10 of the most compact folding buggies

Short on space and need a pushchair that's tiny when folded? We have the definitive guide to the smallest-folding and most compact-when-folded pushchairs with detailed folding dimensions...

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Most parents will consider at some point in their parenting journey whether they need a compact-fold pushchair. If they’re tight on space, for example, or anticipate traveling a lot, having a compact, easy-to-store buggy is crucial. Others realise a few years on, when the full-sized travel system becomes too bulky and unnecessary for an increasingly independent child.


We have analysed the compact folding pushchairs market and rigorously tested a wide range of different models to help you decide which one is best for you. Each of our recommended compact-folding pushchairs has been used regularly by a journalist with a baby or toddler. We’ve also combined these results with feedback from mums to bring you the best selection.

What are the different types of compact-folding pushchairs?

What we consider compact-folding pushchairs can vary wildly. There are some strollers that fold so small that they fit in the overhead locker on airplanes, or even in a generous shopping bag. These can be super-light and the perfect solution for frequent travel. Others on our list are more substantial as they combine a comparatively compact fold with all the versatility of a full-sized travel system.

For example, some users might want an extendable handle bar, a large basket or a parent-facing seat, as well as a compact fold. Such features can be deal breakers, so it’s fantastic that there are a wide range of options that offer them.

In addition, not all folding mechanisms are the same. Some are truly one-handed – you can fold the buggy on a busy bus with your baby in your other arm. Others require a bit more involvement.

“We personally love a one handed fold, becoming a parent you will be impressed with how many things you can do one-handed whilst holding your little one,” says Charlotte Gelstharp at Natural Baby Shower, a popular online retailer for pushchairs.

“A one-handed fold on your pushchair can be an absolute lifesaver so you can hold your child and fold down your pushchair at the same time.”

It’s worth identifying your priorities of use before making a decision. If the compact-fold pushchair is a second buggy for ad hoc city trips and travels, you will probably want an easy fold and small dimensions. If you’re thinking of using it as your primary baby transport, a more comfortable, versatile model might be the best.

“Also, think about where you are going to store your pushchair when it’s not in use,” adds Charlotte. “Also consider the size of your boot for when you are travelling and find one that, when folded, fits nicely into these areas.”

What age are compact-folding pushchairs suitable from?

Not every compact pushchair is suitable for newborns, as they need to lie on a completely flat and firm surface – this is another factor to consider when making a decision.

“Most compact strollers now have the option of a newborn carrycot to offer families the full solution to use this style of pushchair from birth,” says Charlotte.

She adds, “If your chosen pushchair has a lie-flat seat unit, you need to make sure it fully reclines to a 180 degree lie-flat.” If it isn’t completely flat we’d only recommend it for occasional use with a baby up to 6 months, and opting for a carrycot or newborn cocoon for everyday use instead.

How much does a compact-folding pushchair cost?

Prices of compact-fold strollers also vary wildly. Our list ranges from around £150 to over £650, but the good news is, that there are so many fantastic models out there, there is bound to be the right one for every parent’s needs.

1. iCandy Lime, £650

Best for versatility and ease of fold

Age suitability: Birth (with carrycot) to 25kg | Weight: 10.2kg (chassis and seat) | Parent-facing: Yes | Adjustable handlebar: 98-109cm | Unfolded dimensions: H109cm x L77.5cm x W62cm | Folded dimensions: H74cm x L62cm x W30cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.7 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Compact-fold pushchair – Gold

The Lime from hugely popular brand iCandy is compact and hard-working. It offers all the benefits of a full-blown travel system – and more. For example, the newborn carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping and the frame has an integrated ride-on board for older siblings.

Best of all, its fold is very compact and very easy to master. This makes the Lime a fantastic investment, and explains why it won gold at this year’s MFM Awards in the compact-fold buggy category.

Users really appreciate the fact that the Lime offers such a comprehensive list of elements for its price. MFM reviewer Michelle noted: “The iCandy Lime is a very generous package. I absolutely love it – it’s a top-quality travel system that’s built to last, looks good and drives really well.”

MadeForMums home tester Dominic who tried the Lime with his 6-month-old daughter was “very, very impressed with the thoughtfulness and functionality of the buggy”, adding that he found the fold mechanism very straight-forward.

