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MFM Awards 2022 Winners – Nappies, changing and potty training products

Award winning reusable nappies, nappy pants, newborn, baby and toddler nappies, changing products and potty training must-haves, tested by real parents, experts and the MadeForMums team.

Nappies, changing and potty training products

The average baby gets through over 4,000 nappies by the time they’re potty trained, so it’s no surprise our nappy categories are some of the most highly contested of all the MadeForMums Awards. Our parent testers tried over 40 different types and sizes of nappy, from reusable designs for newborns to pull-up pants for toddlers, to find the ones that perform best in real life. Our editorial team also put them through their paces as a group by testing absorbency, softness and stretch, comparing each one against a checklist of features and requirements.


Elsewhere, we tried dozens of different wipes, found the best changing bags for busy parents, and tested out the durability, softness and safety of changing mats. For when the time comes, we’ve also tested out potty training products, to find the must-haves to help families through the next big milestone moment.

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Key features we tested/judged: Quality of fit, quality and design, ability to stop leaks, ease of use, comfort for baby/child, ease of washing and drying, worth the money

Gold – Newborn Pearl Pocket Reusable Nappy from Modern Cloth Nappies, £11.95

Superb quality - fits very snuggly and easy to use
Parent tester Janel, who tested this with their newborn baby

Why it’s a winner: This reusable nappy specifically for newborns wowed our judges and testers with its softness, performance and appearance. One mum said she smiled every time she changed her son’s nappy, adding: “Absolutely beautiful design, seems a shame for it to be hidden by clothes!” The popper system, which allows you to adjust the fit around the waist and legs, meant it fitted well and didn’t leak even on small babies. Designed for babies weighing between 5lb and 12lb, the soft internal lining is suitable for delicate skin and you can add boosters if your little one is a heavy wetter.

In the words of parent tester Cali, who tested this with their newborn: “We didn’t have any leaks at all, which was fantastic! We used the the nappy during daytime and night-time and it performed just as well as disposable ones. I was really impressed with how well the nappy fitted and the inside was so soft and gentle for his newborn skin.”

Buy from: Modern Cloth Nappies and Natural Baby Shower

Silver – Bambino Mio Miosolo Supreme all-in-one nappy, £19.99

Why it’s a winner: This one-piece nappy is easy to use and has velcro fastenings, which are little more familiar to those used to disposables. This makes it a great option for those who are new to cloth nappies and want to try reusables for the first time. One tester was also impressed to find that, unlike many reusable nappies, the miosolo supreme can be tumble dried on a low heat, or the dual absorbent core can be split in two to reduce the time it takes to dry on a line or airer. Parent tester Anna said: “It was a beautiful looking nappy and easy to put on.” The extra absorbency means it is a little heavier though.

In the words of parent tester Emma, who tested this with their 1 year old: “This nappy is so soft! It feels super comfortable on my baby’s bottom even after washing. The dual core booster is a really clever design and definitely sped up drying time in comparison to other all in ones I have used.”

Buy from: The Nappy Lady and Bambino Mio

Bronze – Kit & Kin reusable cloth nappy, £19.99

Why it’s a winner: We loved the simple, cute animal designs on Kit & Kin’s cloth nappies, although there are only three options – zebra, fox and tiger. Made from sustainable, plant-based materials, this nappy impressed with its green credentials: the outer layer is made from recycled plastic bottles. The thin yet absorbent hemp liner was also a big hit with judges and testers, as it’s known to be one of the most absorbent fabrics for cloth nappies. Mum Vicky liked the fact the nappy could be used from birth to potty training with poppers to adjust the size, reducing waste even more. She said: “The double gusset means we had no leaks and a perfect fit around legs.”

In the words of parent tester Agata, who tested this with their 8 month old: “The design of the nappy is simple yet attractive and the poppers allow you to adjust the size easily. The fabric is very soft and feels great against my son’s skin. The nappy itself is easy to use as well as wash.”

Buy from: Boots, Amazon and Kit & Kin

Shortlisted: Pearl Pocket Reusable One Size Nappy from Modern Cloth Nappies | Lighthouse Kids Company Supreme Cloth Diaper | Bambino Mio miosolo classic all-in-one nappy

Key features we tested/judged: Quality of fit, quality and design, ability to stop leaks, ease of use, comfort for baby/child, ease of washing and drying, worth the money, ease of assembly/set-up

Joint Gold – TotsBots Bamboozle two-part night nappy system, £25.98

Lovely design for little ones - so colourful and very easy to use
Parent tester, Rebecca

Why it’s a winner: Lots of parents are understandably nervous about using a cloth nappy overnight but the TotsBots Bamboozle is designed to take you from bedtime to morning without a leak. Mum Rebecca said: “Obviously, nothing is leak-proof but this nappy has stopped a lot of accidents and leaks overnight, helping me to get more sleep for which I’m so grateful!” The nappy is made from super-soft bamboo which is gentle on your little one’s skin, while the outer waterproof wrap is made from plastic bottle waste, helping save even more rubbish from landfill.

In the words of parent tester Vicky, who tested this with their 1 year old: “We love this night nappy! It is comfortable and absorbent with a beautiful design. It lasts the night without any leaks and we are confident our son will wake up with dry clothes. It grows with the baby which makes this nappy cost effective, affordable eco-friendly product.”

Buy from: TotsBots

Joint Gold – Cherrybottoms Pocket Nappy, £19.50

Beautiful designs, easy to use and fuss-free
Parent tester Janel who tested this with their newborn

Why it’s a winner: This pocket nappy has lots of features designed to make it easier to use and more effective, including front elastic, which stops it gaping around the tummy and a double gusset for extra protection against leaks. There are also cross-over tabs at the front to adjust the fit, making it a great choice for a slimmer baby. Our parent tester Charlotte was impressed when her toddler wore the nappy for the first time and was leak-free after a long nap. She said: “I was amazed. I was expecting leaks as she is a front sleeper.”

