12 of the best pushchairs suitable for newborns

The best prams, pushchairs and lie-flat buggies suitable from birth

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When it comes to transporting a baby, pushchairs feature highly on any parent’s checklist. Not only are lie-flat buggies or bassinets recommended from birth to six months, but prams also offer plenty of storage for carting around nappies, changes of clothes, bottles and more.


With so many options available, finding the right pram for you and your newborn can be overwhelming – that’s why we’ve meticulously researched and tested the best models on offer. Using a combination of journalist reviews, home testing, parental feedback and results from our annual MadeforMum Awards, we’ve compiled a list of recommendations which feature something for everyone. From compact pushchairs to off-road cruisers to frames which can double up, you’ll be sure to find the right pram for you and your family.

Why should I buy a newborn pushchair?

When shopping for a pushchair you’ll see that models come with the option of just a seat unit, but it’s worth keeping in mind that not all of these are lie-flat.

“For at least the first 6 months, newborns should lie flat to help protect their backs, development and breathing,” says Charlotte Gelstharp at Natural Baby Shower, a leading online retailer for pushchairs. With this mind we’ve chosen some pushchairs that come with a completely lie-flat carrycot included or with the option to purchase one separately.

If you do opt for just a seat unit for your child to use up to their toddler years, which doesn’t lie-flat to completely 180-degrees, we’d only recommend using it occasionally, when travelling for example, rather than for everyday use.

Carrycot’s also offer a lot of benefits when you have a newborn including the fact that most are parent facing so you can keep an eye on your baby during their first few months. Charlotte adds, “They are also seen as offering your little one that extra touch of comfort and luxury with those added extras such as more space, a padded mattress, extra ventilation and larger canopy hood.”

“Some parents also love the option of being able to remove the carry cot from the pushchair without disturbing your sleeping little one to carry into the house for example.”

What should I look out for when buying a newborn pushchair?

 Each pushchair comes with its own unique fold, with many brands offering the option to fold it down with the seat attached or with just one hand. If you’re short on space we’d say think about choosing a model with a compact fold and if you’re going to be using public transport consider one that can be folded one-handed with the seat attached.

Lots of mums in our Facebook group stated that the fold was one of the most important feature when choosing a pushchair like Sarah E. who said, “My pushchair has to be easy to fold but not necessarily small and if it folds with seat on this is a bonus.”

If you can, we’d advise visiting a store to the test out the fold to see if it suits you and your lifestyle. Whilst you’re testing in store, also see how easy it is to remove the carrycot from the pushchair frame. Some models now come with memory buttons so you can do this one handed, but some take a little more practice and are not as intuitive.

And, Charlotte Gelstharp at Natural Baby Shower advises, don’t forget to check out the size of the basket, “Babies need a lot of stuff and as a parent on the move you need somewhere to store it all. This is where opting for a large basket underneath your pushchair will become a real lifesaver to your day to day life on the move.”

Do I need to buy a travel system?

Many pushchair brands and retailers also offer the option buying a travel system where you buy your pushchair, carrycot and infant car seat all in one bundle.

This offers the benefit of being able to click your car seat onto your pushchair frame, which can be handy when trying not to wake a sleeping newborn.

You can buy your own car seat by checking with your pushchair brand or retailer which models are compatible, but a travel system offers an easy option to buy everything in one go. In fact, 63% of parents we surveyed opted to buy a travel system as their main pushchair, with 24% going for a newborn pushchair with a carrycot.

We’d say think about the budget you have in mind as it may be cheaper to buy just a newborn pushchair with carrycot, and buy your own infant car seat separately. But if you’d prefer to buy everything in one bundle, check our pick of the best travel systems to find the best one to suit your needs.

How much does a newborn pushchair cost?

As with many baby products, prices can vary significantly, ranging from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands; we’ve included prams which cater for all budgets.

Handily, some of our featured pushchairs and travel systems come with carrycots which can double up as travel cots for overnight sleeping for babies’ first six months, so you needn’t worry about the cost of an additional travel cot either.

