1. Bambino Mio miosolo all-in-one nappy, £15.99, MadeForMums Gold Award Winner

Bambino Mio is a big player in the world of reusables, and its gold award-winning miosolo nappy makes it clear why.


Although looks aren’t everything, the washable nappy’s eye-catching designs make for a very stylish garment. However, it’s the ease of use that will really impress. This nappy is made in one piece (so no fiddly layers to worry about, just like a disposable), with a unique pull-out tab system. This means you can remove the core from inside the nappy to wash it more effectively and speed up the drying time. There’s also a tuck-in pocket for an additional booster pad if needed, and the super-absorbent core draws moisture into the nappy away from your little one’s skin.

Suitable for slim jims through to chunky monkeys, the adjustable poppers and fastenings mean the nappy will fit snugly on different-sized babies, from newborns upwards. And of course, the heart of the nappy’s appeal is its planet-protecting ability to be washed and reused, over and over – making it better for the environment, and your wallet.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the Bambino Mio miosolo all-in-one nappy:

“It was brilliant for my 10-month-old: it didn’t leak, it kept her skin healthy and she was able to move around super-fast with it on. I loved it and I have made the effort to go to my local nappy library to get more to use.” Mum of 2, Charlotte

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“I liked this nappy. With a one-year-old who doesn’t want to lie down for long, I found it was quick to get on him. The poppers were easy to close and adjust to his size. The patterns are very cute, the material very nice and the pull-out tab is great idea for washing as it really does allow it to dry quicker.” Mum of 1, Emma

You can buy the Bambino Mio miosolo all-in-one nappy from: Bambino Mio, Kidly.


2. TotsBots Easyfit STAR nappy, £17.99

Equally gorgeous-looking are the TotsBots Star range of washable nappies, made with bamboo cores, making them super soft and highly absorbent.

They come in a host of lovely colours and designs, with special stitch-free seams and stay-dry ‘buffer zones’ to keep liquid locked away from your baby’s skin.

The hook and loop fastening is easy to use, and means the nappy can be adjusted to fit most babies from birth right up to potty training (8 to 35lbs).

As well as cutting down on landfill, the Scottish-made nappy is Oekotex certified, meaning no harmful chemicals have been used in the production process. Patterns range from adorable rocking horses to psychedelic rainbows and classic, plain white.

You can buy the Easyfit STAR nappy from: Amazon


3. Wonderoos one-size pocket nappy V3, £15.50

Wonderoos comfy one-size pocket nappy comes in a range of new prints and can be adjusted to fit babies from birth to potty.

It combines technical fabrics with soft bamboo to keep your little one happy, with unique leg bindings to lock in moisture without leaving red marks. The nappies are machine washable and quick-dry.

You can buy the Wonderoos one-size pocket nappy V3 from: Wonderoos and The Nappy Lady.


4. Littlelamb Bamboo Trial Kit, £15

While Littlelamb’s shaped nappies come in cotton and microfiber versions, it’s the softness and absorbency of bamboo that make this the brand’s bestseller. You can buy the nappies and wraps separately, or in bulk, but this trial kit contains one of each – so it’s a good way to try it out before making an investment.

The soft nappy is made from chemical-free bamboo yarn, and its fine mesh foundation means they won't shrink or lose their shape in the wash. The nappies come in three sizes, from 7lb newborns to 30lb-plus toddlers.

You pop the colourful waterproof wrap on over the top – it promises to stop leaks, but importantly allows air to circulate to avoid overheating.

You can buy the Littlelamb Bamboo Trial Kit from: Littlelamb


5. Rumparooz Lil Joey Newborn All-in-one Nappy, £25 for a pack of two

While many of the nappies on the market may be just slightly too large to pack in your hospital bag, these wee stars are just right for the littlest of little ones.

The all-in-one nappy has a sewn-in soaker with no less than four layers of microfiber to keep newborn bottoms peachy, and is designed to fit babies weighing 4-12lbs.

There are two rows of snaps for a flexible fit to grow with your baby, and a snap-down at the front to protect the tender umbilical area.

You can buy the Rumparooz Lil Joey Newborn All-in-one Nappy two-pack from: Amazon, Kingdom of Fluff and Funky Monkey Pants.


6. Bumgenius Freetime all-in-one diaper, £21.99

This one-piece, quick-drying nappy aims to make changing time more streamlined, with adjustable absorbency and a stay-dry inner lining.

The soft interior cleverly wicks moisture away from delicate skin, helped by an extra later of microfiber sewn into the shell. It’s finished with a leak-proof outer, secured with durable plastic snaps, and fits from around 8lbs to an impressive 35lbs-plus.

You can buy the Bumgenius Freetime all-in-one diaper from: Amazon and The Nappy Lady.


7. Blueberry Simplex Onesize All In One nappy, £24

Blueberry nappies are known for their excellent fit and luxe quality, and this all-in-one has the added benefit of being organic. The Simplex Onesize All In One isn’t cheap, but it fits little ones from 10-35lbs, so you can expect to get plenty of use out of each one.

A waterproof outer layer encases 12 layers of 100% organic cotton twill fabric, making it both breathable and thirsty. If that’s not enough, there are pocket openings on both ends of the nappy, so you can add extra inserts for an absorbency boost if needed.

See our review of the Blueberry Simplex Onesize All In One nappy here.

You can buy the Simplex Onesize All In One from: The Nappy Lady, Kingdom Of Fluff and Amazon.


8. Itti Bitti D'Lish Snap In One, £13.95

If you’re not a fan of the bulked-out bottom look some washable nappies create, this slimline nappy could be the one for you. These silky-soft nappies come in a choice of natural or man-made fibres, and can last for up to 3-4 hours. The soaker pad inserts are attached with poppers, meaning you can remove them for an extra-hygienic wash and faster drying time.

Read what our MFM reviewer Siobhan O'Reilly thought of the Itti Bitti D'Lish Snap In One in our review here.

You can buy the Itti Bitti D'Lish Snap In One from: Twinkle Twinkle


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