Compact-folding pushchairs are buggies that take up very little space when they’re folded with the seat on. Some fold up small enough to be used as cabin baggage on a flight, and they're usually lightweight enough to carry using a handle or shoulder strap. They’re perfect if you’re tight on room, have a small car boot or are planning to do lots of travelling as a family. Others are day-to-day buggies with larger wheels and more features, which fold particularly small considering their size.


The first really compact folding models were often seen as a second buggy – purchased after a child had turned 6 months old – but there has been a lot of development in this category over the last few year, and some compact pushchairs are now a great option from birth. They work well if you don’t have the space in your home to opt for a full-size pushchair or travel system, or if you live in an apartment and want a compact buggy that’s easy to carry up and down stairs or store in a hallway or car.

Compact pushchairs can also be handy once your child has grown out of the newborn phase, especially if you do lots of travelling or use public transport. For many parents, especially those living in urban areas, a big travel system isn’t necessary every day and it makes more sense to have a nimble compact that's easily stashed away. As your family grows, if a double pushchair isn't suitable, it could be possible to push a compact pushchair one-handed while holding onto the older sibling with the second hand (or letting them ride on a buggy board).

Our list of compact folding pushchairs is a combination of 2 product types: firstly there are the true compact folds that are super-small for travel or urban living. We've then included some more traditional travel systems and premium pushchairs that fold up smaller than their rivals, for those looking for a from-birth solution with more functionality.

Best compact pushchairs at a glance

  • Best budget compact fold pushchair: Graco Myavo, £130
  • Best pushchair for travel: Cybex Libelle, £199.95
  • Best pushchair with a folding carrycot: Joolz Aer, £399
  • Best parent-facing pushchair: Cybex Eezy S Twist+2, £469.95
  • Best pushchair for convertibility: Babyzen Yoyo2, £399
  • Best pushchair for the smallest fold: GB Pockit+ All-Terrain, £169.95
  • Best pushchair for an adjustable handlebar: Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller, £299
  • Best pushchair for a lie-flat seat: Mamas & Papas Airo, £299
  • Best pushchair for storage: Uppababy Minu V2, £429
  • Best pushchair for tougher terrains: LeClerc Influencer XL, £419
  • Best compact fold travel system: Bugaboo Bee6, £645
  • Best pushchair for sustainability: Silver Cross Dune, £795

How we tested the pushchairs

MadeForMums has analysed over 600 pushchairs and rigorously tested a wide range of compact-folding models to help you decide which one is best for you. Each of our recommended compact-folding pushchairs has been used regularly by a journalist with a baby or toddler, and we’ve combined these results with our expert industry knowledge, plus feedback from parent testers all over the UK, to bring you the best selection.

For each item on our list, we’ve considered ease of fold, size of fold, weight, price, age suitability, car seat or carrycot compatibility and whether it can be parent- and world-facing. We also looked at accessories and extra features.

What should I look for or consider when buying a compact-fold pushchair?

Frequency of use – Some strollers are super-light and the perfect solution for travel, but might feel a bit too lightweight for everyday use. Others are more substantial as they combine a comparatively compact fold with all the versatility of a full-sized travel system and are designed for everyday use with a newborn. Identifying what your priority is will make choosing much easier.

More like this

Age suitability – A lot of compact folding pushchairs are designed for older babies and toddlers who can sit up, but an increasing number are suitable from birth, either offering a lie-flat seat or the option to buy an additional carrycot. Some may also be travel system compatible, meaning you can attach an infant car seat. In order to keep the frame light, it may be that a carrycot or car seat attaches on top of the seat fabric. This is perfectly safe and functional, but it can look a bit odd.

Seat recline – Some compact folding pushchairs only have a small recline. This may be fine for some toddlers, but it's not suitable for younger babies. It's also worth noting that pushchairs can be categorised as lie-flat even if they’re not completely flat – they can still lie at 150° angle rather than a flat 180°. We’d strongly recommend that if you’re using this as your main buggy from birth, that you ensure you choose one that lies completely flat or comes with a carrycot.

Adjustability – Many compact strollers don’t offer that much in terms of adjustability – no extendable handlebar, a seat can’t be parent-facing, it can’t lie flat, and so on. These features add weight and bulk, which is why they're often the first to go. If you value a degree of adjustability, you might want to go for a model that is slightly less compact, but we've also found models in this list that offer those extra features while still being travel-friendly.