In the words of parent tester Charlotte, who tested this with their 13 month old: “Excellent nappy. Real attention to detail in the design and lots of innovative characteristics which make it stand out from usual pocket nappies. Simple, easy to use, absorbent and slim. The double gusset held in poo very well and as of yet, we have had no leaks.”

Buy from: Cherrybottoms

Silver – Close Pop-in Reusable Nappy, £17.95-£20.50

Why it’s a winner: These nappies come in a stunning set of endangered animal prints, with 1% of each sale going towards helping the creatures and their habitats. But these nappies have much more going for them than just their appearance. They come with a customisable set of ‘pop-ins’ with the absorbent boosters made from soft bamboo, which soaks up more fluid than cotton. Parent tester Toni, who tested this with their 1 year old, said the nappy coped well and remained leak-free even overnight. She added: “My daughter is a pretty heavy wetter at night and with the booster added into the pop in, the nappy lasted a whole 12 hours.”

In the words of parent tester Bryony, who tested this with their 11 month old: “The designs are fun and make us all smile when they are in use or drying on the washing racks. They are very easy to use and effective in stopping leaks, giving great confidence with taking my little one out for a longer trip in the pushchair or sling.”

Buy from: Amazon, Close and The Nappy Lady

Bronze – Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappy, £18.95

Why it’s a winner: Comfortable, easy to wash and super absorbent, this nappy from Seedling Baby ticks a lot of boxes. The prefold booster is simple to add to the nappy and it comes with clear instructions with details of how to fit the nappy for each stage. Our testers found the nappy was really effective at stopping leaks – possibly due to the tight elastic and double cuff around the legs – but felt it was better suited for slimmer babies. One said: “The design is beautiful and the trifold fabric is great too”.

In the words of parent tester Emma, who tested this with their 1 year old: “I absolutely love the design and print – it’s stylish and fun. The nappy doesn’t compromise on its absorbency and quality of fit. It felt comfortable for him and it is slimmer than some other reusable nappies that we use, which is definitely a bonus.”

Buy from: The Nappy Lady and The Nappy Gurus

Shortlisted: Bambino Mio mioduo two-piece reusable nappy

Key features we tested/judged: Quality and design, worth the money, ability to remove sticky residue, ease of removing from pack, size, absorbency, ease of overall use, sustainability/eco value

Joint Gold – Jackson Reece, Kinder by Nature Water-based wipes, £2

They are very gentle and are good for the environment at the same time
Parent tester Jessica, who tested these with their 1 year old

Why it’s a winner: Completely free from fragrance and perfume, these wipes are made from 99% water and were developed to be suitable for sensitive skin, even those who are prone to eczema. The packaging is completely recyclable and the wipes themselves are biodegradable and will break down into compost in just 60 days. Parent tester Gemma used these on her son who has eczema and they didn’t cause any reaction, unlike most other products of this type. She said: “These are worth every penny.”

In the words of parent tester Cali, who tested this with their newborn: “It was great to know we weren’t harming the planet yet always had a convenient wipe to hand for nappy changes or sticky hands! Many wipes I’ve tried have been biodegradable or compostable yet their outer packaging has been plastic. I love that the outer packaging is 100% recyclable!”

Buy from: Ocado

Joint Gold – GenieWipes Compressed Towel Wipes, £2.99

They are sturdy, but soft, biodegradable and very easy to transport
Parent tester Agata, who tested these with their 8 month old

Why it’s a winner: Biodegradable and compostable, these wipes are made from plant-based material and packaged in a sealable paper bag. GenieWipes are a bit different from your standard baby wipe as they come as small, dry, compressed towels, like a little puck or pebble. When you want to use one, you add water and it grows to become a wipe which is 60% bigger than your usual wet wipe and reusuable too. The wipes themselves are strong, with one mum commenting that they “don’t rip easily, even with a baby trying to pull them apart”.

In the words of parent tester Vicky, who tested these with their 1 year old: “We love these wipes! They start off tiny, which makes them easy to travel around with. You add a bit of water and they convert into large soft, moist towels. They are strong, handy and multi-use – we use them for bum, hands and face.”

Buy from: Amazon

Silver – CannyMum Soft Cotton Cloths, 200, £10

Why it’s a winner: These come as dry multi-purpose cotton cloths, although you can add water to turn them into wet wipes. They can be hand washed and reused a number of times if they have only been lightly soiled, but they are ultimately disposable. They still keep up with their green credentials though as they are completely plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable. Parent tester Anna, who tested these with their 6 month old, said “they are great to have in a box around the house when looking after the children as they are easy to pull out without getting stuck and are useful for a variety of situations.”

In the words of parent tester Emma, who tested these with their 1 year old: “I am a really big fan. They are soft, strong and durable. The packaging is simple and minimalistic. I have been able to use them for a multitude of purposes including wiping bums, faces, hands, highchairs, surfaces and not once did I put a hole in one of these!”

Buy from: Amazon and Cannymum

Joint Bronze – Mamia Biodegradable Baby Wipes, 55p

Why it’s a winner: These wipes are made from completely sustainable and renewable plastic-free fibres. They are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and the tiny price tag means they are more affordable for families who might struggle to afford higher-priced eco-friendly products. Parent tester Cali felt they were still well-made despite the low cost, adding: “the wipes are great quality and not too thick, they also don’t tear easily, which is a problem I have found with other wipes and can be very frustrating mid-nappy change.” They come out of the packet easily and performed well against other brands in our testing, but some felt the packaging should be more sustainable: it is recyclable but not biodegradable.

In the words of parent tester Charlotte, who tested these with their 13 month old: “Great option for those on a tight budget to be a bit more eco-conscious. They definitely do the job. They are moist enough to wipe, big enough that you don’t need to use lots of them. The seal on the package does well for keeping them sealed and moist.”