Pros: Versatile and long-lasting, easy to fold
Cons: Not the smallest

Read our full MadeForMums review of the iCandy Lime.

Available from: Baby Planet, Uber Kids and iCandy

2. Bugaboo Ant, £429

Travel-friendly with lots of storage

Age suitability: Birth (with cocoon) to 22kg | Weight: 7.2kg | Parent-facing: Yes | Adjustable handlebar:95-104cm | Unfolded dimensions: H97cm x L102cm x W41cm | Folded dimensions: H55cm x L38cm x W23 cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.2 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Compact-fold pushchair – Silver

Iconic brand Bugaboo entered the travel buggy category with its futuristic-looking Ant last year. It is by far the most compact of the Bugaboo range, but retains some of the great design details the company is known for. Parents love the sturdiness of the Ant, and the well thought-out functionality.

Given that it fits into most airlines’ overhead lockers, it offers a considerable amount of features – from adjustable handlebar to reversible seat and integrated connectors for a buggy board. It also has a great storage basket, which is unusual for such a compact buggy. Though it is worth keeping in mind that the fold can’t be done one-handed as MFM tester Sarah found, “It takes a little while to get the hang of folding and unfolding, and requires a slightly firmer hand -especially when new.”

It is also not the lightest on our list, but many users actually appreciate how sturdy it is. As MFM reviewer Sybilla, mum of 5, pointed out, “One thing the Ant chassis cannot be accused of is being flimsy.  Not only is it expensive looking, the Ant lives up to the superior quality you would expect from a Bugaboo product.”

The Ant won Joint Silver at the MFM Awards this year and home tester Rebecca thought it handled so much better than other compact buggies on the market. “It felt much smoother to push,” she said. “I really like how Bugaboo has designed the folding and recline options and I love that you can parent- or world-face.”

Pros: Sturdy, very compact, lots of storage
Cons: Complex fold mechanism, not as lightweight as some

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Bugaboo Ant

Available from: Amazon, Natural Baby Shower and John Lewis

3. Junior Jones J Tourer, £299

Best for an easy fold

Age suitability: Lie-flat seat for occasional use from birth, to 22kg | Weight: 7.3kg | Parent-facing: No | Adjustable handlebar: No | Unfolded dimensions: H101.5cm x L66cm x W46.5cm | Folded dimensions:H46.5cm x L55.5cm x W22.5 cm | Car seat compatible: No | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Compact-fold pushchair – Silver

Junior Jones is a new brand with an interesting range of products, and the J Tourer is its model aimed at the travel market. It definitely impresses with the ease of its fold, which should make transport and storing a breeze. It was very convincing at this year’s MFM Awards, winning Joint Silver in the compact-fold buggy category.

Home tester Sangeeta was bowled over by its functionality. “It’s so easy to open, close and fold, it’s going to be a game-changer for us,” she said. Other MFM judges particularly rated its comfort and superior quality materials.

The J Tourer doesn’t offer many additional extras like a car seat or carrycot – but if you’re after a well-crafted, comfortable travel companion for your child, this is a worthy contender.

Pros: Very easy to fold, high quality materials
Cons: No car seat or carrycot option

Available from: Bumps N Babies, Junior Jones

4. Baby Jogger City Tour 2, £249

Best for an urban runaround

Age suitability: Birth (with carrycot) to 22kg | Weight: 6.5kg | Parent-facing: with carrycot | Adjustable handlebar: No | Unfolded dimensions: H102cm x L92cm x W50cm | Folded dimensions: H18cm x L58cm x W50 cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Compact-fold pushchair – Bronze

Baby Jogger is a brand known for its simple products, done well. They are sturdy and easy to use, and they last. The new City Tour is no exception. It is a no-frills, but solid travel buggy, that scores well on functionality.

MFM reviewer Natalie, who tested it with both her 3-year-old and 2-month-old, said: “Overall, this is a smart-looking, convenient and lightweight compact buggy, so if you travel on trains or live in the city, I recommend you give it a look. Once you’ve mastered the one-handed fold you can never go back.”

Suited more for an urban terrain, Natalie did however find that the City Tour 2 didn’t perform as well on challenging surfaces, “The wheels do feature some level of suspension but expect the ride across uneven ground to be bumpy.”

