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MFM Awards 2022 Winners – Family health, bathtime and skincare products

From bathtime treats to post-birth care, discover the 2022 winners in the MadeForMums awards for health, bathtime and skincare

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Encompassing everything from bubble baths to home safety products, this set of categories reaches far and wide to help make your family life healthier, safer and simpler. Our team of parent testers and their kids put a whole host of exciting items through their paces, from teethers and soothers to luxury children’s skincare, via parenting apps, post-birth healthcare, and shampoo and bubble bath. We’ve ensured products are tested on the relevant skin and hair types, and asked our parents to be honest about their feelings on scents, textures and – perhaps most importantly – amount of bubbles!


Combining their feedback with that of our expert judges, influencers, and MFM team, we’ve found the products to stock your first aid kit, your bathroom cabinet, and your bedside table.

See the winners in:

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality and design, worth the money, comfort for baby/child

Gold — The Shnuggle Baby Bath, £25.95

Simply put, this bath makes washing your baby an easy and enjoyable experience
Parent tester Gemma, who tested this with their 2 month old

Why it’s a winner: The Shnuggle Baby Bath offers parents a simple way of bathing their baby in an upright position for easy washing. Affordable, practical and good-looking, it comes with a comfortable foam back rest and a clever ‘bum bump’ which supports little babies and stops them slipping. And of course it will save you wasting water filling up your main tub. There’s a clear line to show you where to fill it up to and it is very portable, so can be moved around the house. All our parent testers praised its compact, simple design.

In the words of parent tester Gemma, who tested this with their 2 month old: “It’s something that just helps make bathtime more enjoyable. My son sits happily in the water supported by the bum bump, meaning it’s easier for me to wash and play with him. He is well covered by the water, so stays warm.”

Buy from: Mamas & Papas, Boots and Argos

Silver — Cuddledry Handsfree Towel, £34.99

Why it’s a winner: The original hands-free towel for babies, the Cuddledry is super soft and the quality of the absorbent cotton-and-bamboo blend is obvious. The apron-style design is very useful when your baby is little and you can pick them out of the bath and cuddle them without getting your own clothes soaked. The towel itself is large with plenty of material to wrap your baby up warmly. Parent tester Emily found it easy to use and said, “With the softness and thickness of the fabric, it is without question very warm and comfortable for my baby.”

In the words of parent tester Victoria, who tested this with their 2 month old: “Works exactly as intended and the bamboo fabric is super absorbent. My daughter doesn’t like the transition out of the bath and gets cold quickly but the thickness of the towel helps keep her warm and happy.”

Buy from: Amazon and Boots

Bronze — Angelcare Soft Touch Baby Bath Support, £27.99

Why it’s a winner: Functional and affordable, this bath support allows you to safely wash your baby in your own bath, while having your hands free. It gets top marks for being simple to clean and mould-resistant, and the soft material which supports your baby drains and dries quickly. It is quite large but it looks stylish enough to leave out on show in your bathroom. Parent tester Jessica liked using it with their 2 month old, saying, “The bath is soft and moulds around your baby’s body, and it warms up quickly, too.”

In the words of parent tester Andrea, who tested this with their 2 month old: “My baby can now share some baths with his 4-year-old sister and the seat sits him up slightly so he can enjoy playing and splashing with her. My baby seems to really enjoy being in the seat and he is loving kicking and splashing the water with his feet.”

Buy from: Mamas & Papas, Amazon and John Lewis

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality and design, worth the money

Gold — Asda Little Angels Vapour Bath, £1

Great idea for a bath product!
Parenting influencer Cathy Reay

Why it’s a winner: This bubble bath is great if your child is suffering from a blocked or stuffy nose. The menthol aroma will help clear their airways and soothe congestion – which is especially useful if your child hasn’t yet learned how to blow their own nose. Suitable from 6 months, it has a strong but pleasant smell and is amazing value – a little really does go a long way. As one parent tester said, “You only need a small amount but thankfully it doesn’t all pour out at once.”

In the words of parent tester Aimee, who tested this with their 14 month old: “Definitely did what it was meant to do, helped my little one when he had a stuffy nose and actually was nice to use anyway, even without a stuffy nose. The smell was strong but in a good way. Also super bubbly which my little boy loved.”

Buy from: Asda

Joint Silver — Mamia Bedtime Bath, 75p

Why it’s a winner: This bedtime bath offers extraordinary value for money, produces lots of bubbles and has a lovely soothing smell designed to help your little one feel sleepy. It also has a tear-free formula and contains vitamin E to help moisturise your baby’s skin and keep it hydrated. Our parent testers all agree it was as good other more expensive brands.