Fold type – Not all folding mechanisms are created equal, and just because a pushchair has a compact fold, that doesn’t mean it’s a smooth, fuss-free folding process. Some are truly one-handed with the push of a button. Others require a bit more involvement, two hands, or a few steps to fold it down, but they may fold down much smaller as a result making them more suitable for travel, particularly by plane.

Comfort – Often, when a design focuses so much on minimising size, comfort features, such as soft padding or extendable hoods to ward off harsh sunshine, can be neglected. The compact buggy category spans a huge range from purely functional with minimal comfort features, to rather luxurious models. If you’re planning to use the buggy as your everyday mode of transport, this might become a crucial factor in decision-making.

Storage – If you find yourself relying on your buggy to do all the heavy lifting – shopping, changing bag, sports kit, snacks – then choosing a compact buggy might be tricky. There are many that don’t offer much in terms of storage, some don’t even allow you to store your handbag. So, basket size – and access to that basket – can become a top priority.

Accessories – Since their compact, and often lightweight, design means they have a more stripped-back feel, many of these models come with the option to purchase additional accessories like footmuffs, cup holders, shopping bags, parasols and so on. Some don't even have a rain cover included as standard, so do look out for this when calculating overall cost: what was a bargain may be less of one when you work out how many added extras you'll need.

Price – Although these buggies are small, light and streamlined, all the technology to get them so compact means they often come at a cost. The majority of buggies in our list are around the £200-£400 mark, but a more comprehensive option suitable from birth could set you back over £1,000.

Here are the best compact-fold pushchairs for all budgets

1. Graco Myavo, £130

– Best budget buy

Graco Myavo pushchair tested with a baby

Age suitability: Birth to 22kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: H52.5cm x W65.3cm x 32.5cm | Weight: 5.8kg | Car seat compatible: No

If you're looking for a cheap day-to-day runaround that folds up super small, you can't go far wrong with Graco's great value Myavo stroller. At a third of the price of some of the very high-end models in this list, it still packs in plenty of great features, including a good-sized UPF 50+ hood, solid wheels, a bumper bar, a calf rest, and a decently-sized basket.

It also has a one-handed magic fold, although it is worth noting this has one of the larger folds on the list and is not suitable for taking into the cabin of a plane.

Although the buggy doesn't have a specific newborn cocoon or pod, it can be used from birth due to its full recline, although it doesn't have a parent-facing option and it's probably more useful from around the 6 month mark.

Parent tester Carol, who tested this with her 6 month old (pictured) said, "The stroller folds down with one hand, one click and stands on its own within seconds. Storing it once folded is really easy as its quite compact, which is quite handy if using public transport, restaurants and you needed to fold the stroller down to make space. I would definitely recommend it as a travel stroller particularly in city areas. I also think for older babies and toddlers this would be a really good everyday stroller."

Pros: Very lightweight, one-handed fold, great value
Cons: No specific newborn accessory, not the most sturdy

Available from: Boots, Very and Halfords

2. Cybex Libelle, £199.95

– Best for travel

Cybex libelle pushchair compact fold

Age suitability: From 6 months to 22kg | One-handed fold: No | Folded dimensions: W32cm xH20cm x L48cm | Weight: 5.9kg | Parent-facing: No | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM review star rating: 4.1 | Awards: Gold – Compact-fold pushchair under £300, MadeForMums Awards 2023

The Cybex Libelle has one of the most eye-catching compact folds in our round-up: it doesn't just fold down, but in too, making a neat, flat package that's smaller than most hand luggage allowances. It's a two-handed fold, but it's easy to operate and ideal for travel.

The compromise you pay for that tiny fold is a pushchair that's slightly less versatile than some other models. It doesn’t come with a carrycot option and the recline doesn’t go near-flat, but it is compatible with Cybex’s range of infant car seats, so you can use it from birth as a travel system if you’re not planning to be on the go for too long at a time. The sun hood doesn’t provide as much coverage as some other models on the list, but this pushchair definitely wins on weight and portability. MFM reviewer Sarah (pictured) also added, "The seat unit is surprisingly large and roomy."

