1. Grobag Baby Sleep Bag, The Gro Company, from £23.50, MFM Gold Award Winner

British company Grobag take our gold award for the second year, and for good reason too. Established in 2000, after an Austrian friend introduced a young British couple to a new concept in baby sleepwear: baby sleeping bags. The couple went on to build up the business with support and advice from the safe sleep charity, The Lullaby Trust.


With clear, simple advice on the box about what your baby should wear, advice on what tog to use depending on room temperature and season, the Grobag even comes with a nursery thermometer, giving parents understanding and peace of mind when creating a healthy sleep routine.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Grobag:

“Excellent product all round. Slightly more expensive than others, but reasonably so.” The Honest Dad blogger and dad of 1, Adam Riches

“A parenting must! The only snag is that to have enough of them from all weathers and sizes, they can get expensive. But for peace of mind: priceless.” Broadcaster and mum of 2, Sarah Cawood

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“Absolutely love the Grobag. My daughter has a habit of kicking blankets off at night and I always worry about her pulling blanket over her head. With the Grobag I know she safe and warm. I am so pleased with it! Definitely will recommend to everyone.” Mum of 1, Meghan

You can buy Grobag from: Amazon, John Lewis and Boots


2. SnüzPouch Sleeping Bag, from £34.95, MFM Silver Award Winner

This stylish new collection of baby sleeping bags come with a unique feature to help with nighttime changes, helping it win this year’s silver award.

The handy nappy zip means you can change your baby with minimal fuss to their snooze, meaning you can both get back to sleep sooner!

There are six modern designs, all with a super-soft cotton outer. Suitable from birth up to around 18 months, and available in 1.0–2.5 tog warmth.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the SnüzPouch Sleeping Bag:

“Amazing product! Well designed and brilliantly made. Innovative zipper.” The Honest Dad blogger and dad of 1, Adam Riches

“Beautifully made and the zip feature that enables nappy changing is fab!” Broadcaster and mum of 2, Sarah Cawood

“Such a huge bonus to be able to open the zip for nappy change. Very soft material. Lovely designs.” Actress, Big Brother star and mum of 1, Laura Carter

You can buy the SnüzPouch Sleeping Bag from: Snüz, Amazon and Kiddies Kingdom


3. Aden & Anais, Classic Sleeping Bag 1.0 tog, £29.95, Joint Bronze Award Winner

Our joint bronze winner’s range of sleeping bags come in an array of gorgeous patterns, so you’ll find something to match most nursery themes.

As well as looking good, they take away the worry of loose blankets in the cot, keeping your babies and toddlers snug and comfy until morning. It’s an easy addition to their bedtime routine too – the bag zips open from the bottom, so you can slip it on over their jimjams (also handy for nappy changes at night).

The breathable fabric has been prewashed making it extra soft, and the bag will only get softer with every wash.

The 1.0 tog version is suitable for rooms with ambient temperature of 24-27 C.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the aden + anais classic sleeping bag 1.0 Tog:

“Great idea to use classic muslin fabric as a baby sleeping bag as it feels soft and would be cool in summer. Good thinking behind the zip up from the bottom.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

“I was very pleased and impressed with the simplicity of the design and how soft the texture of the material is. The quality is superb! The zipper access that allows the changing of nappies, without taking the full outfit off, is great. My little one seems to like it! I would definitely buy this and recommend it to my friends.” Mum of 2, Isidora

“Outstanding designs, excellent quality product. Nice feeling.” The Honest Dad blogger and dad of 1, Adam Riches

You can buy the aden + anais classic sleeping bag 1.0 TOG from: Amazon, aden + anais and Natural Baby Shower


4. Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original, £22.99, MFM Joint Bronze Award Winner

If your little one loves to be tucked up and cosy, but you don’t quite have the knack, our joint bronze winner is the product for you. The Swaddle from Love To Dream takes the hassle out of wrapping up your baby.

You just pop them in the narrow bag, tuck in their feet, and then tuck their little hands into the ‘wings’. Zip them up, and you have an instant swaddle that keeps their arms up, so they can still suck their hands to self soothe (and can’t roll onto their back).

