Compact-folding pushchairs are buggies that take up very little space when they’re folded with the seat on. Some fold up small enough to be used as cabin baggage on a flight, and they're lightweight enough to carry using a handle or shoulder strap. They’re perfect if you’re tight on room, have a small car boot or are planning to do lots of travelling.


Although the original compact folds were often seen as a second buggy – purchased after a child had turned 6 months old – there has been so much development in this category that some compact pushchairs are now great option from birth. They're a great option for parents who just don’t have the space in their home to opt for a full-size pushchair or travel system, or those who live in an apartment and want a compact buggy that’s easy to carry up and down stairs or store in a hallway or car.

Compact pushchairs can also be handy once your child has grown out of the newborn phase, especially if you do lots of travelling or use public transport. For many parents, especially those living in urban areas, a big travel system isn’t necessary every day and it makes more sense to have a nimble compact that's easily stashed away. As your family grows, if a double pushchair isn't suitable, it could be possible to push a compact pushchair one-handed while holding onto the older sibling with the second hand (or letting them ride on a buggy board).

Best compact pushchairs at a glance

  • Best pushchair for easy folding: Leclerc Baby-MF Plus, £359
  • Best pushchair for storage: Micralite ProFold Graphite, £195
  • Best pushchair for striking style: Inglesina Quid2, from £239
  • Best pushchair for a truly tiny fold: Cybex Libelle, £199.95
  • Best pushchair for everyday use: Joolz Aer, £399
  • Best pushchair for a sturdy frame: Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Single, £249
  • Best pushchair for smooth handling: JuniorJone J-Tourer, £299
  • Best pushchair for tight budgets: Chicco Goody, £189
  • Best parent-facing pushchair: Cybex Eezy S Twist+2, £389.95
  • Best pushchair for accessories: Babyzen Yoyo2, £399
  • Best pushchair for versatility: Bugaboo Bee6, £645
  • Best pushchair for fashionable design: Ickle Bubba Globe Prime, £239

How we tested the pushchairs

MadeForMums has analysed over 600 pushchairs and rigorously tested a wide range of compact-folding models to help you decide which one is best for you. Each of our recommended compact-folding pushchairs has been used regularly by a journalist with a baby or toddler, and we’ve combined these results with our expert industry knowledge, plus feedback from parent testers all over the UK, to bring you the best selection.

For each item on our list, we’ve considered ease of fold, size of fold, weight, price, age suitability, car seat or carrycot compatibility and whether it can be parent- and world-facing. We also looked at accessories and extra features.

What should I look for or consider when buying a compact-fold pushchair?

Frequency of use – Some strollers are super-light and the perfect solution for travel, but might feel a bit too lightweight for everyday use. Others are more substantial as they combine a comparatively compact fold with all the versatility of a full-sized travel system and are designed for everyday use with a newborn. Identifying what your priority is will make choosing much easier.

Age suitability – Some compact folding pushchairs are suitable from birth, either offering a lie-flat seat recline or the option to buy an additional carrycot. Some may also be travel system compatible, meaning you can attach an infant car seat. This gives you all the flexibility of a chunkier pushchair without the bulk. Others are more suited for babies over 6 months and toddlers.

Seat height adjustment – Pushchairs can be categorised as lie-flat even if they’re not completely flat – they can still lie at 150° angle rather than a flat 180°. We’d strongly recommend that if you’re using the pushchair frequently, or as your main buggy from birth, that you ensure you choose one that lies completely flat. Alternatively, look for a buggy that has a carrycot option, which some of our compact selections offer.

Adjustability – Many compact strollers don’t offer that much in terms of adjustability – no extendable handle, seat can’t be parent-facing, it can’t lie flat, and so on. If you value a degree of adjustability, you might want to go for a model that is slightly less compact, but can suit your life in a more flexible way.

Fold type – Not all folding mechanisms are created equal, and just because a pushchair has a compact fold, doesn’t mean it’s a smooth, fuss-free folding process. Some are truly one-handed with the push of a button – you can fold the buggy on a busy bus with your baby in your other arm. Others require a bit more involvement, two hands, or a few steps to fold it down, but may fold down much smaller as a result.

Comfort – Often, when a design focuses so much on minimising size, comfort features, such as soft padding or extendable hoods to ward off harsh sunshine, can be neglected. The compact buggy category spans a huge range from purely functional with minimal comfort features, to rather luxurious models. If you’re planning to use the buggy as your everyday mode of transport, this might become a crucial factor in decision-making.

Storage – If you find yourself relying on your buggy to do all the heavy lifting – shopping, changing bag, sports kit, snacks – then choosing a compact buggy might be tricky. There are many that don’t offer much in terms of storage, some don’t even allow you to store your handbag. So, basket size – and access to that basket – can become a top priority.

Accessories – Since their compact, and often lightweight, design means they have a more stripped-back feel, many of these models come with the option to purchase additional accessories like footmuffs, cup holders, shopping bags, parasols and so on. Some don't even come with a rain cover included as standard, so do look out for this when calculating overall cost: what was a bargain may be less of one when you work out how many added extras you'll need.

