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15 of the best pushchairs suitable for newborn babies – tried and tested

The best buggies suitable to use from birth based on extensive testing by parent journalists and feedback from families

15 best newborn pushchairs

Buying a pushchair for your first baby is one of those, ‘Yes, it’s really happening!’ moments. But with so many pushchairs available, finding the right one that’s suitable for you and your newborn baby can be overwhelming – that’s why we’ve meticulously researched and tested over 600 different models. Using a combination of journalist reviews of different pushchairs, feedback from parent home testers and results from our annual MadeforMum Awards, we’ve compiled a list of recommendations to meet a range of needs, from city and country life, to compact folds and single-to-double options.


Are all pushchairs suitable for a newborn baby?

No, babies need to lie in a flat position in their pushchair for at least the first 6 months. Although many pushchairs have various recline settings, some strollers are only suitable from 6 months, as they don’t lie flat enough.

“Lying flat helps to protect your baby’s back, development and breathing,” says buggy expert Charlotte Gelstharp from Natural Baby Shower, a leading online retailer for pushchairs.

Some pushchairs create a comfortable lie-flat position with a carrycot or cocoon (soft fabric carrycot). Others have a seat that reclines to a lie-flat position, which means you may not want an additional carrycot.  With this mind we’ve chosen some pushchairs that come with a carrycot included or with the option to purchase one separately.

Some pushchairs say they’re lie-flat but don’t look flat…

Yes, lie-flat doesn’t have to mean completely flat according to standards that assess whether a pushchair is suitable from birth. The definition of lie-flat is at least 150° (rather than 180° that is truly flat). This means that the base could actually cause your baby’s head to be raised by up to 30°.

Given the scientific evidence behind keeping your baby lying flat in a pushchair, we’d strongly recommend only using a completely lie-flat base for regular use – either via a carrycot or a 180° flat recline.

Do I need to buy a carrycot?

Carrycots offer a lot of benefits when you have a newborn including the fact that most are parent facing so you can keep an eye on your baby during their first few months. Charlotte explains, “They are also seen as offering your little one that extra touch of comfort and luxury with those added extras such as more space, a padded mattress, extra ventilation and larger canopy hood.”

“Some parents also love the option of being able to remove the carrycot from the pushchair without disturbing your baby and let them continue to sleep.” Also, a carrycot can provide a portable sleep space to meet Safe Sleep guidelines, which advise having your baby sleep in the same room as you, night and day.

One other element worth thinking about is whether the carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping (measured by the height of the sides and the ventilation enabling airflow, so allowing it to meet required standards for a standalone carrycot). This can replace the need for a travel cot in the first 6 months, saving you money as well as space when travelling.

Of course, a carrycot can come at an additional cost – prices vary from £100 to over £250. And once your baby has grown out of it (from around 6 months), you’ll need room at home to store it.

What else should I look out for when buying a newborn pushchair?

Folding/unfolding – Each pushchair comes with its own unique fold, and most are straightforward once you get the knack but reviews (such as those on MadeForMums) will give you a feel for how easy or complicated the fold is. Also, think about whether you can fold with the seat on (useful if you’re going to be storing it folded), how compact the fold is, if can you fold it with one-hand and if the pushchair is free-standing when folded.

Lots of mums in our Facebook group stated that the fold was one of the most important features when choosing a pushchair. One parent commented, “My pushchair has to be easy to fold but not necessarily small and if it folds with seat on this is a bonus.”

Basket – “Don’t forget to check out the size of the basket,” advises Charlotte at Natural Baby Shower. “Babies need a lot of stuff and as a parent on the move you need somewhere to store it all. This is where opting for a large basket underneath your pushchair will become a real lifesaver to your day to day life on the move.” But the size of the basket isn’t your only consideration. Check how easy it is to access the basket – you’ll find with some pushchair designs that the basket is not so easy to access when using it with the carrycot.

Wheels and tyres – The general principle is the bigger the wheels, the easier they can handle rough terrain. Air-filled tyres are also great for rugged off-road pushing but do get punctures, so solid wheels are more common. Find out more about which pushchair wheels and tyres would suit your lifestyle best.