MFM home tester Pooja commented: “I cannot believe how small it becomes without compromising the quality and stability. We took it onto hilly grass and it handled it a lot better than I expected. It moves and turns smoothly and doesn’t bounce up and down much, making it comfortable and relaxing for my baby.”

Pros: Super compact fold, good value
Cons: No carrycot option, sunshade could be more extendable

Read the full MFM Cybex libelle pushchair review

Available from: Boots, Samuel Johnston, Baby Planet and Argos

3. Joolz Aer, £399

– Best for a folding carrycot

Joolz Aer compact fold pushchair

Age suitability: From birth with carrycot to 22kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: L53.5cm x W45cm x H21.5cm | Weight: 6kg | Parent-facing: With carrycot | Car seat compatible: No | MFM review star rating: 4.6

A premium compact pushchair that's always a hit with our parents testers with older babies, the Joolz Aer now offers an innovative option from birth too, courtesy of its Aer cot. With a wiggle and a push the clever carrycot can be folded down with the buggy, offering a truly compact solution for newborns.

It is one of the more expensive compacts on our list, especially if you're investing in the carrycot too, but testers agree that the Aer can cope well with everyday tasks, making it an ideal option for those wanting a compact as their main buggy from day one. “I would definitely recommend the Joolz Aer,” said parent tester Anita. “It is amazingly compact, lightweight and easy to fold/unfold one-handed with very little effort." MFM reviewer Donna, who tested the pushchair with her 7 month old (pictured) added, "It really was a one-hand, one-second opening buggy as the company boasts."

The ergonomic backrest will keep your child comfortable and supported no matter their age, although some reviewers have remarked that it can be a bit fiddly to secure it upright after a recline. Anita thought the Aer performed surprisingly well over a range of ages, “I have tried it with my 6-month-old and my nearly 3-year-old and they have both seemed comfortable in it,” she said.

It also performs surprisingly well on wet ground, despite having very small wheels. “It can easily be steered with one-hand (even at the upper age range) and can take on narrow shopping aisles as well as muddy grass with ease," said Anita.

Pros: Versatile, sturdy, folding carrycot available
Cons: Fiddly recline, expensive

Read the full MFM Joolz Aer pushchair review

Available from: Boots, Samuel Johnston and Joolz

4. Cybex Eezy S Twist+2, £469.95

– Best for parent-facing

Cybex Eezy S Twist+2 compact fold pushchair

Age suitability: from birth with carrycot to 22kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: L68cm x W47.5cm x H30.5cm | Weight: 8.6kg | Parent-facing: Yes | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review star rating: 4.6 stars

The stand-out feature of this compact buggy is the 360-degree seat rotation system, which allows you to twist the seat around to switch between parent-facing or world-facing – an option that's not found in the majority of other compact pushchairs. This makes it a great option for younger babies, as it also has a lie-flat seat and the option to add a Cybex carrycot for a more cosy newborn option.

It is one of the heavier options on our list due to the twisting mechanism, but according to MFM home tester Abigail, it is a dream to push. “This pram is like pushing a feather, even with a heavy toddler in,” she said. “And then even lighter once folded. I pop my pram in the boot whilst holding my toddler and I can do it without struggling.”

MFM reviewer Katy (whose son is pictured above) was really impressed with its robustness and ease of steering. She said, “it’s worth the investment as it should genuinely last from birth to the end of toddlerhood.”

Pros: Parent- and world-facing seat, robustness
Cons: Small shopping basket, for such a robust buggy it could do with adjustable handlebar, expensive

Available from: John Lewis

Read the full MFM review of the Cybex Eezy S Twist+2

5. Babyzen Yoyo2, £399

– Best for convertibility

Babyzen Yoyo2 compact folding pushchair

Age suitability: Birth (with newborn pack or bassinet) to 22kg | One-handed fold: No | Folded dimensions: H52cm x L44cm x W18cm | Weight: 6.1kg | Parent-facing: with newborn options | Carseat compatible: Yes | MFM Review star rating: 4.4

The Babyzen YOYO was one of the first truly compact folding pushchairs of this type and is still popular with parents far and wide, having set the bar in the sector. It's since been imitated many times. Although it has a more complicated fold than some others on this list, it remains one of the smallest, and the YOYO still stands out thanks to its ease of use, clever details and overall superior functionality. Plus, it's approved to go in the cabin by a number of major airlines. MFM Editor Gemma (whose son is pictured above) has travelled with this buggy a number of times.