Here’s our pick of the best pushchairs for your newborn baby…

1. Bugaboo Fox 2, £1029

Ideal for multiple terrains 

Suitable for: birth to 22kg | Weight: 9.9 KG I Unfolded dimensions: H104-88cm x W60cm x L108-105cm | Folded dimensions (one piece): H47cm x W60cm x L90cm | Carrycot included: Yes | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.7 stars

With its springy suspension and large wheels, the latest Bugaboo model, the Fox 2, can take on all manner of terrains with ease, making it suitable for anyone who loves to spend equal amounts of time in urban and country areas. It also looks the part, too.

As noted by MFM reviewer Natalie one of the pram’s main benefits is its comfort: “The springy, central joint suspension is very giving and makes all the difference in providing a comfortable ride, allowing the buggy to soak up bumps from the core of the frame, not just from each wheel.” This makes it ideal if you want to take on myriad terrains without waking your napping little one.

The same applies to the carrycot, which according to Natalie is one of the most ‘pillow-soft’ carrycots they’d encountered. Conveniently, the Bugaboo Fox 2 also offers one-handed steering.

If space is a limitation, it may be worth considering another model as this does measure wider than some, although the wheels are removable and the buggy can also be folded down with the carrycot attached, which isn’t always an option with other models.

Pros: Stylish, easy to push, suitable for multiple terrains
Cons: Wider than some models, expensive

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Bugaboo Fox2

Available from: Mamas & Papas, Natural Baby Shower and Bugaboo

2. Cybex Priam, from £829

A stylish buggy that handles multiple terrains

Suitable for: birth to 17kg I Weight: 12.4KG  I Unfolded dimensions: H108.5-90cm x W57.5cm x L95-85cm | Folded dimensions: H42cm x W57.5cm x L95cm | Carrycot included: No | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.1 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Best newborn pushchair – Silver

The Cybex Priam is a stylish and luxurious model which can take on any terrain while also looking the part. In particular, MFM tester and mum of 1 Zoe praises how easy it is to push, ““The major unique selling point was the ease in which it moves – I couldn’t believe how light it felt considering how big the actual system is”.

She also mentioned its appearance was ‘standout’ but ‘there’s nothing compact about it’ so if you have a small car boot or limited space, it would be worth keeping in mind. This can also been seen in Priam’s Lux carrycot which is one of the biggest on the market, so would be great for larger or taller babies.

However its large size does come in handy when it comes to the pram’s sun canopy which one MFM user says adds to its luxury feel, “It’s huge and is great for both sunny days and having a little nap time privacy. Everything about this product is premium.”

Another distinguishing factor compared to other similar travel systems from competitors like Bugaboo and Ickle Bubba is its number of attachments, from add-on skis to multiple fabric choices so there’s lots of options to tailor it to your lifestyle.

Pros: Sturdy, high quality, generous size
Cons: May be too large for some cars or homes

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Cybex Priam

Available from: Mamas & Papas, Uber Kids and Kiddies Kingdom

3. Mamas and Papas Ocarro, from £899

Best for countryside use

Suitable for: birth to 22kg | Weight: 13.5kg  | Unfolded dimensions: H101cm x W59cm x L101cm | Folded dimensions: H40cm x W59cm x L78cm | Carrycot included: Yes | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.3 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Best newborn pushchair – Bronze

One of the signature products from popular baby brand Mamas & Papas, the stylish Ocarro is a practical yet high quality all-terrain model which boasts a lie-flat seat which can be used from birth, handy extras such as a cup holder, and can fold down with the chassis.

MFM reviewer and mum-of-one Claire praises the Ocarro for how well it handles on bumpy ground, “It’s smooth on pavements and I was able to mount the kerb without any difficulty. I also keep the pushchair in control on uneven terrain.”

This is also thanks to its larger all-terrain wheels however they do add weight to an already heavy pushchair, as MFM tester Sarah found, “When it comes to the practicality side of things – storing it away, putting it in the car etc – the weight and bulk are too much, particularly if you have had a recent c-section.” With this in mind, we’d say it’s a pushchair best suited to rural areas, where you need a slightly heavier model to handle the different terrain.