In the words of parent tester Hayley, who tested this with their 3 month old: “Very competitively priced without compromising on standards. My baby’s skin smells and feels lovely and soft and fresh and clear after using. I will continue to buy this for my baby’s bathtime.”

Buy from: Aldi

Joint Silver — Lidl Baby Bath, 75p

Why it’s a winner: This bubble bath also offers fantastic value for money, as well as being paraben-free, hypoallergenic, soap-free and PH-balanced, which means it is extremely gentle on sensitive skin and can be used from birth. Parent tester Bethany described it as “a bargain buy” and “a must-try for all babies with sensitive skin”.

In the words of parent tester Bethany, who tested this with their 4 month old: “My baby’s skin is very sensitive due to his eczema. Normally, he comes out of the bath red and still quite dry, but this has made him feel silky smooth in his roughest patches. Very impressed.”

Buy from: Lidl

Joint Bronze — Mini U Tropical Berries Hair & Body Wash, £4.99

Why it’s a winner: This vegan-friendly 2-in-one hair and body wash looks great with its friendly Washy Wanda the Whale on the packaging. It contains organic aloe vera, and our parent testers agreed that you only need a small amount to leave your child’s hair lovely and soft and shiny. The handy pump action bottle was a hit with both our parent testers and our judges who all felt it was user-friendly and would help make the product last.

In the words of parent tester Libby, who tested this with their 1 year old and 3 year old: “This shampoo and body wash smells lovely! It is really refreshing and not at all overpowering. Although it is quite expensive, it lives up to expectation and will last a while as only a small amount is needed to create a good lather and wash hair well.”

Buy from: Mini U

Joint Bronze — Stick Man Sweet Fig & Elder Bubble Bath, £3.99

Why it’s a winner: Featuring the character from the popular Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler book on the recycled plastic bottle, this bubble bath is sulphate-free, vegan-friendly and made using sustainably-derived palm oil. The choice of scent is unusual for a children’s product but it was a hit with both judges and parent testers. One judge commented. “The scent is nice, a bit more unusual and not just a straight fruit scent. I would quite like it for myself!”

In the words of parent tester Sarah, who tested this with their 1 year old and 3 year old: “The boys loved the familiar character on the bottle and were excited to use it as soon as it arrived. It created lots of bubbles which were popular!”

Buy from: Holland and Barrett and Amazon

Shortlisted: Burt’s Bees Baby Calming Shampoo and Wash with Lavender | Baylis & Harding Goodness Kids Strawberry Swirl Natural Body Wash | Mini Mio Oh So Clean Foaming Wash

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality and design, worth the money

Gold — Mamia Baby Shampoo, 75p

Leaves my daughter’s hair clean, soft and shiny
Parent tester Victoria, who tested this with their 2 month old

Why it’s a winner: This traditional tear-free baby shampoo is amazing value for money. It is lovely and mild, so kind on newborn skin and it contains nourishing vitamin E too. It scored highly across the board as it does exactly what it is designed to do at an extremely affordable price. One judge’s comment summed it up with, “classic, great-smelling product that does the job”.

In the words of parent tester Victoria, who tested this with their 2 month old: “A little goes a long way with this shampoo: it lathers up quickly and is easy to wash out, which is a plus given that most children don’t like having their hair washed. The lid is easy to open with wet hands, too.”

Buy from: Aldi

Silver — My Little Coco Coconut Curling Custard, £5.99

Why it’s a winner: From the brand created by Rochelle Humes, this amusingly-named hair product is ideal if your little one has curly hair that’s hard to tame. Enriched with coconut oil, it contains no parabens, sulphates or dyes, feels lightweight and non-greasy and is easy to scrunch through hair with a handy pump-action bottle. Parent tester Shauna said, “It definitely reduces pulling and tugging, which results in less tears and a happy child.”

In the words of parent tester Louise, who tested this with their 3 year old: “This works so well and helps to keep my daughter’s curls neat and looking nice. There are really clear instructions on the bottle. It makes detangling her hair a much easier job and brings out all her curls. Worth every penny!”

Buy from: Boots

Bronze — Mini Mio Oh So Clean Foaming Wash, £8

Why it’s a winner: This gentle foaming wash is a blend of coconut oils, shea butter and avocado, contains vitamin E and is designed to nourish and hydrate your child’s skin and hair. It doesn’t have a strong scent, which many of our parent testers felt was a nice change from other more heavily fragranced brands. It is quite pricey but parent tester Emma said her kids loved using it, adding, “They pump the foam on their tummies and rub it all in, as it feels so nice and soft.”