Buy from: Aldi

Joint Bronze – Waterful Baby Wipes, £27.16 for case of 12

Why it’s a winner: Plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable, these wipes are hypoallergenic and a third larger than most brands. Apart from the purified water, which makes up 99.9% of the wipe, they contain just two ingredients  – grapefruit seed extract and sodium benzoate – and they take just weeks to break down. Mum Maddii said: “They are 100% biodegradable so at least this is one thing which doesn’t add to the mum guilt!”  Our testers liked the size and thickness and one parented commented that they had a lovely smell.

In the words of parent tester Rebecca, who tested these with their 4 month old: “So gentle and lovely on my little lady’s skin. Cleaned up everything at change time and so simple to use. I found the product quality fantastic and the darker coloured packet will stand out on the shelves.”

Buy from: Amazon and Waterful

Shortlisted: Kit & Kin biodegradable baby wipes

Key features we tested/judged: Ease of use, comfort for baby/child, ability to stop leaks, worth the money, sustainability/eco value, quality and design and quality of fit

Gold – Pura Eco Nappies Size 1, £2.82

If you’re looking ways to protect the planet, then it’s a no brainer!
Parent tester Fern, who tested these with their 2 month old

Why it’s a winner: This nappy’s absorbent core is made from natural plant fibres and is free from chlorine, allergens, perfume, lotion and latex which could cause irritation for tiny bottoms. The production process uses 100% green electricity and the brand has partnered with a nappy recycling service to reduce the waste which ends up in landfill. Pura says it is the only baby brand in Europe to be recycling disposable nappies. The nappy performed well in tests and judges found they were soft, absorbent and well-made. “Feels and smells great (before it has been on the baby!)” said one tester, while another said they were “simple to use, the tape came off and stuck the nappy down well.”

In the words of parent tester Vicki, who tested these with their 5 week old: “These nappies are brilliant  – we had no leaks for wees or poos in the day time or at night. I feel that these nappies are comfortable, they absorb really well so bottoms don’t get sore. They feel expensive and made well.”

Buy from: Amazon and Ocado

Silver – Kit & Kin eco nappies, £8

Why it’s a winner: Hypoallergenic and made from gentle, sustainable plant-based materials, these eco nappies are kind on sensitive young skin. They are made in a carbon-neutral factory and the proceeds of sales go towards buying areas of threatened rainforest. The nappies have cute animal face designs on the bottom, similar to those on their reusable range, although one tester was a little disappointed there was no wetness indicator. Parent tester Bethny, who tested these nappies with their 9 month old, said they didn’t experience any leaks while using these nappies, adding: “This resulted in a comfortable baby and happy parents.”

In the words of parent tester Maddii, who tested these with their 2 month old: “I love the eco values of this company, they are made in a carbon neutral factory and packs bought support the rainforest trees. It’s a very cute nappy, I love the little animals on the bum.”

Buy from: Boots and Amazon

Bronze – Joone: The Perfect Nappy Subscription, £49.99 a month

Why it’s a winner: Joone is a French brand which has now come to the UK offering a premium subscription service. You pick the nappies you want to use and receive a monthly delivery so you shouldn’t ever need to make an emergency trip to the shops to stock up. The nappies themselves are made ethically and are free from lotion, perfumes and latex, and the brand prides itself on its products being completely traceable. This does come at a cost, with the subscription working out at around 20p to 40p per nappy depending on the size, but parent tester Bethny loved the convenience of a subscription service and was impressed with the fit, saying: “Chunky thighs and baby bellies were no drama.”

In the words of parent tester Fern, who tested these with their 2 month old: “Design is absolutely gorgeous. They are so cute and definitely stylish. They feel super soft and really lovely. Very well made – worked exactly as a nappy should. They are quite thick with lots of cushion which I love.”

Buy from: JOONE

Key features we tested/judged: Absorption, comfort, fit, effectiveness, ability to stop leaks, ease of use, features and worth the money

Joint Gold – Lidl Newborn Nappies Size 1, 79p for 24

The quality is really great and the nappies fit really well
Parent tester Sherin, who tested these with their newborn

Why it’s a winner: Great value, comfy and well designed, these high-performing newborn nappies were a huge hit. “On a par with more expensive brands” and “really comfortable for baby” were just a couple of the positive comments we heard from our parent testers.

The stretchy design didn’t leave red marks or rashes on soft skin, even when worn for longer periods. Our testers especially loved the wetness indicator, which changed colour speedily when wet, removing guesswork for cranky parents. They even stayed secure and leak-free at night.

In the words of parent tester Crystal, who tested these with their 3 month old: “We used these both day and night, and had no problems with leaks. They also didn’t leave a lot of nappy hanging through the vest either, meaning a better appearance when worn. Well-made and good quality.”

Buy from: Lidl

Joint Gold – Lidl Premium Newborn Nappies Size 2, £2.19 for 31

I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the softness of these nappies
Parent tester Alice, who tested these with their 3 month old

Why it’s a winner: More proof you needn’t spend a fortune for an efficient newborn nappy that’s ultra-comfortable. These nappies were consider “amazing” and “very easy to use,” enthused our testers.  The ‘Fast Dry’ system protects delicate skin from lingering moisture, and the ‘Magical Air Tubes’ system which claims to circulate air really did seem to work, reducing nappy rash and irritation. Testers also loved how these protect sensitive belly buttons. In fact, they said they’d shop at Lidl in future just to hunt these down!

In the words of parent tester Ebonyjade, who tested these with their 6 month old: “In the 6 days of using these nappies my daughter hasn’t leaked at all, even overnight, and hasn’t been sore, so I haven’t had to use nappy cream. Easy to put on and so soft. They support well and last longer than my usual nappies. And the anti-leaking leg barrier, don’t cut in or stick out like other nappies.”

Buy from: Lidl

Silver – ASDA Little Angels Newborn Size 0 Nappies, £1.05 for 24

Why it’s a winner: First up, these are super-soft, without the ‘plasticky’ feel some cheap nappies sport  – no surprises they’re the first supermarket nappy to be accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. The is another nappy with a smart colour changing wetness indicator, reducing the need for annoying unnecessary changes.  Our testers loved the unfussy design and the stretchy back, which gave a snug but still comfy fit. “I don’t normally do supermarket brand nappies, but I was pleasantly surprised,” confessed parent tester Chloe, who tested them with their newborn.