Single to double option – Some pushchairs transform from a single to a double buggy with the addition of an extra seat or carrycot and adaptors. It’s a savvy way to futureproof your pushchair if you hope to add to your family during the ‘pushchair years’!  Be aware that buggies which can transform into doubles are likely to have heavier frames, to be able to handle the weight of 2 children. This can affect how portable the pushchair is and/or how easy it is to handle and manoeuvre.

Weight – As with any pushchair, you should check the weight (with and without the carrycot attached), especially if you use public transport a lot, are going to have to be lifting it in and out of the car regularly, or if you plan on travelling often.

So that’s a pushchair, but what’s a travel system?

A travel system is simply a pushchair with a car seat attached. 63% of over 600 parents we surveyed opted to buy a travel system (a pushchair and compatible car seat), with 24% choosing just a newborn pushchair. If you plan on using a car seat regularly with your baby, travel systems tend to make financial sense.

Travel systems enable you to move a sleeping baby from a car onto a pushchair frame easily – and hopefully without even waking your baby up! However, you should only use your travel system for short journeys if your baby is in an upright car seat – read here about the 2 hour rule.

Most pushchairs can be transformed into travel systems but not all – usually strollers. Some come as a travel system bundle, with everything included; with others you buy the pushchair, relevant car seat and adaptors separately. Some car seats, particularly those from Maxi-Cosi, Cybex and BeSafe, fit many different brands of pushchairs. Check compatibility in our reviews or on manufacturer’s websites.

Remember, that not all car seats fit all pushchairs and not all car seats fit all cars. So, we’d recommend making sure that your car seat of choice will fit your car before choosing a travel system or pushchair.

When should I buy a pushchair?

In our survey, 61% said they bought their buggy between their 20-week scan and the early weeks of the third trimester, with another 19% buying a few weeks before their due date.

There’s no right or wrong time to buy, as long as you’ve looked around to find a pushchair that’s compatible with your family life and needs. It’s always worth doing your research and narrowing down your options, then you can keep an eye out for any potential sales or discounts to take advantage of.

How much does a newborn pushchair cost?

Prices of pushchairs for newborn babies can vary significantly. They can range from a couple of hundred pounds to over a thousand; we’ve included pushchairs that cater for a variety of budgets. Looking for a great offer? Head over to our Black Friday Baby Deals page for the latest discounts on pushchairs.

Remember to check what you get with an advertised price – there may be many accessories that aren’t included in the cost, such as car seat adaptors, raincover and footmuff.

One way to save money is to look for bundles, where a retailer or manufacturer includes many extras within the price.

How did we test these pushchairs?

When testing pushchairs we consider comfort for both child and parent, weight, size, folded size, wheel type, folding mechanism, fabrications, longevity and whether they are worth the money.

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

Here’s our pick of the best pushchairs for your newborn baby in 2021:

1. Joie Versatrax and Ramble XL, £300 (plus £100 for Ramble XL carrycot)

– Best for all kinds of terrain

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg | Pushchair weight: 11.7kg | Carrycot weight: 3.2kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: No | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H92cm x W65.5cm x L112cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H86cm x W65.5cm x L36cm | Folds with seat attached: Yes | Awards: Gold – Newborn pram/pushchair under £600, MFM Awards 2021

The Joie Versatrax pushchair with Ramble XL carrycot is a fantastic bundle for parents looking for a mid-price pram that performs well on all kinds of terrain. Tested on pavements, cobbles and a woodland walk, the Versatrax handled easily and felt sturdy, even when going up and down bumpy kerbs, thanks to its strong, rubber tyres. MFM reviewer Laura, mum of a newborn and toddler, commented. “It was so smooth to manoeuvre around town, it didn’t feel cumbersome (as some buggies can be) and the wheels allowed me to move swiftly when needed.” She also added that even on uneven ground “it still manoeuvred very well without being too bumpy for my baby.”