In the words of parent tester Holly, who tested this with their 8 month old: “The foaming wash is a really lovely product to use. It glided on my baby’s skin and there were no tears when it went in his eyes. The product feels as though a little goes a long way and the bottle has an eye-catching, modern feel.”

Buy from: Mama Mio, JoJo Maman Bebe and Look Fantastic

Shortlisted: Lidl Baby Shampoo | Mini U Fresh Apple Detangler

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality and design, worth the money

Gold — Weleda Calendula Face Cream, £10.50

I have confidence using this because it is extremely natural with nothing synthetic
Parent tester Rebecca, who tested this with their 6 month old

Why it’s a winner: Gentle and with a great texture, this premium-quality baby face cream is organic and sustainably sourced. It’s also great for dry and sensitive skin. The smell is delicious – as one parent tester commented, “I was worried this cream might detract from that lovely, fresh, new baby smell but, safe to say, my baby just smelt even more delicious!”

In the words of parent tester Clare, who tested this with their 4 month old: “It feels excellent in quality– one of the nicest textures of baby creams I’ve tried. It’s not too oily or too solid, so glides one very smoothly. Plus you only need a tiny smear, so it feels like the cream is made to last you a while.”

Buy from: Boots, Holland and Barrett and Feel Unique

Silver — Mini U Golden Grapefruit Hand Wash, £4.99

Why it’s a winner: This handwash, with its cute crab design on the label, is vegan-friendly, with no microplastics, and includes organic aloe vera to soothe skin and leave it feeling soft, as well as clean. The handy pump-action bottle makes this product easy to use and the fruity grapefruit smell is delicious. It’s also made in Great Britain and free from allergens like gluten, soy and dairy.

In the words of parent tester Bryony, who tested this with their 3 year old: “The product foams up really well: not too little; not too much. It cleans little hands very well and my child enjoys using it. It’s all natural, which I like, and it’s kept all our hands nicely moisturised.”

Buy from: Trotters Childrenswear and Mini U

Bronze — Colief Baby Scalp Oil, £5.99

Why it’s a winner: A soft and gentle way of dealing with cradle cap without irritating precious newborn skin, this scalp oil can be used from birth and is quickly absorbed without leaving your baby’s hair looking greasy. It contains nourishing rosehip oil, vitamin E and chamomile. All our parent testers rated it highly and Emma said her 10-month-old’s cradle cap had become less crusty and prominent from using the oil, adding, “It has made my daughter’s hair super soft!”

In the words of parent tester Lucy, who tested this with their 7 month old: “From only a couple of uses, the oil helped. It’s a really lovely consistency, making it easy to apply. The yellow scabs you get with cradle cap were instantly nourished and disappeared. I love how quickly this has soothed my baby’s scalp and got rid of her dry flakes.”

Buy from: Holland and Barrett, Ocado and Amazon

Shortlisted: Mini Mio Sweet Cheeks Moisturiser | Lidl Baby Lotion | Dr Botanicals Sweet Almond Oil & Chamomile Baby Body Milk

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality and design, worth the money

Joint Gold — Burt’s Bees Baby, from £8.49

Really impressed with the entire range
Parent tester Laura, who tested this with their 19 month old

Why it’s a winner: There’s lots to love about the Burt’s Bees Baby range. It is super gentle on delicate young skin and uses natural ingredients to cleanse, soothe and moisturise. The brand also has good green credentials too: the company has offset its carbon emissions since 2015 by investing in projects which reduce carbon pollution. All the products have the same signature scent – a blend of honey and citrus. And as parent tester Christy pointed out, “The packaging is pretty enough to make these products nice, well-priced gifts.”

In the words of parent tester Laura, who tested this with their 19 month old: “I will definitely be buying every single item in the range from now on, as I loved them all! The lotion smelt incredible and left mine and my son’s skin so soft.”

Buy from: Burt’s Bees and Boots

Joint Gold — Mini Mio, from £8

Beautifully made products – really special and high quality
Parent tester Sarah, who tested this with their 11 month old

Why it’s a winner: This luxury brand for babies is designed to be kind on sensitive skin and encourage bonding moments. The range comes in simple, no-fuss packaging that looks lovely on the bathroom shelf. The products have a super subtle scent that our parent testers really liked and one noted that the pump mechanism on the foaming wash is so well designed, even their 3 year old could work it by himself. Both our parent testers and judges particularly loved the Sweet Cheeks Moisturiser and Mini Moments Massage Gel.