The YOYO2 improves on the original with some additional features such as faux leather handle finish and extended weight capacity, plus improved suspension and a sturdier frame. Even though the YOYO doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar or reversible seat, it is still quite adaptable through clever design details and accessories.

For example, as well as two newborn options (the newborn pack or the bassinet) it is very easy to use the bespoke ride-on board for older kids, and you can get a roll-along bag to store an extra 10kg. There's even the YOYO Connect seat that turns it into a tandem double pushchair. This means it gives owners far more options for expansion than simpler compact buggies. In fact, many parents have ditched their primary prams for a YOYO-only approach.

MFM reviewer Natalie reported that the YOYO2 is ideal for an urban lifestyle. “The Babyzen YOYO2 is very manoeuvrable,” she said. “The compact size means you feel in control of the steering and pushing, and the nimble wheels can fit through tight spaces.” But she did caution that it’s not one for all-terrain, country-life, as the small wheels are unlikely to cope.

Pros: Super compact and easy fold, customisable and extendable
Cons: Doesn’t cope well with uneven surfaces, expensive, complicated fold

Read the full MadeForMums Babyzen Yoyo2 review

Available from: Samuel Johnston, John Lewis and Boots

6. GB Pockit+ All-Terrain, £169.95

– Best for the smallest fold

GB Pockit+ All-Terrain Pushchair

Age suitability: 6 months to 22kg (approximately age 4) from birth with Cot To Go (sold separately) | One-handed fold: No | Folded dimensions: H42cm x L34cm x W20cm | Weight: 5.6kg | Parent-facing: no | Carseat compatible: Yes

If a truly tiny fold is what you're looking for, this is the most compact of all compact fold pushchairs, folding to the size of a small backpack and squeaking in just under the Cybex Libelle (overall there's a 4cm difference between the two). It's also exceedingly lightweight at under 6kg, so you can carry it with ease.

However, to keep it that streamlined, it does come with a similarly streamlined list of features: the hood is small, the seat is minimal, the frame is light and the wheels are small. However, it has a decent recline (not flat, but enough for a toddler to nap) and feels well made for its competitive price.

It is worth noting that the "all terrain" name is also something of a misnomer: although the 8 wheels (in pairs of 2) definitely help with balance on more difficult surfaces like cobblestones, this is still not a buggy designed for very uneven terrain, sand or mud: for that you will need air-filled tyres which naturally add both weight and bulk. This doesn't detract from this being a really good value pushchair for travel and beyond, though.

Pros: Tiny fold, very lightweight, good wheels
Cons: Small hood, no calf rest, little storage

Available from: Amazon, UK Baby Centre

7. Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller, £299

– Best for an adjustable handlebar

Ergobaby Metro+ compact fold pushchair

Age suitability: From birth (in newborn nest mode) to 22kg | One-handed fold: No | Folded dimensions: H54cm x L44cm x W25cm | Weight: 7.8kg | Parent-facing: No | Carseat compatible: Yes | MFM review star rating: 4.5 | Awards: Gold – Compact-fold pushchair under £300, MadeForMums Awards 2023

Ergobaby's entry to the compact fold pushchair market addresses a number of the issues people have with some very stripped-back lightweight strollers: there's a generous basket, decent-sized wheels, plenty of padding, a good seat recline, and – perhaps most importantly – an adjustable handlebar. For very tall or short caregivers, this could mean a far more comfortable push.

Those added features do make the pushchair slightly heavier overall, at 7.8kg (vs an average of around 6kg). However, the fold is still very compact and those features do really add to the comfort and convenience of the stroller. MFM reviewer Bianca, who tested this with her 6 month old, said, "My baby seemed extremely comfortable and secure thanks to the ergonomic padding and robust safety straps. I believe it will last my baby well into her toddler years as there’s plenty of room for her to grow into."

Parent tester Connie said, "The ergobaby metro+ stroller is extremely simple to use. It is not a one hand open but is still very simple and quick to open and fold back down which is very beneficial for me. it is lightweight and easy to carry (with the bonus of the carry handle on the seat cushion) and folds up very small, so could even fit in the smallest of cars."