The roomy carrycot was a huge hit with our parents, with our MFM home tester Maria praising is for being “perfect for mummy and baby, with hidden pockets inside (for your keys or phone) and plenty of space for your little one,” – in fact, it was so spacious Maria said her nearly 6-month-old baby fitted in it easily while wearing a snowsuit. She also added, “it’s the longest carrycot I’ve seen, so should last well, and it’s lovely and cosy with a matching apron that velcros on.”

Quick and easy to fold and unfold with just one hand (with the seat attached) – great if you’ve got a baby in your other arm – the Versatrax can be packed down to a slim, free-standing unit that is easy to store away.

With a large basket to fit plenty of shopping, as well as a nicely padded parent-facing and front-facing seat for when your baby gets older, it’s a stylish product that MFM home tester Sophie, believes, “stands up to the bigger, more expensive names on the market really well.”

Pros: Easy to steer, one-handed fold, large carrycot, large storage basket
Cons: No footmuff included, carrycot not suitable for overnight sleeping

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Available from: Uber Kids, Argos and Mamas and Papas

2. Micralite GetGo, £395 (with Carrycot £575)

– Best compact fold

Suitable for: Birth to approx. 5 years (22kg) | Pushchair weight: 9.6kg | Carrycot weight: 3.5kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H89-105cm x W59cm x L72cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H76cm x W59cm x L38cm | Folds with seat attached: Yes | Awards: Silver – Newborn pram/pushchair under £600, MFM Awards 2021

With the ability to fold down in just seconds, to an impressively lightweight and compact size, our MFM testers really rate this competitively priced pushchair. MFM home tester Leanne commented that it was an excellent choice for parents “short of space, with a small car boot or who use public transport a lot”.

Although the Micralite GetGo seat does fully recline to a lie-flat position – making it suitable for a newborn – our testers felt the carrycot (bought separately) provided a much more snug and secure space for a little baby. Yes, this does come at an additional cost, but unlike some other carrycots this is suitable for occasional overnight sleeping, so can double-up as a travel cot when you’re away. MFM reviewer Dominique, loved the breathable, antibacterial bamboo fabric liner and firm mattress, adding, “despite the compact nature of the GetGo, the carrycot is very roomy, and I would expect my daughter to be able to use it until she’s around 6 months old.”

The 4-wheel suspension and puncture-proof tyres impressed our parents, with MFM home tester Rhiannon, mum-of-4, declaring the GetGo “the easiest pram ever to push”. She added, “It glides over pavements and coped well with bumpy village paths and goes up kerbs no problem.” Although it’s worth noting one of our reviewers did feel the carrycot was a little shaky over very uneven ground.

Easy to handle, even with just a one-handed steer, this pushchair manages to be both nippy and sturdy at the same time – some feat!

Pros: Quick to fold, free-standing when folded, 4-wheel suspension, roomy carrycot`
Cons: Carrycot sold separately, carrycot can bounce on rough terrain

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Available from: Amazon and Micralite

3. Mamas & Papas Ocarro, £849

– Best for country living

Suitable for: Birth to approx. 4 years (22kg) | Pushchair weight: 13.7kg | Carrycot weight: 5.2kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: No | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H101cm x W59cm x L101cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H40cm x W59cm x L78cm | Folds with seat attached: Yes | Awards: Gold – Newborn pram/pushchair over £600, MFM Awards 2021

The Ocarro has gained cult status among parents, and it’s not hard to see why. High quality, and durable, this pushchair looks great and performs well over all kinds of ground, thanks to the double-suspension, ergonomically-designed chassis and puncture-proof tyres. MFM reviewer Claire, agreed, “nothing fazes the Ocarro; it’s a seamless ride regardless of the terrain.”

The seat reclines fully flat and comes with padded chest pads and a head hugger cushion to keep little babies snug and secure, which is a big plus if you don’t want to pay for a carry cot.

Even without the carrycot, it is one of the heavier pushchairs we tested; while this makes it perfect for breezing along bumpy, country lanes, it may not be the best choice if you’re going to be lifting it in and out of the car or up the stairs a lot – something our MFM home tester Daniela, agreed with: “If you need to travel often with a buggy, it might not be the best choice for you as it’s not quite as light or compact as other products on the market, but if safety and comfort are your priorities then go for it.”