In the words of parent tester Cathy, who tested this with their 16 month old: “The fact that the brand was created by real mums looking to fill a gap in the market is really appealing and adds to the feeling that these products have been carefully considered and produced to the very best possible standard. They feel very safe to use as a result.”

Buy from: Mama Mio, JoJo Maman Bebe and Look Fantastic

Silver — Aldi Mamia, from 55p

Why it’s a winner: Perfect for budget shoppers, this gimmick-free range but does exactly what it sets out to do: clean while being kind and gentle on delicate skin. All our parent testers found the products worked well, with Charlotte adding, “The price is great and you get plenty of bathtimes and hair washes for the amount in the bottles. And it’s great that the bottles are transparent, so you can see clearly how much is left.”

In the words of parent tester Laura, who tested this with their 16 month old: “Lots of bubbles from the bubble bath, and the shampoo cleaned my little girl’s hair well without any tears. The sensitive baby wipes are lovely and gentle at nappy-change time.”

Buy from: Aldi

Bronze — Mini U, from £3.99

Why it’s a winner: This fun, sea-creature-themed range includes a make-your-own-bath-bomb kit, which was a big hit with our child testers. The smells are quite strong, so these products are best suited for toddlers or older kids – parent tester Krupa said they made her 2-year-old son, who normally hates the bath, actually want to get into the tub. She added, “The shampoo, body wash and conditioner smelt wonderful when we washed him.”

In the words of parent tester Jo, who tested this with their 3 year old and 4 year old: “The bath bombs have ruined us for normal bath times ever again but it has been such fun to see how the kids have enjoyed using them. The amount of ooohhs and aaahhhs and wows this range has brought to our house has made us all smile.”

Buy from: Mini U

Shortlisted: Joone

Key features we tested/judged: Worth the money, effectiveness, ease of use, quality/design, noise level, style

Gold — Blueair Blue 3210, £179

Beautiful product and works brilliantly
Parent tester Cheryl, who tested this with their 1 year old

Why it’s a winner: This easy-to-use, portable air filter is designed to reduce dust, pollen, mould, and pet dander by 99% and all our parent testers noticed an improvement in the air quality in their home. “I’d say this really helped improve my child’s allergies and asthma, and we all slept so much better as a result” was just one of the many positive parent-tester comments. There was much praise too for how quiet the system is, and how the simple yet stylish design fitted perfectly into their homes.

In the words of parent tester Renesa, who tested this with their 2 year old: “Although it is quite expensive, we love it! It’s light and easy to move around, and I especially like to use it on those days when it’s too cold to open the windows and I want to make the room smell fresh and clean. I also love the night mode as it’s so silent you wouldn’t even believe it’s on!”

Buy from: Lakeland, Argos and Amazon

Silver — Brush-Baby WildOnes Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, £29.99

Why it’s a winner: A toothbrush that actually makes brushing teeth fun? Yep, this cute and colourful electric toothbrush certainly ticks that box. “This toothbrush has really surprised me,” said parent tester Caroline. “It’s really good quality and has definitely been designed with the child in mind. It’s got a super cute light-up function that changes through rainbow colours which my daughter Cali loves.” Available in a choice of adorable animal designs, this electric toothbrush features a 2-minute timer and a sucker base to help keep your new animal play from being knocked over.

In the words of parent tester Jennifer, who tested this with their 3 year old: “Brushing my child’s teeth has been a long-standing battle and, at first, I was a little sceptical that this toothbrush would improve things. But it really has. And now, he reminds us that it’s time to brush his teeth! That makes it 100% worth the money.”

Buy from: Amazon and BrushBaby

Bronze — Nimble Sticky Stopper Antibacterial Cleaner Spray, £3

Why it’s a winner: This antibacterial spray is powered by plant-based cleaning ingredients, making it safe and eco-friendly to use around the home. Our parent testers loved how well it cleaned without leaving any residue or strong chemical smells. “I feel I can put my child’s food down directly onto the surface, as it kills most germs and bacteria. And I also don’t have to worry about any chemicals that may affect her,” raved parent tester Jennie. The cleaner is easy to use and wipe away, creating quite a bubbly spray that goes a long way, giving you a lot of bang for your buck.

In the words of parent tester Loira, who tested this with their 3 children: “This is the perfect cleaning product for around the home when you’re dealing with messy children. We used it on everything from surfaces to highchairs and toys. I loved the clean fragrance and the fact that it’s plant-based. It worked really well for us and no mess was too much of a challenge for it.”

