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5 of the best Moses baskets and cribs

From classic Moses baskets to colourful cribs, here’s our round-up of cosy bedtime beauties

Moses Basket, £35

How do I choose a Moses basket or crib?

Moses basket, crib, cot, cot bed, co-sleeper? The range of sleeping options for your new baby can be dizzying.


Each type of bed is different – but you may choose a Moses basket or crib for the first few months of your baby’s life as they are specifically designed for newborns, smaller than a cot, and provide a cosy, reassuring space for your new baby.

A Moses basket or crib can take up much less space than a cot or cotbed, meaning it’s easier to fit in your bedroom, and this is one of the main reasons some parents opt to use one.

The LullabyTrust says the safest place for your baby to sleep on is a flat, firm, stable surface. 

The Lullaby Trust also advises that your baby sleep in a room with you for the first six months, and we also recommend that you always follow manufacturer’s instructions at all times.

Moses basket or crib?

Moses basket is recommended for a baby up to 3-4 months, though this can be longer, depending on the weight, length and mobility of your baby.  Most baskets are woven from palm, though maize, cornhusk, and the more durable and expensive wicker are available, too.

Carry handles are a useful feature, enabling you to move the basket around the house so your baby is always close by. Check that the handles are strong and won’t flop onto your baby. A new Moses basket usually comes with a foam mattress, set of bedding and sometimes a hood, so there’s no additional costs.

You may, however, want to buy a separate stand that places the basket at a more convenient level next to the bed. Rocking stands for Moses baskets are also available.

Cribs are more spacious and expensive than a Moses basket, with a slightly longer lifespan, lasting to about 6 months. However, a crib shouldn’t be used once your baby becomes active.

A crib is usually made of wood, either natural or painted, and may come flat-packed. Some have rails for fabric drapes at the head end, though bedding and a mattress often have to be purchased separately, adding to the cost.

A crib can have a rocking or gliding action, to help send your baby to sleep. Some babies don’t like this motion and others can be wrigglers and cause the crib to sway, but most rocking or gliding cribs can be locked into a stationary position.

As opposed to the solid body of a Moses basket, a crib usually has bars or slats, enabling you to see your baby more easily when you’re lying in bed. Being larger than a Moses basket but smaller than a cot, a crib may give your baby a feeling of space but also security.

The downside of a crib is that it’s not portable like a Moses basket.

Can I use secondhand mattresses?

No, if you’re buying or using a secondhand Moses Basket or crib it’s recommend you buy a new mattress each time, even if you used it previously with an older child.

Some research suggests that there could be a link between SIDS (‘cot death’) and secondhand mattresses.  An old mattress might contain mould, bacteria and dust mites, which could be linked to SIDS. The ideal situation is to buy a new mattress for each new baby.  However, if you can’t afford to buy a new one, you can use the one you have as long as it’s completely waterproof and has no tears, cracks or holes.  You’ll also need to clean and dry the older mattress throughly.

Read on for our picks of the best Moses baskets and cribs…

Little Green Sheep Natural Quilted Moses Basket & Mattress, from £99.95

Suitable for: birth to 3/4 months | Awards: Bronze – Portable Sleeper, MadeForMums Awards 2021

Designed in a range of modern, neutral colourways, the Little Green Sheep moses basket impressed our testers with its luxurious but traditional feel. “This Moses basket is beautifully designed with high quality materials and is very stylish and aesthetically pleasing,” said MFM tester Aarti, mum of a newborn.

Woven from natural palm leaf, which the brand says helps to create a breathable sleep space, the moses basket was praised by our testers for being lightweight enough to easily move around the house. The quilted liner looks chic but is also super soft, while the mattress, made from wool and coconut coir, is reassuringly firm.

It is pricey considering it can be only be used up to around 4 months, even more if you purchase the stand to go with it, but it’s evident the brand has taken great care taken to the design and materials used.

Available from: Amazon, Scandiborn and Little Green Sheep

Tommee Tippee Sleepee Baby Moses basket, £79.99

Tommee Tippee Sleepee Baby Moses Basket on stand

A lightweight, highly portable moses basket, the Sleepee moses basket impressed our testers with its firm mattress, the fact that it comes with a seal of approval from The Lullaby Trust, and the breathability of both the mattress and the basket itself – its design features 300 holes and a washable cotton liner. The big handles make it easy and safe to carry, and you can also combine it with an optional rocking stand (£99.99 for basket and stand).

“My baby slept well,” said our mum tester Holly, “and I feel that I am putting her somewhere safe due to the multiple air holes in the bassinet.”

Available from Mamas & Papas, Tommee Tippee and John Lewis

Bloom Alma Mini Crib, £300


The minimalist Alma wooden crib from Bloom is designed for tight spaces and can be folded away for easy storage. It has two mattress heights and four lockable castors, and comes complete with mattress and cot sheet. It comes in a range of colours, including white, black, green and grey.

Available from Uber Kids


Shnuggle moulded Moses basket, £74.99

Hypoallergenic, wipe-clean Moses basket made from a strong moulded shell, which is ventilated and about 10% larger than other baskets, so it can be used for longer. It is available in six pastel colours, has woven cotton handles and comes with mattress, lining, hood and quilt.

Available from John Lewis

Moba hypoallergenic Moses basket, £99


The Moba basket is made in the UK from hypoallergenic, recyclable material and comes in eight bright colours. Mattress and cotton waffle liner are included.

Available from Moba

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