Our MFM reviewer also praises its generous size with a basket that can “comfortably holds two large bags of shopping, as well as my changing bag.” Although Claire and other testers have noted that it can be tricky to get items out of the basket when using the carrycot rather than the seat.

Pros: Smooth ride, solid wheels, spacious shopping basket
Cons: Shopping basket can be tricky to access, bulky

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Mamas and Papas Ocarro

Available from: Mamas & Papas and Amazon

4. ABC Design Salsa 4 Air, £699.90

Best for excellent suspension

Suitable for: birth to 22kg | Weight: 14.5kg | Unfolded dimensions: W:63cm x L:95cm | Folded dimensions: H28cm x W63cm x L80.5cm | Carrycot included: Yes | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.5 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Best newborn pushchair – Gold

The ABC Design Salsa 4 Air is ideal for parents looking for a competitively priced stylish pram. It can handle multiple terrains providing a comfortable ride for your baby, but doesn’t have the cumbersome feeling of pushing a heavy pram.

MFM testers and reviewers agreed that its roominess was some of its key benefits, with its generous carrycot  (L77cm x W35cm) and comfortable and padded mattress making it suitable for overnight sleeping up to six months.

Its sturdiness was also praised: “All four tyres are pneumatic and benefit from a large tread, meaning the pram is not only easy to steer, but can take on different terrains with ease,” comments MFM reviewer and mum-of-one Kayleigh Rattle.

“The suspension has a generous bounce thanks to the ball bearings on the wheels; all I needed to do when approaching a kerb was to gently press down on the wheels using the handle – and that gave enough momentum to easily mount the kerb” she adds. This was also one of MFM tester Samatha’s favourite features, “The suspension is great on uneven pavements and it’s easy to push!”

With the seat unit weighing in at 14.5kg and the carrycot at 14kg, it’s slightly heavier than similar models such as the UPPAbaby Vista (12.6kg) but its sturdy suspension and robust wheels more than make up for the extra weight. Handily, the two back wheels can also be removed if you’re short on boot space in your car.

Pros: Robust suspension, all-terrain wheels, affordability
Cons: Not lightweight or compact enough for city living

Read our full MadeForMums review of the ABC Design Salsa 4 Air

Available from: Amazon and Pramworld

5. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, £429

Best for off-roading and long walks

Suitable for: birth to 22kg | Weight: 10.3KG  I Unfolded dimensions: H:109.5cm–112.5cm x W:65cm L:105cm | Folded dimensions: H25.5cm x W65cm x L81cm | Carrycot included: No | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating 4.8 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Best newborn pushchair – Bronze

This affordable three-wheeler from Baby Jogger boasts a one-handed fold and all-wheel suspension which allows you to negotiate any terrain with speed and ease, so it’s great for families who love long, country walks.

If you buy the separate carrycot (from £209), the GT2 can be used from birth, however, it’s worth noting that the GT2’s seat unit only faces forwards; there’s no parent-facing option unless you use it with the carrycot. It does offer longevity though; its 22kg seat capacity is more generous than most strollers, which only go up to 15kg, so it should last beyond three years or suit a larger child.

The all-new GT2 design boasts “forever air” rubber tyres, filled with foam rather than air, which MFM reviewer mum-of-one Becky Ferguson describes as ‘fantastic’ as ‘there’s no need to worry about punctures’. She also praised it for its agility, claiming it’s easier to steer than prams such as the Bugaboo Cameleon(£845) or Babystyle Oyster 3 (£499).

She also found the steering very ‘reactive’ – an opinion backed up by our home tester, who said it was “Exceptionally easy to steer while feeling sturdy as well.” The hood was also praised by our home testers for its “large, factor 50 sunshade.” All of these features make it great for long walks but as our reviewer found, you have to purchase the rain cover separately (£24), which is definitely an essential when it comes to UK weather.

It’s also worth noting despite its name, it can’t actually be used for running and unlike most models it features a hand-operated brake rather than a foot brake, which can be off-putting for some.