In the words of parent tester Azraa, who tested these with their newborn:“I worry about my baby’s skin being sensitive, but there’s been no visible dry skin, itchiness or adverse reactions. And my partner really likes the colour indicator, which goes from yellow to blue, meaning he knows when to change our baby’s nappy: extremely useful when our baby was asleep. I’ll happily continue to use them and recommend to other parents.”

Buy from: Asda

Bronze – Aldi Mamia Premium Size 1 Newborn, 79p for 24

Why it’s a winner: With a stretchy waistband, nifty colour-changing technology, a Dry Fast finish, and soft leg elastic to prevent leaks, these nappies tick all the essential newborn boxes. Our parent testers adored the competitive price, and liked the clear size marking. The only downside was a super-snug fit for those fresh-out-of-the-box babies with chubbier legs, with testers suggesting you may want to size up if your baby is on the larger side. “Very good value compared to other brands,” said Alice, who used these with her 3 month old

In the words of parent tester Maria, who tested with their newborn: “The wetness indicator is great, the lion design is cute, and they’re good quality but affordable. The elasticated waist helps with the fit, too. Not as soft as some brands, but they still have a soft feel. I’d definitely purchase in future.”

Buy from: Aldi

Shortlisted: The Cheeky Panda Eco-Friendly Bamboo Baby Nappies |Lidl Premium Newborn Nappies Size 1 | Premium Size 2 Mini

Key features we tested/judged: Absorption, comfort, fit, effectiveness, ability to stop leaks, ease of use, features and worth the money

Gold – Rascal + Friends Premium Nappy Size 3 (crawler/toddler), £5 for 40/44

These nappies were completely leak free even during nighttime use
Parent tester Kimberly, who tested these with their 9 month old

Why it’s a winner: Soft without being bulky, with a full-width sticky tab to keep things securely in place, this nappy was a big winner with our parent testers, and also performed brilliantly against other brands in our absorbency and softness tests. Parents especially liked the fact they were more generous in size than some rivals – and that they’re stylish, too. “Easy to close even with a wriggly baby” and “I loved the fact they look like a designer nappy” were just a couple of the rave reviews. Most importantly, though, there were no leaks reported, and they lasted all night long.

In the words of parent tester Emily, who tested these with their 4 month old: “My daughter is breastfed, and this nappy contained her ‘explosions’ better than any other brand I’ve tried. The fit is perfect and I love how secure the tabs felt closed up. Although these cost a little more than some nappies, I think they are worth it.”

Buy from: Tesco

Joint Silver – Lidl Maxi Nappies Size 4+, £2.69 for 48

Why it’s a winner: Breathable, absorbent and offering up to 12 hours dryness (working hard during that crucial overnight shift), our testers felt these were the superior supermarket nappy. Our testers praised how the slimness meant ample supplies were easy to stash in packed changing bags, and also loved their excellent fit and even the nice prints. “We’ve used for 4 nights with no leaks – very impressed,” reported back tester Gemma, who them them with their 7-month-old daughter.

In the words of parent tester Danielle, who tested these with their 11 month old “My baby will not stay still, but I was able to fasten the nappy quickly and there were no issues with leaks, while the fit was great. No lines or marks were left on baby, and the waistband had some give once done up. Excellent value for money.”

Buy from: Lidl

Joint Silver – Lidl Midi Nappies Box Size 3, £4.29 for 56

Why it’s a winner: Designed for babies weighing 11-20lbs or 5-9kg, these do what any good nappy should do well: keep things dry, leak-proof, comfortable and fresh, with extra absorptive properties. Despite being fairly thin, our testers liked how they didn’t “bulk up” when sopping wet (avoiding that Sumo wrestler look) and that they were easy to put on a wriggly baby. Lidl’s large box (holding over 50 nappies) offers maximum value for money, if you’re sure your baby isn’t going to grow into the next size before you use them all up.

In the words of parent tester Iman, who testes these with their 4 month old: “The design is bright and cute, and it’s easy to work out which way to put it on. They held up very well through the day and night, despite the thinness – my little one sleeps for 13 hours and these withstood that length of time. I’m impressed.”

Buy from: Lidl

Joint Bronze – The Cheeky Panda Eco-Friendly Bamboo Baby Nappies Size 3, £13.40 for 48

Why it’s a winner: These natural bamboo nappies are ideal for eco-conscious parents, with aloe vera to keep rashes and sensitive spots at bay. Despite the green halo, they cram in modern must-haves like a wetness indicator and sticky tabs to keep things secure. Not a fan of cartoon pictures on nappies? Tester Jasmin, who tried them with her 5 month old, praised the simple white design and also liked the “flexibility and range movement around my child’s legs.”

If you can afford them, these are a great sustainable alternative to regular disposables. One happy tester enthused: “I loved everything about these nappies and wish they were a little bit more affordable.”

In the word of parent tester Daniela, who tested these with their 9 month old: “The quality is really impressive. You might expect bamboo nappies to be more rigid and harsh for skin, but these are really soft. No leaks for me, they will last easily all night and absorb large quantities of liquid. Cheaper than other bamboo nappies, too. ”

Buy from: The Cheeky Panda and Amazon

Joint Bronze – Aldi Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappies Size 4, £2.79 for 48

Why it’s a winner: You’re in safe hands with these nappies: they dodged any nasty accidents for our parent testers.  The cushioned, comfy feel and colourful design was praised, as was the fact they are a true budget option. The only quibble: like many nappies, they came out slightly on the small side. There’s also no wetness indicator, but these tend to be harder to find on size 3+ when it’s usually obvious that a nappy needs changing. “Gender-neutral, colourful, stretchy and cushioned – great budget purchase, I’d consider switching from my usual brand,” enthused our parent Karina, who tested them with thei 8 month old.

