works like a charm, my little girl is asleep before it finishes – before it used to take me two hours to get her to sleep.”

And unlike some sleep aids on the market, this can be used audio-free for a peaceful lights-only show.

Available from: Amazon, Argos and Precious Little Ones

7. Clippasafe Nightlight, £4.99

An affordable, simple nightlight

Type: Nightlight | Power supply: Mains

This is a traditional night light – the sort you might plug in a hall to guide the way to the stairs or bathroom – so don’t expect bells and whistles. But it more than does the job if you’re after something affordable and simple to use.

Customer reviews all praise the same quality about this product – that the light is just the right level of brightness, offering enough light to guide you, but not so bright as to disturb a child’s sleep. For example one Amazon customer said: “It’s a nice soft warm glow. Not too bright, but lights up enough for me to see where I am going in my son’s room when he is asleep.”

It’s hard to go wrong with the light too – you just plug-in and go which is ideal for any sleep-starved parent who can’t handle elaborate instructions and set-up processes.

Available fromClippasafe, BabySecurity and Huggle

8. Suzy Snooze, £99

A multi-functional nightlight and monitor

Type: Nightlight, monitor and sleep aid | Power supply: Mains

By far and away the most expensive light on our list, Snuzy Snooze bills herself as a smart nightlight, baby monitorand sleep soother in one – and at £100+ a pop, it’s definitely an investment.

But once you get over the price tag, this is an impressive bit of kit – much of which can be controlled via your smarthphone. With a sweet, sleepy face, Suzy’s nightlight “hat” can be pushed down to start a soothing soundtrack and orange glowing nightlight.

Connect her up to the app and she becomes a remote control and audio monitor, and she has a cry sensor if baby wakes in the night. MFM tester Luisa praised this function: “I love the clever way it reacts (the music turns on) if baby cries during the night. Overall [Suzy is] a great attempt to offer efficient answers to many needs.”

Suzy’s warm orange glow emulates the light of the sunset and helps produce those essential sleep hormones – this is definitely soothing rather than distracting. She’s also adjustable so can be turned up or down depending what level of room-lighting you prefer.

And in the same vain as a Groclock, Suzy can be set in to an alarm mode to teach toddlers to stay in bed until she lifts her hat. There’s no guaranteed there but if you don’t try it, you’ll never know…

Available fromAmazon and Bleep Bleeps

9. Litecup Sippy Cup – Medium, from £9.99

Best for independent toddlers

Type: Nightlight, drinking cup | Power supply: 1 x CR2032 digital battery (included)

Any parent familiar with the 360 cup design will love this product as it follows a similar design, but with the added bonus of a light sensitive LED light unit in the base of the cup which glows gently at night.

The light sensitive unit turns on in dim light and off in bright light to preserve its battery – although, happily, you can replace the battery if it runs out.

The Litecup gets an impressive 3.9 customer rating on Trustpilot where nearly 60 per cent of respondents rate it as excellent. One reviewer said, “My 3-year-old son is delighted with his Litecup, he asks for it every night before going to bed. Its soft blue light does not interfere with his sleep and calms him if he wakes up during the night.”

It’s so easy to use you can’t mess it up and the novelty value will appeal to toddlers – and reduce the amount of times they wake you up to ask for a drink. This is totally portable so a great one for those who travel or stay overnight elsewhere a lot.

Available from: Lite Cup , Amazon and Uber Kids

10. Chicco Next2 Stars Projector, £24.99

Best for affordable features

Type: Nightlight and sleep aid with sensor | Power supply: 3 x AA batteries

This three-setting nightlight has an option to suit all tastes – a projector-style setting for colourful displays, a soothing glow and a more distinctive crescent moon night light that projects on to your nursery wall.

Receiving high praise, 78% of Argos customers say they would recommend the Chicco Next2 Star Projector. One parent said, “My baby settles near enough straight away with his new night light looking at the starry ceiling listening to the soothing songs. I would recommend it to any one at such a great price.”

Plus, this nightlight also comes with a sensor, so it automatically detects when your baby starts crying and will switch on the lights or music – a great feature given the price. The projector also comes with a little plush bear toy, which can be detached and is washable. 

It can be attached to the side of a cot or crib (obviously out of reach of your baby) and can also stand separately when placed on a bedside table. With 30 minutes of different styles of music, including classical and pop, and volume control, this is a good value night light. 

Available fromAmazon, Asda and Very


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