Pros: One-handed fold, good suspension, affordable, generous hood
Cons: No parent-facing option, hand-operated brake, rain cover not included

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

Available from: Uber Kids and Amazon

6. Babystyle Oyster 3, £499

Best for compact spaces

Suitable for: birth to 22kg | Weight: 11.7kg | Unfolded dimensions: H:102cm x W:57cm x L:94cm | Folded dimensions: H57cm x W37cm x L71cm | Carrycot included: No | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.2 stars

For those with space constraints, the Babystyle Oyster 3 is an attractive and affordable option. While robust and durable, it’s also easy to manoeuvre and collapses simply with a compact fold. The latest updates include improvements to wheel and basket size to make them larger, as well as a higher seat.

MFM reviewer and mum-of-1 Becky praises it for being an excellent city pram, “It is very smooth on pavements and easy to mount kerbs with ease of manoeuvrability in an urban environment, e.g. getting in and out of shops.” She also found it moved with ease over grass, so would be good for trips to the park, but more challenging terrain can prove difficult.

Its space-saving qualities include the fact the seat can fold down with the chassis and wheels can be removed. One MFM user notes she can “easily” fit it into her “small car boot”, although some MFM users did note the chassis can feel a little heavy when folded with the chair attached.

It’s suitable from birth to up to four years/22kg and its lie-flat chair can be used from birth and for tilting napping babies and toddlers back when they fall asleep. It’s also available in a range of eight colourways to suit tastes and styles, as well as the choice of a grey or chrome chassis. Additionally, it has a large UV hood that can accommodate babies even when in lie-flat mode.

Pros: Compact, affordable, lie-flat seat
Cons: Uneven terrains more of a challenge

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Babystyle Oyster 3

Available from: Amazon and Pramworld

7. UPPAbaby Vista V2, £979.99

Perfect for expanding families

Suitable for: birth to 22kg | Weight: 12.4kg | Unfolded dimensions: H:100.3cm x W:65.3cm x L:91.4cm | Folded dimensions: H84.5cm x W65.3cm x L44cm | Carrycot included: Yes | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.3 stars

Designed to grow with the family, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 easily converts from a single to double buggy with adaptors and can even accommodate a third child with an additional board. It’s the latest version of UPPAbaby’s popular Vista model, with improvements including a new sun canopy with extra zip-out fabric and a no-rethread design on the harness.

Our MFM reviewer Kath called the original Vista a “one-stop stroller” that’ll see you right through from birth to pre-school. When using it from birth it comes with handy features like a single hand detach on the carrycot, with options to use upper adaptors to make the seat higher during toddler years.

The ideal city pushchair, our reviewer found it “super easy to manoeuvre” between shop aisles and on public transport. However she did find in double mode it was “a little more cumbersome” in tight spaces”.

Unlike some other double buggies on the market, the UPPAbaby Vista offers configurations which allows both children to face outwards, so you avoid the ‘stacking’ issue where one child (on the bottom) gets stuck with no view.

With its 65.3cm width it’s not the slimmest pram on the market, something that’s noted by MFM user reviewer ReadingMummy who commented that “The only negative is that the back wheels are particularly wide, we have had to remove them to get into the front door”. But its roomier size does allow for a generous basket with a weight capacity of 13kg, with a large opening each end and a spring-loaded front for sliding in bigger objects.

Pros: Multiple configurations, easy to manoeuvre
Cons: Wider than some models

Read our full MadeForMums review of the original UPPAbaby Vista

Available from: John Lewis

8. iCandy Lime, £650

A mid-range high-performing pushchair

Suitable for: birth to 25kg | Weight: 10.2kg | Unfolded dimensions: H:98cm x W:62cm x L:70cm | Folded dimensions: H30cm x W62cm x L70cm | Carrycot included: Yes | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.7 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Best compact-folding pushchair – Gold

iCandy is celebrated for its eye-catching colourblock prams and its Lime pushchair offers a compact travel system with an impressively easy fold that can be done with the seat attached. Although iCandy is a premium brand, the Lime is pitched at a lower price than the Peach, yet as noted by many of our users and reviewers, it still manages to feel high-end.