The Ocarro has a decent size storage basket that can easily hold a “changing bag and two large shopping bags,” according to our reviewer, so you won’t struggle for space here – although our reviewer did find it trickier to access when the carrycot was attached.

Pros: 180° lie-flat seat, puncture-proof tyres, smooth ride across a range of terrains, stylish
Cons: Heavy, shopping basket can be tricky to access, carrycot sold separate

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Available from: Mamas & Papas, Boots and Very

4. Graco Transform, £220

– Best value newborn pushchair

Suitable for: Birth to approx. 4 years (22kg) | Pushchair weight: 15.8kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: No | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H115xW65.8xL98cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H110xW65.5xL37.5cm | Folds with seat attached: Yes | Awards: Bronze – Newborn pram/pushchair under £600, MFM Awards 2021

What makes the Graco Transform stand out from other newborn pushchairs on the market, is the clever, in-built pramette, meaning there’s no need for a separate carrycot. With the seat in full recline, you simply attach the seat liner and pop in a mattress (included) for carrycot mode. Although this process isn’t entirely fuss-free, it’s very quick and easy, and it does mean you don’t have to find room to store an additional carrycot in your house or car, which is a huge plus. MFM reviewer and mum-of-4, Emma, said, “In carrycot mode the seat looks comfortable and is suitable for a baby up to 6 months old. However, it doesn’t seem quite as sturdy as some standalone carrycots.”

Our testers tried out the Graco Transform in all kinds of weather and were impressed with how well it handled, especially at such a great price. MFM home tester Lauren commented, “The wheels provided sturdiness and stability on uneven pavements and navigating up and down kerbs, as well as easily gliding through muddy puddles, and even snow.”

Praised for being “solid, sturdy, sleek and stylish”, the pushchair also boasted an extra-large shopping basket that is easily accessible from all sides – perfect for fitting in your change bag and some shopping.

Pros: No need for additional carrycot, large storage basket, easy to push and steer
Cons: Pramette not as sturdy as other stand-along carrycots, handlebar height not adjustable

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Available from: Argos, Amazon and Graco

5. Babyzen YOYO2 bassinet package, £634

– Best for urban living

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg | Pushchair weight: 6.1kg | Carrycot weight: 2kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: No | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H106cm x W44cm x L86cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H52cm x W44cm x L18cm | Folds with seat attached: Yes

Incredibly lightweight at just 6.1kg, this latest offering from Babyzen is a modern, nippy and agile pushchair perfectly suited to families living in the city.

The YOYO2 can be used with a bassinet or with the newborn attachment babynest, however out MFM reviewer Lucy commented, “I would not have wanted to push my daughter around in the babynest until she was at least 3 months old, as it felt too light and flimsy.” The basinet, on the other hand, was an instant hit and our MFM reviewer Natalie added “my newborn settles in the bassinet straight away and was well cocooned.” The mattress is breathable and comfy, but it’s not recommended for overnight sleeping.

“The compact fold is where this product comes into its own” according to our reviewer; with a simple button push, the whole thing folds down on itself and locks in place. At a diminutive 52cm x 44cm x 18cm when folded, it’s recognised as cabin luggage by most airlines and is perfect for taking on the train or bus, although the bassinet does take up more storage space.

The Babyzen YOYO2 is a dream to steer and push, with its compact size and nimble wheels making it a breeze to fit through tight places. MFM reviewer Natalie adds, “it’s ideal for nipping into the shops or onto busy public transport. However, the wheels are simply too small to handle rougher terrains and uneven ground.”

Pros: Very lightweight, easy to fold, handy shoulder strap to carry, great manoeuvrability
Cons: Can’t handle tougher terrain, carrycot not suitable for overnight sleeping

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Available from: Pramworld, Uber Kids and Just Kids Things

6. iCandy Lime Lifestyle, £750

– Best for added extras 

Suitable for: Birth to 25kg | Pushchair weight: 10.2kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H98cm x W62cm x L77.5cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H30cm x W62cm x L74cm | Folds with seat attached: Yes | Awards: Silver – Newborn pram/pushchair over £600, MFM Awards 2021

It feels like the iCandy Lime Lifestyle has thought of everything when it comes to making parents’ lives that little bit easier. Folding down to a compact size, without having to remove the seat first, it’s easy to stash away at home or in the car boot for trips out.