Winning joint Bronze at this year’s MFM Awards, the City Tour 2 particularly impressed the judges with its smooth folding mechanism. Home tester Jason felt it was “very light and felt incredibly solid when up. All in all, a very good pram and a very smooth ride.”

This is very in line with all of Baby Jogger’s products, making it a reliable investment.

Pros: Easy one-handed folding mechanism, sturdy
Cons: Struggles on bumpy terrain

Available from: Amazon, Winstanleys Pramworld and Little Angels

5. Infababy Ezeego stroller, £149.99

Best value compact-fold pushchair

Age suitability: Birth (only occasional, with lie-flat seat) to 15kg | Weight: 6kg | Parent-facing: No | Adjustable handlebar: No | Unfolded dimensions: H100cm x L81cm x W47cm | Folded dimensions:H29cm x L56cm x W47cm | Car seat compatible: No | MFM Review Star Rating: 4 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Compact-fold pushchair – Bronze

If you are after a super-compact buggy at a low price, the Infababy Ezeego is worth considering. It is one of the most lightweight and easy-to-fold on our list, and it consistently impresses parents with its smooth handling.

Home testers for this year’s MFM Awards (in which the Ezeego won Joint Bronze) highlighted this. Mum Annabelle, for example, said: “The stroller is really smooth to push and goes over bumps nicely.”

Though our testers did find that its super-compact size was also reflected in the small basket and narrow handlebars. “I feel the basket is too small and the handles are uncomfy and do not extend,” says Jodie. Mum Annabelle, who is 5’11”, also found she had to lean slightly forward to be able to push the Ezeego.

The Ezeego is one of the most affordable compact-folding strollers at £150. However, the low price doesn’t mean compromise on quality, with MFM Awards judges remarking on the quality of its fabrics and design, and perceived durability. This makes it a great option as a secondary or occasional buggy for travel and trips.

Pros: Lightweight, affordable
Cons: Basket is small and difficult to access, narrow handle bar

Available from: Infababy

6. Silver Cross Jet, £275

A super compact travel stroller

Age suitability: Birth (only occasional, with lie-flat seat) to 15kg | Weight: 5.9kg | Parent-facing: No | Adjustable handlebar: No | Unfolded dimensions: H96cm x L90cm x W45cm | Folded dimensions:H18cm x L55cm x W30cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.4 stars

Silver Cross is a long-standing, popular brand, trusted by parents worldwide. And it was the top buggy brand according to respondents to our MFM Bump Project survey. The Jet combines an extremely compact fold with some nice quality fabrics. It is also very lightweight and therefore very easy to take anywhere.

“The Silver Cross is a very snazzy little compact stroller that would come in very handy on all sorts of trips,” wrote MFM reviewer Anna, who tested the Jet with her 2-year-old. “Its fold is really astounding and very handy when you’re tight on space. It combines this with an adaptable and comfortable seat.”

Mores suited as a secondary buggy for travel than a main workhorse, the Jet is really easy to take along, and offers some great features to keep children comfortable when on the road like the adjustable leg rest and the option to open a vent on hotter days when the seat is reclined.

MFM user reviewers unanimously loved the Jet, all giving it the full 5 stars, however some did find the basket hard to access as it has a bar running across it like MFM reviewer Anna, “I definitely wasn’t able to pop my changing bag in, but used it for easily accessible loose stuff, such as water bottles, wipes and jacket.”

Pros: Impressively compact, lightweight
Cons: Low handlebar, unpractical basket

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Silver Cross Jet

Available from: John Lewis, Amazon and Very.co.uk

7. Babyzen YOYO2, £399

Best combination of versatility and travel size

Age suitability: Birth (with cocoon) to 22kg | Weight: 6.1kg | Parent-facing: with cocoon | Adjustable handlebar: No | Unfolded dimensions: H106cm x L44cm x W86cm | Folded dimensions: H52cm x L44cm x W18cm  | Car seat compatible: Yes

The Babyzen YOYO has quickly established itself as the go-to compact buggy for city-dwellers and keen travellers. It has become so popular with parents far and wide, that it set the bar in the sector – and has been much copied.

The YOYO still stands out thanks to its ease of use, clever details and overall superior functionality. The YOYO2 improves on the original with even better quality, and some additional features such as faux leather handle finish and extended weight capacity. Even though the YOYO doesn’t have an adjustable handle bar or reversible seat, it is still quite adaptable through clever design details.