The clever design has a twin zipper, so you can zip it up from the bottom for an easy nappy change or to put them in a car seat without removing the bag. The swaddle is suitable from birth up to nine months and is machine washable.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original:

“Sophia has just mastered the art of unwrapping her blankets while being swaddled, and in a sleeping bag, her arms go everywhere, disturbing her sleep. With the Swaddle Up, her arms are put into the top of the 'wings' and stay there, while she can still chew on her hands or rub her eyes if she wants. It is easy to use and the two-way zip means you can change nappies with minimal disturbance.” Mum of 1, Victoria

“Feels very soft and comfy. I love that it is easy to wash and has a twin zip that can fasten from either top or bottom.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

“Cute design, lovely jersey material.” Actress, Big Brother star and mum of 1, Laura Carter

You can buy the Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original from: Cheeky Rascals, Amazon and JoJo Maman Bebe


5. The Essential One 3 Pack Sleepsuits with drawstring bag, from £21.99

You can never have enough sleepsuits, and this lovely trio impressed our judges with their soft cotton feel and integrated scratchmitts.

These would make a lovely gift for a new baby, and as the mitts feature on all sizes up to 18 months they are great for little ones with eczema. The drawstring bag is handy if you’re adding them to your hospital bag.

You can buy The Essential One 3 Pack Sleepsuits with drawstring bag from: Amazon.


6. Sleepy Hugs, Baby Loves Sleep, £30.95

Help your little one move on from a tight swaddling blanket with this unusual sleepsuit. The design allows babies to move their arms freely but with slight restriction to calm the startle reflex, helping them feel secure.

It promises to be a safe option for when your baby starts to roll onto their tummy during sleep, and there’s a two-way zipper for easy nappy changes. The wide bottom shape even fits a hip dysplasia harness.

You can buy the Sleepy Hugs from Baby Loves Sleep.


7. Magnet Mouse 100% Organic Sleep Suit, £19.95

Revolutionising the fastening of baby clothes one sleep suit at a time, is the brilliantly clever Magnet Mouse.

Each 100% organic garment is created using magnets as fastenings, which are sewn inside the material so that no poppers, buttons or zips are used.

Providing mums and dads with a fast solution to getting baby dressed easily and swiftly, without worrying about losing buttons, or needing your specs to see where the fastener is!

You can buy Magnet Mouse 100% Organic Sleep Suit from: Magnet Mouse


8. Ergobaby, Sleeping Bag and Swaddle Set, £29.90

The clever designers at Ergobaby have come up with a brilliant new solution to baby sleepwear: the sleeping bag and swaddle set.

Created to allow newborns the option of being swaddled, which many newborns love and feel secure in, but many parents find impossible to do!

Mums who have used the new Ergobaby Swaddle option have noticed that their babies sleep for longer.

The transition to sleeping bag from swaddling is a useful step and the entire set is designed to grow from newborn until 9 months, plus the double zipper in the swaddle seriously helps with midnight nappy changes as well.

You can buy the Ergobaby Sleeping Bag and Swaddle Set from: Amazon and BuggyBaby


9. ScratchSleeves, from £8.99

For tots with eczema, psoriasis or any itchy skin rash, this a fabulous solution to help protect their delicate skin from scratching at night (or day). The cardigan style means babies can’t wriggle out or pull the mitts off, and the silk paws at the end of each sleeve create a smooth surface to combat irritation.

It comes in a range of colours, including a classic cream, and can be worn under or over clothing.

Also a good option if you’re weaning a little one off hair-pulling, thumb-sucking, or when they’re recovering from chicken pox. Machine wash and tumble dry.

You can buy ScratchSleeves from: ScratchSleeves and Amazon

10. The White Company Organic-Cotton Blue Cloud-Print Sleepsuit, £16

The White Company Organic-Cotton Blue Cloud-Print Sleepsuit

The all-over cloud-and-moon-print sleepsuit is made from organic cotton, which should be soft against your baby's skin.

Its got an envelope neck and popper fastenings around the legs for easy changing during the night.

The organic cotton used to make this sleepsuit is grown using no chemical fertilisers and far less water than conventional cotton, making it soft and breathable.

0-6 months size features integral mitts. All sizes have nickel-free popper fastening.

You can buy the Organic-Cotton Blue Cloud-Print Sleepsuit from: The White Company

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