The robust, puncture-proof tyres guarantee a smooth ride for your baby, especially when they are tucked up in the comfy carrycot. “For such a sturdy pushchair, the iCandy Lime Lifestyle is remarkably easy to push,” commented our MFM tester Victoria, who took the pushchair out for testing along pavements and in parks.

Where the Lime Lifestyle really impresses is with the incredible number of handy features and extras included in the bundle. Of course, there’s the carrycot, complete with super-soft liner, that’s suitable for overnight sleeping, as well as a cosy footmuff, cup holder, stylish change bag, sun parasol and car seat adapters, to name just a few – although one of our testers felt the rain cover could have been a little roomier, as the tight fit proved a little tricky to get on in a hurry.

The SPF 50+ canopy is huge, which our MFM home tester Jen rated for creating “a good nap environment” and the basket is large and easily accessible. As well as all of this, the integrated buggy board is a dream come true for parents juggling a toddler and a newborn, with tester Jen commenting, “it made my buggy board wary toddler excited about taking a ride, when she has been hesitant to try the one we have that attaches to the back of the pram.”

Pros: Carrycot can be used for overnight sleeping, integrated buggy board, compact fold
Cons: Tight fitting rain cover, not ideal on very rough terrain

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Available from: iCandy, John Lewis and Amazon

7. Bugaboo Fox 2, £1029

– Best for going from city to countryside

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg (approx 5 yrs) | Pushchair Weight: 9.9 kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: No | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: 108-88cm x W60cm x L104cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H90cm x W60cm x L47cm (one-piece) | Folds with seat on: Yes

At just under 10kg, the Bugaboo Fox 2 is one of the lightest-weighing standard pushchairs (though not as lightweight as a stroller). And yet there’s no compromise on how rugged and sturdy it is.

With its deep suspension and large wheels, the Bugaboo Fox 2 can take on all manner of terrains with ease, making it suitable for anyone who loves to spend equal amounts of time in urban and country areas.

As noted by MFM reviewer Natalie, one of the pram’s main benefits is its comfort. “The springy, central joint suspension is very giving and makes all the difference in providing a comfortable ride, allowing the buggy to soak up bumps from the core of the frame, not just from each wheel.” The same applies to the carrycot, which according to Natalie is one of the most ‘pillow-soft’ carrycots she’d encountered.

One space-saving feature that we like is the ability to turn the carrycot into the seat, so you don’t have to store a carrycot at home once your baby is ready to move to a seat from around 6 months. The Fox 2 also folds with the seat (and even the carrycot) on as well as off – giving you an easier-to-store one-piece fold.

Pros: Lighter-weight frame, easy to push, suitable for multiple terrains
Cons: Quite high when folded, expensive

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Available from: Mamas & Papas, Bugaboo and Natural Baby Shower

Save 25% off the Bugaboo Fox 2 for Black Friday – offer valid until 29 November

8. Silver Cross Pioneer 2020, £795

– Best for luxury touches

Suitable for: Birth to 25kg | Pushchair weight: 10.2kg | Carrycot weight: 3kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H95-108cm x W61cm x L80cm | Pushchair  folded dimensions: H33cm x W60cm x L87cm | Folds with seat attached: No | Awards: Silver – Newborn pram/pushchair over £600, MFM Awards 2021

The Pioneer is a luxurious option from heritage brand Silver Cross, that’s a study and comfortable choice for your newborn.

Suitable for overnight sleeping, the carrycot is spacious and everything from the breathable and antibacterial, soft bamboo lining to the quilted apron feels premium. “I cannot fault the carrycot,” commented our MFM home tester Leanne. “The lining is very soft and cosy and it’s deep enough and completely flat to not worry about baby sliding.”