In the words of parent tester Keira, who tested them with their 1 year old: “Light material that does keep your baby dry. The fit is great, no sagging. And the design is cute, with animals for baby to look at. I have had no leaks from poos or wees, including when out. My daughter can climb and walk now and we haven’t had an accident yet!”

Buy from: Amazon and Aldi

Shortlisted: Lidl Maxi Plus Nappies Box Size 4+ | Lidl Midi Nappies Size 3 | M&S Little Smiles Nappies, Size 3 (3-9kg)

Key features we tested/judged: Absorption, comfort, fit, effectiveness, ability to stop leaks, ease of use, features and worth the money

Joint Gold – Rascal + Friends premium nappy size 5 (walker/junior), £2.69 for 26

These feel and look really premium, with a really solid construction, nice design, and a great waistband
Parent tester Gemma, who tested these with their 2 year old

Why it’s a winner: Our testers universally praised the quality of these good-value nappies aimed at toddlers aged 24-36 months. They found the tabs stuck well, and they didn’t leak, with the high, velcro-style waistbands also appreciated. Unlike some nappies, they have a tasteful look that might appeal to style-conscious parents, and they don’t have any harsh chemicals, perfumes, lotions or latex that might irritate sensitive skins. As parent tester Gemma said: “They do a great job of filling that gap in the market for a nappy that has premium touches with a supermarket price tag.”

In the words of parent tester Anna-Louse, who tested these with their 18 month old: “Easy to use, tabs stuck well and quality is good. No leaks day or night, or irritation. Great nappies, would happily purchase again.”

Buy from: Tesco

Joint Gold – Lidl X-Large Plus Nappies Size Size 6+, £2.69 for 26

Fit my 14kg toddler just right, easy to take on and off, and kept her dry for 12 hours
Parent tester, Louise, who tested these with their 26 month old

Why it’s a winner: The simply superb value was what sold these to our home tester. “Now I’ve seen the price I’m blown away”, “very well made” and “fabulous nappies. I’m now a convert and will be purchasing these myself” were amongst the many upbeat comments.

These might not be the most quilted, high-performance nappies on the market, but for the money, they really are excellent quality – something our parents appreciated as the cost of living rises. As one home tester says, “They’re not luxurious…but RRP is not luxurious either!” No leaks were reported either.

In the words of parent tester Alexandra, who tested these with their 19 month old: “Cute design, no wet beds – and half the price of my usual brand. Great fit: they sat well on the waist and aren’t too long so don’t bulge at the back. In the week-long test, I only broke one tape from pulling too much. Bottom coverage was also good and didn’t interfere with leg movement.”

Buy from: Lidl

Silver – Lidl Junior Nappies Size 5, £2.79 for 40, £4.39 for 72

Why it’s winner: Designed for weight 11-23kg or 25-51lbs, nappies for this age group need to be robust for some serious toddler action, and these delivered. A bargain price meant extra thumbs ups, with the option to buy a jumbo pack of 72 nappies for under £5. Our testers praised the fit, lack of leaks, ease of use and overall comfort. “I think I’ll change my regular nappies for this brand,” concluded tester Beata, parent to a 1 year, 5 month old. The only minor niggle was a bright pattern that showed through lighter coloured clothes – but overall these were a winner in our judges’ eyes.

In the words of parent tester Amy, who tested these with their 17 month old: “Soft and comfortable, keeps baby dry and no leaks – they stay in place and don’t go bulgy. Nice and stretchy with good sticky parts. Would definitely purchase.”

Buy from: Lidl

Bronze – Aldi Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappies Size 6, £2.79 for 30

Why it’s a winner: These nappies for age 25+ months were comfy for older babies and toddlers: our users felt they were well-made and they liked the competitive price. “The nappies are nice and soft, and seem to be comfortable to wear for both my girls,” said parent tester Marketa, who tested these with 18-month-old twin girls. Our testers experienced one or two rogue leaks overnight, but overall they were impressed, loving the “just-right” fit and cute design.

In the words of parent tester Natasha, who tested these with their 18 month old: “These are just the right size for my toddler, with a bit of room in case tummies expand. We often buy them due to the value. Very easy to use and support well.”

Buy from: Aldi

Shortlisted: Lidl Extra Large Nappies Size 6

Key features we tested/judged: Absorption, comfort, fit, effectiveness, ability to stop leaks, ease of use, features and worth the money

Gold – Aldia Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappy Pants Size 5, £3.19 for 36

Great quality for the price, they're much better than other supermarket pants I've tried
MFM judge Gemma Cartwright

Why it’s a winner: At this age, everything is getting bigger – including, yep, poos and wees. Luckily, these have amazing absorbency and a great fit. The softness, quality, slim design, wide gusset, comfort and lack of leaks were all praised by our home testers. The simple purple elephant design wasn’t to everyone’s taste, but overall these are the ideal toddler pants for those looking for an affordable option that will perform as well as more pricey options.

In the words of parent tester Leanne, who tested these with their 14 month old: “My little one was happy rolling and roaming around in these nappy pants, they don’t ride up and I haven’t had any leakages. These fit perfectly round the bum.”

Buy from: Aldi

Joint Silver – ASDA Little Angels Peppa Pig Nappy Pants Size 5, £4 for 28

Why it’s a winner: Easy to use and great value, these toddler pants feature everyone’s favourite cartoon pig. They’re nice and stretchy with the easy pull-on design a massive plus for this age group (which can be increasingly hard to grapple into a good position on a mat for nappy fastening).

Some testers found them a tad ‘papery’ on the outside (though still soft inside). However, these are still worthy day-to-day pants for this older age group, and everyone agreed they’re a huge bargain for a character item. As one user pointed out: “It’s a great price for 28 pants.”

In the words of parent tester Leanne, who tested these with their 14 month old: “With a roaming toddler, nappy pants are always favoured. The Peppa Pig design makes it something they want to wear, and the fit round the waist was perfect.”