Buy from: Amazon, Ocado and Tesco

Shortlisted: Babymoov Hygro(+) Baby Humidifier 3in1 | Colief Infant Drops | Nimble Germ Zapper | Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, comfort, worth the money, style, design, ease of use, longevity, fragrance, worth the money

Gold — First Days Maternity – Sitz Bath, £12

A postpartum essential. A great way to freshen up and soothe discomfort
Parent tester and new-mum Lauren

Why it’s a winner: Those early days after giving birth can leave you feeling sore, tender, and sensitive. The Sitz Bath has been created to help soothe those delicate areas, giving you the opportunity to feel fresh and get a little relief from any tears, stitches or soreness caused by giving birth vaginally. “I am 3 weeks postpartum with a 2nd-degree tear and haemorrhoids, so this has been a great and easy way to freshen up and ease my discomfort,” one of our new-parent testers said. This smooth and wipeable plastic bath is so quick and easy to use. Simply unfold it and place on the rim of your toilet bowl, fill it with warm water and sigh with relief.

In the words of new-parent tester Donna: “This is ideal for postpartum freshen-ups and saves you the discomfort of standing at the sink. I would recommend it to anyone after giving birth, especially those who have experienced any type of tears or stitches, as it really helps with pain – and just makes you feel a bit more human!”

Buy from: Amazon and First Days Maternity

Silver — Take Five Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy Baby Shower Box, £30

Why it’s a winner: Thoughtfully created and utterly indulgent, it was the beautiful quality of the products and the care involved in assembling this luxury Aromatherapy Baby Shower Box that really impressed our testers. The box contains 5 gorgeous products – from pulse point rollerballs to pillow sprays and aromatherapy candles – each selected to help with different stages of your pregnancy and postpartum journey. “I love how it came with extra information about the oils and such clear instructions, including when in your pregnancy is the best time to use them,” raved one parent tester.

In the words of parent tester Andrea, who tested this while she was pregnant: “The pillow spray was amazing and helped me relax during the last days of pregnancy. I still can’t get enough of it! I love how the rollerballs are small enough to pop in your bag when you need them. Overall, I think this is a wonderful gift set, and I would have loved to have received it at the beginning of my pregnancy.”

Buy from: Take Five Aromatherapy

Bronze — Myrtle & Maude Queasy Days Organic Tea, £6

Why it’s a winner: This tasty herbal pregnancy tea has been created using natural ingredients, from ginger root and peppermint to rose petal and orange peel, that are renowned for soothing the nausea and sickness which is so common in early pregnancy. “This tea definitely relieved my nausea, and it was a delicious and comforting drink,” said one of our testers. All our testers loved the gentle taste, and were impressed that this UK-made tea is both vegan and organic and comes in biodegradable tea bags.

In the words of tester Rhiannon, who is pregnant: “Although it’s a little pricey, one cup of this tea in the morning helped relieve my morning sickness for the best part of the day! It tastes great and the packaging is beautiful.”

Buy from: Myrtle & Maude, Amazon and Etsy

Shortlisted: Ardo Natal Perimassage | The Positive Birth Company Pregnancy Pack

Key features we tested/judged: Usefulness, ease of use, quality, worth the money

Gold — The Louenna App, £34.99 a year or £6.99 a month

This app is amazing! I love that it it doesn’t just focus on weaning, sleeping, teething, etc, but also the mental and emotional side of parenting
Parent tester Rebecca, who tested this with their 4 month old

Why it’s a winner: The Louenna app has been created to give you the advice, comfort, and support of having a nanny and maternity nurse right in your pocket. From pregnancy and the newborn stage to toddlers and beyond, this app offers advice and info about routines, breastfeeding, sleep, weaning, potty training, and much more. There are nifty feeding timers and mental health support, activities to boost your baby’s development, and even recipes –all in an easy-to-read format.

In the words of parent tester Rebecca, who tested this with their 4 month old: “The care and expertise put into this app is just incredible. It’s like having an expert nanny in your pocket at a fraction of the cost. It provides all the advice I need. Love it!”

Buy from: For iPhone and Android

Joint Silver — Expect the Unexpected, £9.99

Why it’s a winner: Unlike a lot of parenting or baby books, this has been written by someone who has gone through several traumas relating to her parenting journey. It’s less of a medical book, and more of a sensitive companion to make parents going through similar experiences feel less alone. “Motherhood isn’t like the movies,” said our parent tester Katie, mum of a newborn. “It can be raw, hard and wonderful all at once. This book encompasses all that and more.” All our parent testers were pleased to see that 10% of every sale is donated to Bliss, the charity for premature or sick babies.