Pros: Extendable handlebar, good storage, small fold
Cons: Heavier than some other models,

Read the full MFM Ergobaby Metro+ stroller review

Available from: Amazon, John Lewis and Kiddies Kingdom

8. Mamas & Papas Airo, from £299

– Best for a lie-flat seat

Mamas & Papas Airo compact folding pushchair

Age suitability: From birth to 22kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: H55cm x L45cm x W25cm | Weight: 7.6kg | Parent-facing: With carrycot or carseat | Carseat compatible: Yes | MFM review star rating: 3.4

The Mamas & Papas Airo is a great option for families who like their babies to nap on the go. The comfortable but supportive seat reclines flat with a good protective hood, and you can also invest in a newborn carrycot pack (sold separately for £149) to provide extra comfort – and a parent-facing option – from birth.

The compact fold is very small but not quite within hand luggage restrictions due to its 25cm width. On the plus side it comes with straps, which can be used to carry the pushchair over a shoulder on your back like a backpack. MFM reviewer, Lucy (pictured), did say "I would only do this for short periods, like waiting to board a plane."

Like the Ergobaby Metro+, this has an adjustable handlebar, but it doesn't reach as high as the Metro+ so if this is an important feature to you as a taller parent or caregiver, we suggest comparing these two carefully – the Metro+ goes 6cm higher in total.

Pros: Lie-flat seat, newborn options, good hood, bumper bar, adjustable handlebar
Cons: Expensive (especially with accessories), no parent-facing option for the seat

Read the full MFM Mamas & Papas Airo pushchair review

Buy from: Mamas & Papas, Boots and Very

9. UPPAbaby Minu V2, £429.99

– Best for sturdiness

UPPAbaby Minu

Age suitability: From 6 months to 22kg (from birth with carrycot) | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: H58.4cm x L52cm x W31.7cm | Weight: 7.7kg | Parent-facing: With carrycot or carseat | Carseat compatible: Yes | MFM review star rating: 4.5

If you're concerned that most compact folds won't be practical for daily use because they just don't have the storage and sturdiness you need, this might be the stroller that changes your mind. If you're familiar with UPPAbaby's larger prams like the Cruz and Vista, you'll know the brand is known for its huge shopping baskets, and that popular feature has been replicated – albeit on a smaller scale – in the brand's travel-friendly stroller, the Minu. It offers a solid build at a compact size, with a lightweight frame that still feels built to last.

"It is noticeably lightweight and once folded it’s possible to use the shoulder strap to sling it over your shoulder and carry it like a rucksack or bag. Once folded, it’s also very compact and fits easily into the boot of most cars, even a small one, with room left over for shopping," said MFM reviewer Frances, who tested this with her 6 month old (pictured).

It can be used from birth with the addition of a carrycot or car seat, but our testers felt it really came into its own past 6 months, used as a world-facing stroller that offers plenty of room and comfort for older children.

Parent tester Laura, who tested this with her 13 month old, said, "The MINU V2 feels well designed and made, it offers the quality and luxury of a big travel system, with a compact and stylish design of a pushchair. The spacious seat and adjustable leg rest makes it the perfect stroller for larger toddlers and pre schoolers."
Pros: Sturdily made, good for older toddlers, decent storage
Cons: Need carrycot to use from birth, expensive
Read the full MFM UPPAbaby Minu V2 pushchair review

Buy from: John Lewis, UK Baby Centre and UPPAbaby

10. LeClerc Influencer XL, £419

– Best for trickier terrains

Le Clerc Influencer XL pushchair

Age suitability: From 6 months to 22kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: H60cm x L45cm x W24cm | Weight: 8.2kg | Parent-facing: No | Carseat compatible: No | Awards: Gold – Compact fold pushchair over £300, MadeForMums Awards 2023

If you want a truly compact fold – the type you can take on a plane or fold into the footwell of a car – one thing that tends to be sacrificed is wheel size, and this can affect a buggy's ability to go over more uneven terrains. The Le Clerc Influencer XL is designed to tackle that issue: it has impressive larger wheels that can handle uneven terrains, cobblestones, and wet grass, but it's also super-small when folded (only a few inches larger than something like the Babyzen YOYO or the Bugaboo Butterfly).