Buy from: Asda

Joint Silver – M&S Little Smiles Nappy Pants, Size 6 (16kg/35lbs+), £3.15 for 18

Why it’s a winner: M&S might not be known for its nappies (yet), but the new Little Smiles range seems to be keeping parents happy in the pants department! These offer up to 12 hours dryness for toddlers, and are ultra-absorbent – our testers were big fans of the “nice designs” (think tasteful “kisses”, rather than cartoon images), the fact they were “easy to get on”, with no “crying or fidgeting reported”. They’re not the cheapest option, but for convenience these did score highly.

In the words of parent tester Jade, who tested these with their 15 month old: “The sizing is generous which is great. The shape is really supportive, and I gave this 10 out of 10 for their ability to stop leaks through the night from 7pm-6am – 11 hours!”

Buy from: Ocado

Bronze – Aldi Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappy Pants Size 6, £3.19 for 32

Why it’s a winner: Disposable pull-ups can be expensive, but these Aldi favourites help keep costs down. Slim and soft, they’re designed with active babies in mind, and include Fast Dry technology and breathable materials for comfort. “A great nappy for a budget price” and “comfy on the tummy with good stretch” were a couple of the positive comments. One small request from parents: a sticky tab to help wrap up a soiled nappy. However, they loved the carry handle on the pack. As with all nappy pants, though, you’ll need a full undressing each time you change, although for toddlers who won’t lie down, wiggling these up while they stand is a doddle!

In the words of parent tester Jodie, who tested these with with their 16 month old: “My chunky boy showed no discomfort wearing these, and they didn’t cut in anywhere. These kept solids and fluids in with no leakages, too. Good quality: I’d buy them again.”

Buy from: Aldi

Shortlisted: M&S Little Smiles Nappy Pants Size 5 | Rascal + Friends Premium Nappy Pants

Key features we tested/judged: Quality and design, worth the money, ability to remove sticky residue, ease of removing from pack, size, absorbency, ease of overall use

Gold – Aldi Mamia Fragranced Baby Wipes, 52p for 64

Super-cheap but amazing quality
Parent tester Zarmeena, who tested these with their 15 month old

Why it’s a winner: If it weren’t for the price tag, you’d never know these were a budget buy. Parent tester Zarmeena, who tested these with their 15 month old, liked how they were “very delicate and soft” with a gentle fragrance, and found they did the job with poo and wee better than many more expensive wipes. The sticky cover mostly kept things moist (because nobody loves finding dried-out wipes), while our home tester Azra, parent to a newborn, loved how they contained aloe vera, “ great for a newborn’s sensitive skin”.

In the words of parent tester Suzanne, who tested these with their 3 month old: “The thickness and quality was good. They mostly came out one at a time and stayed moist, my baby’s skin was happy and the pack lasted a long time. These wipes are half the price of those I currently use so I will be switching over.”

Buy from: Aldi

Silver – The Cheeky Panda Biodegradable Bamboo Baby Wipes, £2.99 for 64

Why it’s a winner: Wipes often feel like a necessity for parents, but sadly many options are not very eco-friendly. These are biodegradable and cruelty-free, something our testers really appreciated. You get what you pay for, and while these aren’t the cheapest, they are definitely lovely to use. As parent tester Jade, who tested these with their 15 month old, also pointed out: “You only get one wipe out at a time, rather than five at once!”, so there’s less wastage overall.

In the words of home tester Chloe, who tested these with their toddler and newborn: “I really rate these wipes. They’ve been great for my newborn as they’re not too wet and cold but still damp enough for a good clean. I’ve also used these on my toddler who suffers with sensitive skin and they’re great for her. Feels like the pack lasted ages too, as one wipe goes a long way.”

Buy from: Boots, The Cheeky Panda and Ocado

Joint Bronze – Lidl Fragranced Baby Wipes, 52p per pack

Why it’s a winner: Another perfect budget option, these are nicely wet (“almost bubbly” and foamy according to one tester), easy to use and didn’t irritate skin despite the light, sharpish fragrance (these are dermatologically tested and paediatrician-approved say Lidl). A “nice size” too, commented Corinne, parent to a 1 year old, while too many wipes didn’t come out in one uncontrollable ‘string’ (a common niggle for parents changing one-handed).

In the words of home tester Elisa, who tested these with their 4 month old: “I enjoyed testing these wipes. I usually buy non-fragranced wipes but the quality felt good both on baby’s and my skin, with no irritation despite the fragrance. Easy to extract from the pack and to use. I would buy them again.”

Buy from: Lidl

Joint Bronze – Aldi Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes, 52p for 64

Why it’s a winner: Cheap at twice the price, these were top performers, and perfect for sensitive skins, enriched with soothing aloe and chamomile, but free from fragrance or other irritants. “A good thickness and don’t rip easily,” observed home tester Danielle, who used these with her 10 month old. They also pulled from the pack well, without too much waste.

In the words of parent tester Laurie, who tested these with their 1 year old: “Gentle on baby’s bum, soft and doesn’t irritate. Definitely for sensitive types. Not too wet but gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Love, love, love!”

Buy from: Aldi

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality/design, worth the money

Gold – Bambino Mio baby & beyond change bag, £79.99

Sturdy with lots of useful compartments
Parent tester Anna, who tested this with their 6 month old

Why it’s a winner: Ultra-spacious, smart and good quality with plenty of pockets for baby bits and pieces, our testers raved about this brilliant bag. In particular, they liked how the compartments helped organise things (crucial when you’re at your wits end, trying to get out the door), including a thoughtful insulating pocket for keeping milk warm. This bag didn’t feel ridiculously heavy and attached to buggies easily. “Its size definitely makes life easier with two children as I can fit everything in,” said home tester Anna.

In the words of parent tester Rebecca, who tested this with their 4 month old: “I loved the style, and how handily it fitted over my pushchair handles. The thick straps mean you can wear it as a rucksack which I find more convenient out and about. I like separating things out like wipes, creams and clean clothes in the compartments, and was grateful for the bag for dirty clothes.”