In the words of new-parent tester Wirginia: “This book is so real. You aren’t always super happy after giving birth and so many new mums go through challenging times. This book connected with me and made me feel like it was OK that I didn’t always find it easy. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.”

Buy from: Waterstones and Amazon

Joint Silver — Bambino&i Baby Massage Kit, from £55

Why it’s a winner: Baby massage is an effective and bonding experience to share with your newborn – and this kit is designed to provide everything you need to learn baby massage in the comfort of your own home. It includes an online baby massage course, massage mat, the Bumbino (a ‘botty bib’ for nappy-free times), organic coconut oil and a handy massage guide – all packaged up in a beautiful box. All our parent testers agreed it would make a gorgeous present for any new parent.

In the words of parent tester Rose, who tested this with their 3 month old: “I love that, because the course is online, my husband could log on and learn, too. The flexibility to use it around your schedule is brilliant.”

Buy from: Bambino&i 

Joint Bronze — Lola&Lykke Core Restore Postpartum Support Band, £75

Why it’s a winner: The days and weeks after giving birth can leave your body feeling vulnerable. Our new-parent testers loved how this stretchy dual-compression band offered them additional support and comfort. “This gave me so much support around my torso,” said one. “It’s great quality and would be so helpful for any mum in the first few weeks after having a baby.” The band can be worn after both vaginal and C-section births.

In the words of new-parent tester Sophie: “I’ve been wearing this band daily while out and about. It’s not cheap but it feels great and sits perfectly and smoothly around my tummy area underneath my clothes. The photo instructions are also easy to follow, which is a big plus.”

Buy from: Lola&Lykke and Baby Mori

Joint Bronze — First Days Maternity — Instant Perineal Cold Packs, from £12 a pack

Why it’s a winner: After giving birth, you can be sore, swollen, bruised, or even torn. These handy pads have been designed to soothe and reduce the pain after a vaginal birth, using cooling therapy. Our parent testers particularly liked that they’re also absorbent, so you don’t need to use a maternity pad as well. The cold pad, which is instantly activated when folded, is, our parent testers agreed, perfect for using in first few days or weeks after giving birth before switching to standard maternity pads.

In the words of new-parent tester Laura: “What an excellent innovation! I wish I had these when I had my first baby. As somebody who suffered a lot of bruising, the soothing, cooling of the pads is just invaluable.”

Buy from: Amazon and First Days Maternity

Key features we tested/judged: Texture, ease of use, formula, worth the money, effectiveness, scent

Gold — Burt’s Bees Mama Soothing Nipple Cream with Coconut, Calendula and Vitamin E, £9.99

This made such a difference to feeding my son. My nipples felt so much more comfortable after only a few uses
Parent tester Ruth, who tested this with their newborn

Why it’s a winner: With key ingredients including moisturising coconut oil and nourishing calendula, this must-have nipple cream has a 100% natural formula, and will be your new best friend to care for your delicate nipple skin. Our breastfeeding testers were so impressed at how a small amount of the cream, applied after every feed, helped relieve cracked and sore nipple skin. “I love how soothing it is and that it’s completely natural and safe for my baby,” said one. Our parent testers also appreciated that it leaves no scent or taste to deter a baby from nursing.

In the words of new-parent tester Anna: “This cream really helped me out in those first few weeks of breastfeeding. It helped with my dry, cracked nipples, and I loved how I didn’t need to wipe it off before feeding. It also works great on dry feet and elbows!”

Buy from: Burt’s Bees, Look Fantastic and Amazon

Silver — Weleda Nipple Balm, £8.25

Why it’s a winner: This lovely, natural balm was a big hit with our new-parent testers. And it’s clear to see why. “I’m 6 weeks into my breastfeeding journey and this nipple balm is essential,” one of them fed back to us. “This balm feels so natural and much less greasy than the balm I was using, so I’ll definitely be purchasing it again.” Formulated with home-grown organic calendula, this nourishing balm also contains plant oils and protective waxes, to help soothe and calm sore, cracked nipples. The tube is also easy to open one-handed – a big bonus when you’re cradling a baby.

In the words of new-parent tester Helen: “The balm is soft and really soothes my nipples. Since I’ve been using it, my nipples feel so much better and far less sore, so it’s a win for me!”