"This buggy has made light work of all different surfaces we have pushed it on, it is the smoothest buggy we have used, even in comparison to our first buggy that had huge back wheels," said parent tester Robyn, who tested this with her 1 year old. MFM reviewer Tara agreed, saying "It’s so lightweight and easy to push, it practically steers itself and I love the large seat and wheels so it makes light work of rougher terrain, making it easier to enjoy family adventures together both in town and off the beaten track."

The Influencer XL has Le Clerc's famous magic fold, so it collapses down one-handed at the touch of a button. There's also a good-sized storage basket, and a generous recline (although not completely flat, meaning this is for use from 6 months only).

Pros: Larger wheels for tougher terrains, good storage, one-handed "magic" fold
Cons: Only suitable from 6 months, heavier than most others on the list, expensive

Buy from: Harrods, Bambinista and Le Clerc

11. Bugaboo Bee6, £645

– Best for urban living

Bugaboo Bee 6

Age suitability: from birth (with newborn bassinet pack) to 22kg | One-handed fold: No | Folded dimensions: L90 x W47 x H36cm | Weight: 9.4kg | Parent-facing: Yes | Carseat compatible: Yes | MFM Review star rating: 4.3 stars

If you're looking to buy only one pushchair from birth and do most of your walking around a town or city, the Bugaboo Bee could be your perfect match. One of the original compact-fold pushchairs (before the likes of the YOYO took things to new levels of "compact") it has a smooth one-handed folding action which manages to be surprisingly compact given the generous seat and functionality of this stroller. Although it lacks the tiny fold of a buggy designed for air travel, if you're looking for a does-it-all pushchair that takes up minimal space, this could be the one for you.

The extra few inches and kilograms on this frame mean it can offer things that a lot of more lightweight buggies can't including a reversible seat, superior suspension and suitability from birth. It's also compatible with a number of car seat using adapters (sold separately) turning it into a nimble travel system.

MFM reviewer Matt, who tested this with a newborn and a preschooler, praised some of the new additions to this most recent model. "The wheels on the Bee6 are larger and thicker, and it features a new kickstand that allows you to store the buggy vertically while it’s folded – this is one of those features that you will come to appreciate with use." He also praised the hood, which comes down extra low to protect from sun, showers, or to aid naps.

Pros: Great seat size, one-piece fold, superior adjustability, car seat compatible
Cons: Expensive, not as compact as others

Available from: John Lewis, Bugaboo and Argos

Read the full MFM Bugaboo Bee 6 pushchair review

12. Silver Cross Dune, £795

– Best for sustainability

Silver Cross Dune

Age suitability: from birth to 22kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: L68.5 x W61 x L29cm | Weight: 12.5kg (with seat unit) | Parent-facing: Yes | Carseat compatible: Yes | MFM Review star rating: 4.3 stars

Historically, Silver Cross's newborn prams haven't been the most lightweight or compact, but all that has changed with the introduction of the Dune in 2022, which the brand describes as a "contemporary and compact urban travel system." It offers all the smart features and thoughtful details you'd expect from the heritage brand, but with a small fold, more compact wheels and a more nippy design.

The plush fabrics on the seat have been made from recycled bottles, offering a more sustainable solution without sacrificing the style for which Silver Cross is synonymous. The seat unit has a build in sun cover in addition to the generous hood, a magnetic harness system for easy fastening and a sliding adjuster on the back that means you never need to rethread it. When it comes to keeping a newborn comfortable, the seat unit does lie flat to be used from birth but you also have the option to add a newborn "pod" (a fabric cocoon) or one of two luxurious folding carrycot options.

"This pram is compact, easy-to-use, and great for nipping in and out of the car or for walks around the park. The wheels are very sturdy and withheld being on grass, gravel, cobbles as well as the pavement," said MFM reviewer Amanda, who tested this with her 6 month old.

Pros: Recycled fabrics, good harness, multiple newborn options
Cons: Heavy frame, newborn additions are a costly extra

Buy from: John Lewis, Harrods and Very

How we chose and tested these pushchairs

All the pushchairs in this list have been tested by real families. Our number one criteria when creating this list was fold size, as well as additional features that made individual models stand out. We considered comfort for both child and parent, weight, wheel type, fabrications, longevity, acessories and value for money. 

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

This list is not ranked 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.




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