Buy from: Amazon

Silver – My Babiie Dani Dyer Metallic Rose Gold Marble Deluxe Changing Bag, £40

Why it’s a winner: This practical bag has it all – it’s roomy inside, with a removable bottle bag, and comfy shoulder straps. Parent tester Rebecca commented: “So pretty! That little bit of glam when you’ve been up all night. You can also extend the straps, to carry across the body.” Admittedly, it does have fewer internal pockets than some similar bags, making it a little “Mary Poppins”, but our testers found it easy-peasy to keep clean and praised the fact it includes a handy removable changing mat.

In the words of parent tester Zahra, who tested this with their 15 month old: “I don’t need my own bag as I know everything fits in this – there’s so much space inside. The design is great – even my husband is happy to carry it! And the quality is amazing.”

Buy from: Amazon and Robert Dyas

Bronze – PacaPod Saunton Pack, £120

Why it’s a winner: Don’t want a bag that screams ‘baby on the go’? This is the answer. With a smart satchel look made from vegan ‘leather’, our users appreciated how this genuinely looks like a regular bag and is gender neutral. However, it still has those practical changing features you can’t live without: pockets galore, an insulated feeder pod and a separate changer pod, to keep things hygienic (both of which remove and can clip onto buggie handles). It feels robust and has straps for rucksack-style carrying,  so is “good for keeping your hands-free,” said parent tester Alex, who gave it a spin with their 1 year old.

In the words of parent tester Sarah, who tested this with their 1 year old: “This feels so stylish, not like a changing bag. The pods were really easy to use: I love how the changing pod opens flat so it’s easy to access everything needed during a nappy change. It also feels like a more ethical choice as it can be refurbished, reused or recycled.”

Buy from: John Lewis, Scandiborn and Mummy & Little Me

Shortlisted: Wow Bag by Wings of Wild

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality/design, ease of cleaning, worth the money

Gold  – The Little Bumble Co Anti-Roll Wedge Changing Mat, £28

Bright, beautifully designed and lightweight – and easy to clean
Parent tester Emma, who tested this with their 6 month old

Why it’s a winner: Scoring resounding 10/10s all round, this was simple to use and our testers adored the gorgeous gender-neutral prints, and the fact it’s British-made. Made of non-toxic PVC, it’s simple to clean and the wedge shape is designed to stop your baby from rolling off. “A lovely finishing touch in the nursery” and “very impressed with the quality” were just a couple of the compliments it received, with our testers suggesting it would make a brilliant baby shower gift.

In the words of parent tester Lauren, who tested this with their newborn: “The anti-roll feature makes changing babies lot easier. It’s very padded and provides great support – an essential for newborns. And the lovely design isn’t an eyesore in baby’s bedroom.”

Buy from: The Little Bumble Co

Joint Silver – Mama Shack Anti Roll Sage Spotty, £30

Why it’s a winner: Forget garish prints, this is a properly chic changing mat you’ll be happy to leave out on display. Made in the UK from non-toxic BPA-free material, it has an extra-thick base. Our users loved this padded feel and agreed even though it was more expensive than some mats, it was worth it. “Very stylish, not too big and bulky and more reassuring than a normal changing mat,” commented parent tester Samantha, who tested it with their 1 month old.  Our parents also liked that the cover could be removed, so it’s easy to clean.

In the words of parent tester Amy, who tested this with their 8 month old: “The anti-roll design is extremely handy for my wriggly baby, and it works well either on the changing unit or on the floor. Waterproof, too, so handy for unexpected accidents! It is great quality and comfortable. Worth every penny.”

Buy from: Kidly and Mama Shack

Joint Silver – Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat, £ 49.95

Why it’s a winner: A lovely simple modern mat that our testers predicted will last the distance. Not the cheapest (or lightest) around, but you’re getting something special, and our users mostly felt the superior materials justified the price-tag. “Doesn’t stain, and slightly tilted at the top, so makes nappy changes easier, but baby doesn’t slide down or roll away,” commented Natasha, parent to a 4 month old. Perhaps best of all, the surface doesn’t get too chilly, preventing those sudden tears of shock when onesies and nappies come off.

In the words of parent tester Karen, who tested this with their 4 month old: “An amazing mat that feels great quality and isn’t cold to the touch. My baby loved it and felt safe. It would probably last up to 2 years: worth the expense.”

Buy from: Mamas & Papas, John Lewis and Amazon

Bronze – Bumbo Changing Pad, £72.99

Why it’s a winner: The Bumbo name is synonymous with top-notch quality and this makes the grade once again. It’s exceptionally well-made – ergonomically designed for comfort, with a foam finish that’s a cut above most mat materials, for the luxury changing choice. “Looks gorgeous – very stylish,” enthused our editorial judge Catherine.

The relatively high price may put some shoppers off, and some testers found the pad’s securing strap a smidge fiddly (though this might be because it’s unfamiliar). On the other hand, you’ll be changing an awful lot of nappies over the months and years, so why not choose a design you both love? We like how there are six cool colours to choose from, and you can attach the Bumbo Stages Safari Gym to create an activity gym.

In the words of parent tester Lauren, who tested this with their 7 month old: “Very straightforward to set up, and I really like the style, materials and the overall design of the pad. It feels good quality and is surprisingly light, so easy for manoeuvring. Love the green colour also!”

Buy from: Kidly, Amazon and Scandiborn

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality/design and worth the money

Gold – Tommee Tippee Twist & Click Nappy Disposal Bin, £29.99

Easy to use, convenient and looks great
Parent tester Lisa, who used it with their 9 month old

Why it’s a winner: Fed up with traipsing downstairs with a soiled nappy in hand? This smart bin individually wraps each one, making it an essential addition to nurseries. It does take a short while to get to grips with the Twist & Click mechanism – but once you’ve done it, say bye-bye to nasty nappy odours. “It really does keep smells locked away,” commented parent tester Kim, who tested it with their 4 month old. Our users also loved its chic looks and found liners simple to change over. The greenfilm used in refills also got gold stars: an eco-alternative to standard nappy sacks, made from sustainably sourced sugarcane.