Folding flat rather than free-standing, the Pioneer is not as compact or as easy to store as many other models, however the payback for this is a robust and easy to steer pushchair that won’t let you down.

The puncture-proof tyres are designed to tackle all kinds of terrain and our MFM reviewer Becky agreed “they glide over kerbs and cope extremely well with mud.” The extendable handlebar ranges from 95cm to 108cm and MFM home tester Leanne reported that the adjustability was great for her 6ft 3″ husband who usually struggles with other prams.

The basket is large and deep enough for shopping bags, and the hood extends well to provide shade and encourage naps. Other little extras, like a hook on the handlebar for your handbag, impressed our testers, however it was the overall luxe finishing that wowed, with MFM Consumer and Commerce Editor, Gemma, rating the “lovely design, heritage Silver Cross touches and beautiful fabrics.”

Pros: Carrycot suitable for overnight seeping, easy handling, puncture-proof tyres, good suspension, luxurious finishing
Cons: Not compact fold, not free-standing when folded

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Available from: Amazon, Silver Cross and Pramworld

9. UPPAbaby Vista V2, £979.99

– Best single-to-double pushchair

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg (approx 4-5 yrs) | Pushchair weight: 12.4kg | Carrycot weight: 4kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H100.3cm x W65.3cm x L91.4cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H84.5cm x W65.3cm x L44cm | Folds with seat on: Yes | Awards: Gold – Convertible Buggy, MFM Awards 2021

A versatile and stylish single pushchair that can convert to a double, the Vista V2 offers seamless all-terrain steering with excellent stability and storage. Our reviewer and home testers praise how easy the V2 is steer and manoeuvre, even when used as a double. It’s also known as a good buggy for tall parents, with your baby sitting at a slightly higher position than many other models.

The V2 is an upgraded version of the popular Vista, and improvements include a bigger toddler seat, a new sun canopy with extra zip-out fabric, improved wheels and better suspension. Unlike some other double buggies on the market, the UPPAbaby Vista offers configurations which allows both children to face outwards, so you avoid the ‘stacking’ issue where one child (on the bottom) gets stuck with no view.

With its 65.3cm width it’s not the slimmest pram on the market, something that’s noted by one MFM user  who commented, “The only negative is that the back wheels are particularly wide, we have had to remove them to get into the front door.” But its roomier size does allow for a generous basket with a weight capacity of 13kg, with a large opening each end and a spring-loaded front for sliding in bigger objects.

Pros: Multiple configurations, easy to manoeuvre, huge basket
Cons: Not the most compact fold (long in length)

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Available from: Mamas & Papas and Natural Baby Shower

10. didofy Cosmos Bloom, £425 (plus £125 for carrycot)

– Best one-handed fold

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg | Pushchair weight: 10.2kg | Carrycot weight: 3.2kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H110cm x W57cn x L78cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H88cm x W57cm x L35cm | Folds with seat attached: Yes | Awards: Bronze – Newborn pram/pushchair under £600, MFM Awards 2021

Stylish and luxurious, the didofy Cosmos Bloom is a gorgeous-looking pushchair that won our testers over with its premium feel. But it’s definitely not a case of style over substance here. This mid-weight pushchair has been designed with parents in mind, with our MFM home tester and mum-of-two, Hayley, commenting, “It’s obvious a lot of thought has gone into making this pushchair as parent-friendly as possible.”

One of these standout features is the very fancy-sounding GravityFold technology, which essentially means it can be folded down in a flash, using just one hand. Packing down to a compact size, our testers hand no issues popping it in the boot of the car or under the stairs, meaning it won’t clutter up your hallway or porch.

It is also super-easy to steer and manoeuvre singlehandedly, with our MFM home testers trying it out along the pavement and on sand, mud and grass, with no problems whatsoever.

The light but spacious carrycot (bought additionally) also impressed testers, who raved about how it got their restless babies sleeping contently in minutes. It can even be used for overnight sleeping when travelling. The mattress is great quality,­ although it’s worth noting the cover is hand wash only, and there’s a large sun shade to keep your baby protected in the summer. It even comes with cute extras like a nappy bag and change mat.