How much should I expect to pay for a compact-folding pushchair?

Prices of compact-fold strollers vary wildly. Our list ranges from around £190 to over £600. Often, the more you pay, the more versatile the puschair is with potentially a greater range of features. However, even the more budget-friendly options on this list are very impressive and got the thumbs up from our experts and home testers.

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Here are the best compact-fold pushchairs for 2023

1. Leclerc Baby-MF Plus, £359

Best for easy folding

Leclerc Magic fold stroller plus

Age suitability: From birth (in carrycot bundle) to 22kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: H56cm x W47cm x H24cm | Weight: 6.6kg | Parent-facing: Only with the carrycot | Car seat compatible: No | Awards: Gold (joint) – Compact-fold pushchair over £250, MadeForMums Awards 2021

It is no wonder that the Leclerc Baby-MF Plus won gold in the compact-fold pushchair over £250 category of the MadeForMums Awards. The one-button fold-me-down function of the stroller is truly impressive, and the stroller comes with fantastic additional features and accessories, which many compacts don’t offer. These include an extendable hood, adjustable footrest, bumper bar, magnetic easy-close buckle and included cup holder. It also has all-wheel suspension which gives parent and baby a smooth ride – and you can pay for a carrycot bundle if you want to use it from birth.

MFM home tester Charlie loved the way the fold worked every time and how easy it was to operate even when holding a baby and toddler, also remarking how well it handled, “from pavement to park and light gravel”.

Fellow tester Laura liked how “lightweight yet robust” the Magic Fold was and appreciated the wide range of features and accessories.

Pros: Effortless fold, lots of accessories, ease of handling, good basket
Cons: Not car seat compatible

Available from: Baby Planet, Le Clerc and Harvey Baby Store (Ireland)

2. Micralite ProFold Graphite, £195

Best for storage

Micralite Pro fold graphite

Age suitability: 6 months to 15kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: H24cm x W44cm x L51.5cm | Weight: 7kg | Car seat compatible: No | MFM Review star rating: 3.7 stars | Awards: Gold (joint) – Compact-fold pushchair over £250, MadeForMums Awards 2021

UK brand Micralite originally made a name for itself for lightweight yet robust buggies that were sturdy enough for challenging terrain. The ProFold is its entry into the compact-travel category, and the model really impresses with its combination of small fold, large basket and additional features.

The basket is particularly impressive for a compact. The ProFold hasn’t sacrificed on storage space with “more than the average compact buggy”, according to MFM home tester Shante. It also offers additional zipped pouch in the hood, making it ideal for storing your phone or purse on days out and has a handy carry strap.

Shante also highlighted the folding mechanism on the ProFold as a real plus: “It was pretty much ready to go as soon as I removed it from the box. It’s very easy to work out how to open and close it without reading instructions and can be done with one hand – perfect if you are holding your baby or other items.”

The ProFold has scores well with online shoppers, with an overage rating of 4.9 out of 5 on the Micralite website, although MFM reviewer Rykesha didn’t like the wheels and felt it struggled a bit on different terrain.

Pros: Large storage capacity, useful features
Cons: Struggles on rough terrain

Read our full MadeForMums Micralite ProFold review

Available from: Amazon, BabyCareOnline and Micralite

3. Inglesina Quid2, from £239

Best for striking style

Inglesina Quid 2

Age suitability: 6 months to 17kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: W46.5 × L58 × H19cm| Weight: 5.9kg | Parent-facing: No | Car seat compatible: No | Awards: Gold – Compact-fold pushchair under £250, MadeForMums Awards 2021

The Inglesina Quid2 brings a touch of Italian design to the category. “The Quid2’s chassis has a chic and minimal Italian design. This is a handsome-looking, urban stroller,” remarked MFM home tester Amy.

But the brand has also added quality to the style, building a sturdy product that is easy to use and offers some great features. “For such a lightweight stroller, the Quid 2 feels well-made, sturdy and durable - certainly more robust than some other light strollers I’ve tried,” added Amy.

Perfect for travel and summer days out, the extending hood is made from anti-UV treated fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection and there’s a ventilation panel on the back of the seat to increase airflow.

Judges at the MFM Awards 2021 also loved the attention to detail (especially considering the price point) such as the handlebar not touching the ground when folded and the dual functionality of the bumper bar as a handle for the folded stroller. It is worth noting, though, that this is not one for newborns as it doesn’t offer the option of a carrycot, car seat compatibility or a lie-flat recline.

Pros: Fantastic hood extension, comfort, easy fold, well-made
Cons: Not self-standing when folded, recline not fully flat

Available from: Trendy Baby, Baby Boutique and Kaleidoscope Babycare

4. Cybex Libelle, £199.95

Best for a truly tiny fold

Cybex Libelle

Age suitability: From 6 months to 22kg | One-handed fold: No | Folded dimensions: W32cm xH20cm x L48cm | Weight: 5.9kg | Parent-facing: No | Car seat compatible: Yes | Award: Silver – Compact-fold pushchair under £250, MadeForMums Awards 2021

The Cybex Libelle has one of the most eye-catching compact folds in our round-up: it doesn't just fold down, but in too, making a neat, flat package. It's a two-handed fold but it's easy to operate and ideal for travel.