MFM reviewer and grandmother Michelle Martin particularly praises the iCandy Lime for its maneuverability: “iCandy have kept their signature, chunky, tubular wheels which are made from ERP – this virtually guarantees you can negotiate even the toughest ground surfaces without worrying about punctures.

“The Lime handled a busy London park with multiple terrains with relative ease. We tried the pushchair on both grass and gravel and there was no marked difference.”

In spite of being able to take on different surfaces, it doesn’t feel as chunky or heavy as some prams on the market with MFM home tester calling it the “perfect compact and lightweight pushchair”.

We like its handy extras like the carry strap and integrated buggy board for growing families – something that’s praised by one MFM user. There’s also a zip pouch at the rear of the seat for keeping phone and keys safe, which MFM reviewer Michelle Martin found very convenient.

Pros: Stylish, easy and compact fold, integrated ride-on board
Cons: More suited to city terrains

Read our full MadeForMums review of the iCandy Lime

Available from: Amazon, Uber Kids and John Lewis

9. Silver Cross Pioneer, £845

Best for city living

Suitable for: birth to 25kg | Weight: 10.2kg | Unfolded dimensions: H:108-95cm x W:61cm x L:80cm | Folded dimensions: H33cm x W60cm x L87cm | Carrycot included: Yes | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 3.8 stars

The Pioneer, from heritage brand Silver Cross, is a stylish and sturdy option from a heritage brand which makes light work of navigating urban settings. With puncture-proof tyres, improved steering and robust suspension, it’s a great contender if you’re looking for a model which can whizz around town with ease.

MFM reviewer and mum-of-two, Gabrielle, believes the fact that pram comes with a comfortable carrycot is a key attribute, especially as it’s suitable for overnight sleeping. She says “This is a big deal – you can expect to pay around £200 for carrycots that are safe for your baby to stay in all night. And even if you’re not planning on having your newborn baby sleep in the carrycot for hours, the Pioneer’s carrycot is very comfortable and long enough to accommodate even the tallest baby (up to 6 months old or able to sit up unaided).”

Yet, while the Pioneer offers convenient extras such as a cup holder and a rain cover which fits neatly into a pouch, the travel system doesn’t come with a car seat, nor is the pram capable of converting into a double buggy or having a buggy board attached if you’re looking to grow your family.

While its large basket is also one of its key attributes, some MFM users found it “hard to access” once the chair or carrycot was in place on the chassis and others noted that they felt that in spite of the strong suspension and upgraded tyres, the Pioneer is more suited to navigating city life than countryside walks.

Pros: Solid, stylish, strong suspension, large wheels
Cons: Difficult to access basket, can only accommodate one child

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Silver Cross Pioneer

Available from: Silver Cross, Samuel Johnston and John Lewis

10. iCandy Peach All-Terrain Forest Double, £1245

All-terrain with multiple configurations

Suitable for: birth to 25kg | Weight: 19.5kg (double mode) | Unfolded dimensions: H99cm x W55cm x L:52cm | Folded dimensions: H42.5cm x W61cm x L70cm | Carrycot included: Yes | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4 stars

Updated in 2019, the All-Terrain from premium brand iCandy boasts more than 70 improvements. One of its key selling points remains the fact that a converter kit can be bought to turn the single pushchair into a double buggy to accommodate growing families. As MFM reviewer and mum-of-two Rachel comments, “There are a staggering 15 ways to arrange the seats if you include the use of a car seat too.”

Designed for country living, the pram boasts a multi-wheel functionality, and you can easily switch between using three and four wheels, depending on the terrain. Conveniently, as a three-wheeler, the pram can also be used as a jogging buggy. MFM reviewer and mum-of-two Rachel comments that the wheels are ‘large, sturdy, super easy to fit and made using the buggy as a single a real pleasure’.