Pros: Instant, one-handed fold, extra-large UV 50+ sun canopy, stylish
Cons: Mattress cover hand wash only, no cup holder

Available from: didofy and Baby Planet

11. Babystyle Egg2, from £998 for stroller and carrycot

– Best for comfort

Suitable for: Birth to 25kg | Pushchair weight: 15.5kg | Carrycot weight: 4kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H113cm x W59cm x L84.5-96cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H71cm x W59cm x L32cm | Awards: Bronze – Newborn pram/pushchair over £600, MFM Awards 2021

If you’re after something that looks a little different to your typical pushchair, the egg2 stroller is well worth considering. “A very cool, modern pushchair with lots of nice features” was the verdict from our MFM home testers, who rated its “space age” style.

As the name suggests, the egg2 is all about smooth curved lines, creating a cosy, cocoon feel for your baby. The bucket-shape seat doesn’t recline to a lie-flat position, so is more suited for older babies and toddlers, but the snuggly carrycot, complete with mattress and padded liner, is a safe place for your newborn that provides the perfect space for naps when you’re on the go.

Fitted with Tru-Ride technology tyres, the durable pushchair handles exceptionally well, while providing a comfortable ride for your baby. Though MFM tester Jessica noted, “If you were travelling with it, it is worth pointing out how heavy the frame is but that’s because it’s made out of seriously good quality materials.” The one-handed fold is also “so simple you don’t even need to use instructions” according to our MFM home tester, Tenisha, although you will need to remove the carrycot and seat before folding.

Everything from the leather handlebar and bumper bar, right down to the faux fur seat liner, is the last word in contemporary luxury.

Pros: Cosy cocoon carrycot, luxury fabrics, modern style, handles well
Cons: Need to remove seat before folding, seat not suitable for newborns, heavy

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Available from: Simply Baby, Pramworld and Direct4Baby

12. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, £429, with additional carrycot £638

– Best lighter-weight 3-wheeler

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg (approx 4-5 yrs) | Pushchair weight: 10.3kg | Carrycot weight: 3.7kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H109.5cm-112.5cm x W65cm x L105cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H25.5cm x W65cm x L81cm |  Folds with seat on: Yes

This good value 3-wheeler from Baby Jogger features all-wheel suspension which allows you to negotiate any terrain with speed and ease, so it’s great for families who love rugged walks.

The ‘forever air’ rubber tyres are filled with foam rather than air, which MFM reviewer mum-of-1 Becky praised as light and easy to push, but without the risk of punctures. She loved the pushchair’s agility and the simple one-handed fold.

Becky also found the steering very ‘reactive’ – an opinion backed up by our home tester, who said it was “exceptionally easy to steer while feeling sturdy as well”. The hood was also praised for its large, factor 50 sunshade. All of these features make it great for long trips in the country, but as our reviewer found, you have to purchase the rain cover separately, which is definitely an essential when it comes to UK weather.

It’s also worth noting that, despite its name, it can’t actually be used for running and unlike most models it features a hand-operated brake rather than a foot brake, which can be off-putting for some.

Pros: One-handed fold, good suspension, affordable, generous hood
Cons: No parent-facing option, hand-operated brake, rain cover not included

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Available from: Uber Kids and Amazon

13. Venicci Tinum 3in1 Travel System, £799

– Best newborn travel system bundle

Suitable for: Birth to 22.5kg | Pushchair weight: 12kg | Carrycot weight: 5kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: No | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H105cm x W58cm x L73cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H63cm x W58cm x L41cm | Folds with seat attached: Yes | Awards: Gold – Travel system under £800, MFM Awards 2021

This excellent all-rounder packs a punch for under £800, including everything from chassis, carrycot, seat unit and car seat, to changing bag, footmuff, raincover and more. Thanks to its superb suspension, the Tinum impressed with how well it tackled all kind of terrain,” from uneven pavements to wet grass, stony paths and deep mud,” as well as manoeuvring easily up and down kerbs and through narrow spaces.