For example, it is very easy to use the bespoke ride-on board, and you can get a clip-on bag to store an extra 10kg. This means it gives owners far more options than simpler compact buggies. In fact, many parents have ditched their primary prams for a YOYO-only approach.

Parents who left reviews on John Lewis loved the YOYO2’s ease of use. “It’s so lightweight and easy to use, fold, unfold, carry, push,” raved one. “I rarely take out our larger more luxury pram anymore and prefer to use the yoyo most of the time as its just easier.”

Pros: Super compact and easy fold
Cons: Low, handlebar not adjustable

Read the full MFM review of the original Babyzen Yoyo

Available from: John Lewis, Natural Baby Shower and Mamas and Papas

8. Bugaboo Bee5, £549.99

A sturdy city stroller

Age suitability: from birth (with bassinet) to 17kg | Weight: 8.9kg | Parent-facing: Yes | Adjustable handlebar: Yes | Unfolded dimensions: H92cm x L85cm x W53cm | Folded dimensions: H32cm x L90cm x W46.5cm  | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.6 stars

The Bugaboo Bee is one of the original compact-fold pushchairs, and the Bee5 is its impressive latest iteration. It has a smooth folding action with an impressively compact fold size, given the generous seat and functionality of this stroller. It is a great all-rounder with car seat compatibility, a reversible seat, superior suspension and suitability from birth.

MFM reviewer Magda, loved the way it handled on different terrain. “The Bee5 is most at home on city streets, and you can really get up some pace as it feels so light and responsive to push – even with one hand,” she wrote. “I also found it smooth to push along grass when taking a short cut across the park, and my long walks along the river path were no problem for the Bee5.”

Even though it does not compete with the airline locker-friendly travel buggies, it does fold in one piece making it one of the strongest contenders in the compact stroller market.

Pros: Great seat size, one-piece fold
Cons: Expensive, not as compact as others

Read the full MFM review of the Bugaboo Bee5

Available from: John Lewis, Kiddies Kingdom and Natural Baby Shower

9. Nuna Mixx Next, £500

Fantastic for comfort

Age suitability: From birth (with carrycot) to 22kg | Weight: 11kg | Parent-facing: Yes | Adjustable handlebar: Yes | Unfolded dimensions: H110cm x L82cm x W60cm | Folded dimensions: H42cm x L76cm x W60cm | Car seat compatible: Yes

The latest generation of the Nuna Mixx offers all the usual features of this luxury brand. The fabrics, cushioning and comfort for baby are great, and the folding mechanism is really easy.

It is the heaviest stroller on our list, but the fold is satisfyingly smooth and compact and makes this product a popular choice.

The Mixx Next is also incredibly versatile, with car seat and carrycot options, and it’s sturdy enough to last a number of years and be suitable for older toddlers going all the way up to 22kg (approx. 5 years).

Pros: Very versatile, luxurious, many design features
Cons: Not as compact as some, heavy

Available from: Mamas and Papas, Winstanleys Pramworld and Trendybaby.co.uk

10. GB Pockit+ All Terrain, £179.95

Most impressive folded size

Age suitability: from birth (with Cot To Go newborn kit) to 22kg | Weight: 5.6kg | Parent-facing: Only with carrycot | Adjustable handlebar: No | Unfolded dimensions: H102cm x L71cm x W42cm | Folded dimensions: H20cm x L55cm x W34cm | Car seat compatible: Yes

An upgrade of the original Pockit, this “All Terrain” version is a winner with many parents for its astounding weight and compact fold. Parents on Amazon, for example, all rate the Pockit+ All Terrain either 4 or 5 stars. They love how compact it is. One reported: “I love this pushchair, [it’s] so useful. I used both version of this pushchair. The first model is slightly smaller but this one I find more sturdy.”

The Pockit+ is jaw-droppingly tiny, especially when folded, but the All Terrain is more robust than its predecessor and can also be boosted with the GB Cot To Go carrycot (£109) or car seat from GB or Cybex.

Pros: Super compact, lightweight
Cons: Have to purchase newborn carrycot separetely

Read the full MFM review of the original Pockit+ stroller

Available from: Amazon, John Lewis and Uber Kids


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