Buy from: Look Fantastic, Boots and Cult Beauty

Joint Bronze — My Expert Midwife Soak for Bits, £29.50

Why it’s a winner: This midwife-developed post-birth soak has been specially formulated to give relief to the soreness, bruising, and swelling that occurs after childbirth. Our new-parent testers loved its soothing, relaxing scent and the relief it brings, thanks to its mix of Epsom salts, arnica, and calendula. It’s also great to use post C-section, once your dressings come off, as one of our testers found to her delight. “I was amazed this could be used after a C-section,” she said. “You feel so sore and grimy, and this soak felt just wonderful.”

In the words of new-parent tester Wendy: “This is a great product and I had great results using it. It is a little expensive, but it helped ease my soreness, so I think it’s worth it.”

Buy from: Boots and Amazon

Joint Bronze — Ardo Care Vegan Nipple Balm, £7.46

Why it’s a winner: This affordable nipple cream was praised by our new-parent testers for its easy-squeeze tube that makes it a cinch to use one-handed, as well as its vegan properties and fragrance-free, taste-free formula. You do need to apply a little more than some other nipple creams but, once applied though, it’s soothing, moisturising and calming.

In the words of new-parent tester Katie: “This product really helped to keep my sore nipples moisturised. It’s creamy, easy to apply and effective.”

Buy from: Amazon

Shortlisted: Aster and Mallow Mama Matters Range

Key features we tested/judged: Worth the money, ease of use, quality, design, effectiveness

Gold — Tommee Tippee Groegg2, £29.99

This is a stylish addition to the nursery and a great safety tool for keeping tabs on the temperature. Brilliant value for money
MFM judge and mum-of-2 Magda

Why it’s a winner: An updated version of the original Groegg, this new and improved digital room thermometer not only shows the room temperature on a handy LED display but changes colours to indicate the temperature of the room. It’s easy to use, as even our most technophobe parent testers found: “I’m not a fan of gadgets but have found this incredibly useful, simple and efficient,” said one. Our testers also rated the 3 adjustable light settings (great dual purpose as a nightlight) and its USB rechargeable power – meaning no need to fumble for batteries in the middle of the night.

In the words of parent tester Rachel, who tested this with their 6 month old: “Although slightly on the pricey side, this is so convenient and easy to use, and removes any doubt about what the temperature is, I would absolutely recommend it to pregnant friends or to relatives looking to buy a good gift for a new baby.”

Buy from: Mamas & Papas, Boots and John Lewis

Silver — Cardea Solutions KiddieRail, from £110

Why it’s a winner: This clever handrail has been specially designed for children under the age of 5, to make going up and down the stairs safer.  It’s height-adjustable so it can grow with your child, and the kit can be customised to suit the layout of your staircase. Although not the cheapest or most stylish product in our Awards (“it’s definitely more practical than stylish,” said one parent tester), it will help your child negotiate the stairs with ease, and can be fitted by anyone with basic DIY know-how.

In the words of parent tester Katy, who tested this with their 2 year old: “This rail has given my kids more confidence going up and down our stairs, even in the short time it’s been up. For that, it’s invaluable.”

Buy from: KiddieRail

Bronze — Fred Home Safety Starter Pack, £29.99

Why it’s a winner: This bumper kit contains 17 items in total, including drawer catches, door blocks, and choke testers. “I love this,” said one of our parent testers. “All the items are very well made and easy to use and each one comes with its own installation instructions.” Although some items will be more useful than others (the use of socket covers, in particular, is a little controversial) overall this is a good set to get you started on baby and toddler-proofing your home without having to break the bank.

In the words of parent tester Suzanne, who tested this with their 8 month old: “I found all the items in the kit very handy and well made. I loved the choke tester in particular as my 3 year old daughter has lots of small toys that my 8 month old might want to put in her mouth, so this will come in very handy.”

Buy from: John Lewis, Amazon and Fred Safety

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality, design, worth the money

Gold — Mam Matt Range Soothers, £5.75

Great choice of colours, cute design, the perfect size, and they come in their own sterilisation box!
Parent tester Lyndsey, who tested this with their 4 month old

Why it’s a winner: Featuring sweet colours and adorable designs, this new Matt range from Mam was a big hit with our parent testers and judges – who are all fans of the iconic curved butterfly shape and skin-friendly airholes. There was much praise too for the steriliser box the soothers come in, allowing you to clean them wherever you are.

In the words of parent tester Chloee, who tested this with their 8 month old: “Love, love, love! The colours and matt finish are beautiful and they’re so easy to sterilise on the go. My baby is very happy with them, and I don’t have to worry about his teeth, thanks to the soother’s orthopaedic approval.”