Although the seat has 3 recline positions, it doesn’t fully lie flat, so the carrycot is the only safe option for newborns. Deep and cosy, it was “light weight, comfortable and perfectly snug for a newborn”, said our MFM tester Maxine. The carrycot hood is extendable, providing plenty of protection from the sun, with an air vent in the back for extra ventilation too. The only downside is that it’s not suitable for overnight sleeping, so you will need to pack a travel cot for nights away.

The pushchair folds down quickly to a neat size – with the seat attached ­in either parent or world facing – and is free-standing, which our reviewer felt made it really “easy to store indoors” or take on public transport.

Pros: Lots of accessories included, works well on all terrain,
Cons: Carrycot not suitable for overnight sleeping, quite a small basket

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Available from: Amazon and Little Angels

14. Cybex Gazelle S, From £569.95 (plus £219.95 for carrycot)

– Best for storage

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg | Pushchair weight: 12.6kg | Carrycot weight: 4.5kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: No | Pushchair unfolded dimensions: H100-110cm x W65cm x L93-106cm | Pushchair folded dimensions: H35cm x W65cm x L86cm | Awards: Bronze – Convertible Buggy, MFM Awards 2021

One of the most versatile pushchairs we’ve tried, the Cybex Gazelle S can be set up in over 20 different configurations – as a single or double buggy, with a carrycot/s or seat/s. With the clever adapters attached to the frame (they simply slide up and down to the correct position) there’s no chance of losing them or leaving them behind somewhere, which is such a welcome feature.

There’s no need to worry about juggling shopping bags with this stroller, thanks to the generous under seat basket, which our MFM reviewer and mum-of-2, Sophie, said “could easily fit a large food shop inside”. Together with the detachable shopping basket, which simply clicks onto the chassis when in single mode, there’s a combined basket capacity of a whopping 23kg.

The carrycot – bought separately – comes with a soft and cosy mattress that places your newborn in the safest lying position, as well as a good canopy to keep your baby shaded from the sun. It can be folded with 1 or even 2 seats in place (the carrycot needs to be removed), and although a little fiddly to get to grips with at first, our reviewer soon got the hang of it.

Praised for its handling, the Gazelle S was “simple and easy to manoeuvre”. Reviewer, Sophie, added, “The front wheels swivel round corners with ease and the inbuilt wheel and chassis suspension provides a comfortable stroll for your baby,” although she did point out the wheel base is rather wide, so take note of the dimensions before you buy.

Pros: Single to double buggy, extra basket storage, performs well on different terrains
Cons: Wide wheel base, carrycot needs to be bought separately

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Available from: John Lewis, Natural Baby Shower and Boots

15. Nuna Mixx Next, £500, with additional carrycot £650

– Best for versatile features

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg (approx 5 yrs) | Pushchair weight: 11.1kg | Carrycot weight: 4.5kg | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping Yes | Pushchair dimensions unfolded: H110cm x W60cm x L82cm | Pushchair dimensions folded: H42cm x W60cm x L82cm | Folds with seat on: Yes

With its new and improved steering and a compact fold, the Nuna Mixx Next offers a sturdy and stylish ride at an affordable price.

One of the key selling points is its compact fold, which has been improved with the latest upgrade and thanks to the frame overlapping when folding and the wheels tucking in, even more space is saved. This makes it ideal for small spaces, car boots or travelling.

There’s an all-season seat to keep your child warm in the winter, and changes to mesh for a well-ventilated ride in the summer. There’s also a generously-sized canopy, providing plenty of coverage for sunny and rainy days, and featuring further ventilation.

While this pram nips through city settings with ease thanks to its one-hand steer and springy suspension, the tyres are also foam-filled meaning there’s no risk of punctures and you can take on more rural settings with ease, too.

Another bonus is its complete lie-flat function, and the hidden flaps which can be lifted into place, giving an almost carrycot-style protective environment without having to buy the additional high-sided carrycot. It’s not the same as a proper bassinet, but a better option than other lie-flats.

Pros: Compact fold, large canopy, lie-flat seat with flaps to make
Cons: Not too easy to lift up when folded

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Available from: John Lewis and Natural Baby Shower


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