In the words of Lisa, who tested this with their 9 month old: “Love this bin, it’s been so handy having in baby’s room. It means I don’t have to worry about taking the nappy to a different bin outside. It holds a decent amount, so the bin only needs to be emptied once or, at most, twice a week. The twisting function traps any smells and the neutral colours means it works in every room.”

Buy from: Boots, John Lewis and Amazon

Silver – ASDA Little Angels Nappy Cream, £1.25

Why it’s a winner: It’s amazing how quickly we can get through tubes of pricy nappy creams when baby bottoms are sore. A snip at just over a pound, our testers reported this cream – which came in a generous 125g clip-top tube – still felt good on skin, leaving it soft and soothed. Our editorial judge Gemma commented: “It has the barrier effect, but it’s not too sticky” and commented that she’d definitely buy it herself from now on. It’s suitable from birth, and a brilliant bargain buy.

In the words of parent tester Laurie, who tested this with their 1 year old: “It was easy to open with one hand so very effective when changing a wriggly baby. Didn’t irritate, and my little one loved the colourful bottle!”

Buy from: Asda

Bronze – My Expert Midwife No Harm Bum Balm, £12.50

Why it’s a winner: This lovely lanolin-based balm won’t drag on sore skin, like some inferior nappy creams. Plus, it’s packed with gorgeous natural ingredients like coconut oil, sweet almond oil and calendula. You only need a little to banish rashes, which is why it comes in a dinky 30ml tube. The pump was a tad tricky to handle for some of our testers and the serum-style consistency is on the sticky side, but it definitely does the job on nappy rash. Overall, testers were delighted with the high quality and genuine effectiveness. “Nice size bottle, too,” noted our tester Jodie, who used this with her 16 month old.

In the words of parent tester Maria, who tested this with their newborn: “This is a lovely balm that’s very gentle on baby’s skin. There is no real fragrance, and it certainly does help with nappy rash. It appears greasy on first appearance but soaks in quickly. And the pump is great and mess-free and doesn’t get squashed in your bag.”

Buy from: Boots, JoJo Maman Bebe and John Lewis

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality/design and worth the money

Gold – Bumbo Step and Potty, £49.99

Looks good, feels strong and sturdy – and I like how it adapts to a step
Editorial judge, Christy McGhee

Why it’s a winner: Bumbo always come up trumps with quality ergonomic designs, and this versatile potty got another glowing review from our testers. “Reliable and space-saving” and “squidgy and comfy to sit on” were just a couple of the positive comments. Although it’s more expensive, it starts as a potty but cleverly converts into a neat step, which could be used anywhere, for access to the toilet, wash basin or in the kitchen. The insert can also be placed over grown-up toilet seats, so that it’s given another life during the next training phase.

In the words of Debbie, who tested this with their 2 year old: “My son says it is comfy and nice to stand on, and takes the step out from the bathroom to sit on while he reads a book before bed, because he thinks it looks like a dinosaur foot! My three-year-old girl, who has been toilet trained for a year, has started to use the insert on the toilet as she says it makes her feel safe. Easy to clean and store, and looks stylish in my bathroom.”

Buy from: JoJo Maman Bebe, Amazon and Scandiborn

Joint Silver – Potette Plus, £16.99

Why it’s a winner: This smart dual-purpose design works as either a potty (with the addition of a liner) or a portable toilet seat. It’s easy to use with a handy storage bag, something our testers adored. “You can use it on a regular seat so I think this offers much better value than similar models on the market,” said our editorial judge Christy. It is slightly stiff to unfold at first, but we reckon that will get much easier over time. Placed over the toilet, so long as it’s pushed forwards correctly it feels safe and secure.

In the words of tester Varvara, who tested this with their 2 year old: “The potty is pretty much intuitive. It is very sturdy and looks great: the colours are vibrant. My little one loves using it on a big toilet and took to it straight away – it’s proving very useful on our potty training journey.”

Buy from: Amazon, John Lewis and JoJo Maman Bebe

Joint Silver – Pottiagogo Folding Travel Potty, £14.99

Why it’s a winner: Designed for ages 15 months to 4 years, this sturdy folding potty is a life-saver on the go, and at friends’ or family’s homes. Our parent testers liked the one-hand opening mechanism, and reasonable price. They especially loved that you could put a liner in place in advance – meaning you can whip it out, click the safety lock into action, and avoid any last-second accidents (which, as we know, can ruin our whole day). “Fantastic, I’d highly recommend,” commented parent tester Siobhan, who gave it a go with her toilet training toddler.

In the words of parent tester Karen, who tested this with their 2 year old: “Portable and easy to use, it does exactly what it’s supposed to very well. I often cursed my old travel potty as it was so difficult to put up and down: the Pottiagogo one is a dream to use in comparison and has taken a little bit of stress out of those ‘on the go’ potty emergencies.”

Buy from: Amazon and Kidly

Bronze – Venture Pote Plus My First WC Potty, £26.99

Why it’s a winner: With fun “flush” sounds and lights, we love how this replicates an adult toilet in miniature, and helps make potty training (which let’s face it, can be a tiny bit stressful sometimes) that bit more entertaining and rewarding – something our testers and toddlers were totally onboard with. The stylish design and padded seat also ticked the perfect potty boxes. ” Our son loved it and will choose it over the other potties we bought for other bathrooms,” said parent tester Wendy, who tested this with their 3 year old.

In the words of parent tester Laura, who tested this with their 2 year old: “Excellent quality product, looks great and makes potty training more exciting for little ones. Yes, a regular cheaper potty does the same job, but the ‘My First WC’ is a bit more fun for little ones, making potty training less daunting.”

Buy from: Amazon and Venture

Shortlisted: OK Baby Sofa Toilet Training Seat

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