Buy from: JoJo Maman Bebe and Amazon

Joint Silver — Nuk For Nature Soother, £6.49

Why it’s a winner: These soothers by Nuk are made with 98% renewable resources, giving them a much lower CO2 footprint than silicone, which scored them extra points with our more eco-friendly parent testers. “It was also lovely to see the fully recyclable packaging,” noted one. Available in a range of soft, natural colours and designs, and the classic Nuk asymmetric teat shape, the soothers also have a ring so you can attach a strap to keep on them on the buggy or on clothes.

In the words of parent tester Donna, who tested this with their 11 month old: “The soothers are so beautiful. I love how muted they are, compared to all the other bright options on the market. And the teat looks and feels so smooth and natural.”

Buy from: Amazon and Kids Room Global

Joint Silver — Nanobébé Flexy Soother, £5.49

Why it’s a winner: The ergonomic design of these soothers mean they curve around your baby’s nose and chin, making them comfortable and easier to keep in place. The soother features a one-piece construction and a soft, rounded teat, making it a safe choice for newborns and breastfed babies. Overall, our parent testers really liked them, saying they were well made and flexible and easy to clean and sterilise.

In the words of parent tester Crystal, who tested this with their 3 month old: “I would definitely recommend these soothers to new mums – especially those breastfeeding. My baby took to it just like the breast.”

Buy from: Nanobebe and Amazon

Bronze — Pippeta All Silicone Soother, £6.50

Why it’s a winner: Made from 100% food-grade silicone, this soother is ideal for babies with sensitive skin, thanks to the curved design. Our parent testers liked its one-piece construction, earthy tones and super-soft style. “The feel and texture are lovely and I’m amazed at how flexible it is – and how comfortable my son is when using it,” said one.

In the words of parent tester Katie, who tested this with their 5 month old: “I absolutely love this soother and will be buying a spare for when my son starts nursery. He is soothed by it from sucking and gnawing and the quality is just outstanding.”

Buy from: Pippeta

Shortlisted: Minbie Soother – 2 Pack | NUK Space Soother

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality, design, worth the money

Gold — Matchstick Monkey Ludo Lion Teething Starter Set, £14.99

These have soothed my teething baby better than anything else!
Parent tester Emmeline, who tested this with their 8 month old

Why it’s a winner: This adorable teething set features 3 easy to hold, textured, and lightweight teething options to soothe sore gums: a shaped Ludo Lion teether, a flat Ludo Lion teether and 2 silicone finger toothbrushes. “We received the Ludo Lion teething set just in time as my daughter was going through a bad spell of teething,” explained parent tester Hannah, mum of a 7 month old. “She instantly took to the Lion which was super easy for her to grab hold of and found the feet end worked best for reaching to the gums at the back of her mouth.”

In the words of MFM judge and mum-of-2 Magda: “I really love the cute design of these teething aids. Ludo is an adorable character. The size, shape and weight of the main teether is perfect, and the chewable finger brushes are such a clever idea.”

Buy from: Very and Amazon

Silver — Tiny Grip Teething Toy, £12

Why it’s a winner: These dishwasher-safe, colourful octopus-shaped teethers are made from 100% food-grade BPA-free silicone and feature a variety of textures to chew on in a quirky ring design. Our parent testers were impressed by how easily their babies grip them and how well made and durable they seem. “My 7 month old son loves to sit and have a good old nibble on it,” said parent tester Sarah. “It has soothed his crying, it’s easy for him to hold and it makes a great sensory toy too!”

In the words of parent tester Abigail, who tested this with their 7 month old: “We’ve used other teething rings before but this one knocks them out the park! It’s so easy for my daughter to hold – it always comes with us now when we go out.”

Buy from: Tiny Grip

Bronze — Sophie la girafe Baby teething toy gift set, £26.99

Why it’s a winner: This French giraffe has been soothing sore gums for more than 60 years. She’s a true baby toy icon, and our parent testers and judges still really rate her. “Sophie’s soft rubber body is so squeezable and chewable, while the teething ring is perfectly balanced for little hands,” said MFM judge Magda Ibrahim. Made from natural rubber, this beautiful set features the original Sophie (who squeaks when squeezed), a Sophie teething ring, gift bag and a gift card – making it a perfect present for any new parent.

In the words of parent tester Cheryl, who tested this with their 7 month old: “Both of the items do exactly what they are designed for: help make teething more bearable! They’ve helped my son so much, especially over the last few weeks when he’s cut 2 new teeth.”

Buy from: JoJo Maman Bebe, Mamas & Papas and Amazon

Shortlisted: Nuby Icy Bite Keys

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