For all its practicalities and convenience, MFM reviewer and mum-of-two Rachel did highlight the size of the pram when steered as a double though, “While the idea of a single buggy that transforms into a double is great, but in practise I just felt like I was pushing around a bit of a beast.” MFM home tester Rebecca Wong agreed, finding it ‘pretty heavy’ and ‘bulky’ for public transport or hallways.

It’s also noting that if space is an issue, the seat doesn’t fold with the seats still attached – either in single or double-mode – making storage a bit of an issue in a small house or when travelling on public transport. However if space or price isn’t an issue, and you have a growing family and adequate storage space, this is a great contender.

Pros: Multi-wheel functionality, multiple configurations, strong suspension, large wheels
Cons: Can feel heavy when in double mode

Read our full MadeForMums review of the iCandy Peach All Terrain

Available from: iCandy

11. Babyzen YOYO2 (with newborn pack), £375

Lightweight with an ultra-compact fold

Suitable for: birth to 22kg | Weight: 6.6kg | Unfolded dimensions: H106cm x W44cm x L66.2cm | Folded dimensions: H52cm x W18cm x L44cm | Carrycot included: No (newborn pack sold separately) | Car seat compatible: Yes

It may look small but the super-light Yoyo2 0+ is a versatile pushchair, suitable from birth up to approx 4 years (22kg) and is travel system compatible with a 0+ group car seat. The first buggy to fit in an aeroplane overhead locker, it has a tiny fold, but is one for the city, not the country.

And with the addition of the Babyzen Yoyo+ Newborn pack (£190), you can convert your stroller into a parent-facing newborn pushchair with a pop-up canopy, harness, foot cover and head support.

For MFM reviewer and mum-of-two Lucy, the lightweight nature – and stylish design – of the Babyzen is unparalleled: “My first encounter with the Babyzen Yoyo 0+ was like having a total pram detox – it’s smooth, streamlined and featherlight, without compromising on looks. For something so slight, it stands up well to any other city or travel pram I’ve tested.” She also praises it for its manoeuvrability: “On a smooth surface you can almost spin it around in a circle pushing with just one finger, it’s that easy to steer.”

While it’s incredibly lightweight and compact, it’s worth noting that for newborns, the babynest can’t be detached from the chassis, so it can’t be used for overnight sleeping or removed for daytime naps.

The Babyzen Yoyo 0+ measures just 52cm x44cm x18cm when folded (even with the babynest attached), meaning it can fit easily in most car boots. For MFM home tester Hollie, she was particularly impressed with how little room it took up in her car’s boot. Conveniently, it can also be carried on one shoulder with a strap.

In spite of being lightweight and compact, it’s well made and robust – something also acknowledged by many of our testers, who praised its quality in spite of its diminutive frame.

Pros: Lightweight, super compact
Cons: Carrycot can’t be detached, handlebar height can’t be adjusted

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Babyzen YOYO2

Available from: John Lewis and Uber Kids

12. Nuna Mixx Next, £500

A city pushchair with strong suspension

Suitable for: birth to 22kg | Weight: 11.1kg | Unfolded dimensions: H110cm x W60cm x L:82cm | Folded dimensions: H42cm x W60cm x L76cm | Carrycot included: No | Car seat compatible: Yes

With its new and improved steering and a compact fold, the Nuna Mixx Next offers a sturdy and stylish ride at an affordable price.

One of the key selling points is its compact fold, which has been improved with the latest upgrade and thanks to the frame overlapping when folding and the wheels tucking in, even more space is saved. This makes it’s ideal for small spaces, car boots or travelling.

While this pram nips through city settings with ease thanks to its one-hand steer and springy suspension, the tyres are also foam-filled meaning there’s less risk of punctures and t can take on more rural settings with ease, too.

Another bonus is its lie-flat function, which in addition to making it suitable for use from birth, also encourages longer naps for your little one. Its canopy is also generously-sized, providing plenty of give and coverage for sunny and rainy days alike.

Pros: Compact fold, one-hand steer, large canopy, lie-flat seat
Cons: Carrycot sold separately

Available from: Nuna, Mamas & Papas and Pramworld


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