The compromise you pay for that tiny fold is a pushchair that's slightly less versatile than some other models. It doesn’t come with a carrycot option and the recline doesn’t go near-flat, but it is compatible with Cybex’s range of infant car seats, so you can use it from birth if you’re not planning to be on the go for too long at a time. The sun hood doesn’t provide as much coverage as some other models on the list, but this pushchair definitely wins on weight and portability.

MFM home tester Pooja commented: “I cannot believe how small it becomes without compromising the quality and stability. We took it onto hilly grass and it handled it a lot better than I expected. It moves and turns smoothly and doesn’t bounce up and down much, making it comfortable and relaxing for my baby.”

Pros: Super compact fold, good value
Cons: No carrycot option, sunshade could be more extendable

Available from: Boots, Samuel Johnston, Baby Planet and Natural Baby Shower

5. Joolz Aer, £399

Best for everyday use

Joolz Aer

Age suitability: From birth with carrycot to 22kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: L53.5cm x W45cm x H21.5cm | Weight: 6kg | Parent-facing: No | Car seat compatible: No| Awards: Silver – Compact-fold pushchair over £250, MadeForMums Awards 2021

A premium compact pushchair from a premium brand, the Joolz Aer features some fantastic materials that offer comfort and high-end appeal.

The ergonomic backrest will keep your child comfortable and supported no matter their age as tester Anita found – although some reviewers have remarked that it can be a bit fiddly to secure it upright after a recline. MFM home tester Anita thought the Aer performed surprisingly well over a range of ages, “I have tried it with my 6-month-old and my nearly 3-year-old and they have both seemed comfortable in it,” she said. “It can easily be steered with one-hand (even at the upper age range) and can take on narrow shopping aisles as well as muddy grass with ease.”

It is one of the more expensive compacts on our list, but users agree that the Aer can cope well with everyday tasks, making it an ideal option for those wanting a compact as their main buggy. You can also get a carrycot to make it perfect from day one, and the frame will fold down with the carrycot attached. “I would definitely recommend the Joolz Aer,” added Anita. “Not only for those who travel but to those who want to have a lighter, easy to use option for shorter outings as well. It is amazingly compact, lightweight and easy to fold/unfold one-handed with very little effort.

Pros: Versatile, high-end quality, sturdy, folding carrycot available
Cons: Fiddly recline

Available from: Samuel Johnston, Winstanley’s Pramworld, Baby Planet and Joolz

7. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Single, £249

Best for a sturdy frame

Baby Jogger city tour 2 compact fold

Age suitability: Birth (with carrycot) to 22kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: H59cm x L50cm x W19.5cm | Weight: 6.5kg | Parent-facing: with carrycot only | Carseat compatible: Yes | Awards: Bronze – Compact-fold pushchair under £250, MadeForMums Awards 2021

Baby Jogger is a brand known for its simple products, done well. They are sturdy and easy to use, and they last. The City Tour 2 is no exception. It is a no-frills-but-solid travel buggy that scores well on functionality and comfort for kids.

Users really rate this smart-looking, convenient and lightweight compact buggy – and the one-handed fold is particularly impressive. As with many of the compact folding pushchairs on our list, it performs well on urban terrain but despite featuring suspension you can’t expect to take it off-road anywhere too bumpy or uneven.

MFM home tester Carolynne loved the extras, such as a handy storage bag, and couldn’t get enough of the folding mechanism: “Finally a buggy that can actually be put down with one hand,” she said.

Pros: Easy one-handed folding mechanism, sturdy
Cons: Struggles on bumpy terrain

Available from: Amazon and Pramworld

8. JuniorJones J-Tourer, £299

Best for smooth handling

Junior Jones J tourer

Age suitability: Birth (only occasional, with nearly lie-flat seat) to 22kg | One-handed fold: No | Folded dimensions: H46.5cm x L55.5cm x W22.5 | Weight: 7.3kg | Parent-facing: No | Carseat compatible: No | Awards: Bronze – Compact-fold pushchair over £250, MadeForMums Awards 2021

Junior Jones is a relatively new brand with an interesting range of products, and the J Tourer is its model aimed at the travel market. It impresses with the ease of its fold, which should make transport and storing a breeze. It was very convincing at this year’s MFM Awards, winning Bronze in the compact-fold pushchair over £250 category.

MFM home tester Liey reported that the J-Tourer handled well and was able to “take on curbs and humps effortlessly”. She also loved how easy it was to put up and fold down.

The J-Tourer doesn’t offer many additional extras like a car seat or carrycot, but it has some well thought-out features – such as offering the ability to pull it along when folded. MFM home tester Jess also appreciated the different functionality. “[It’s] very comfortable, and has a really good recline,” she said. “The basket isn’t huge, but you can still carry a changing bag in there.”

If you’re after a well-crafted, comfortable travel companion for your child, this is a worthy contender.

Pros: High quality materials, smooth handling
Cons: No car seat or carrycot option

Available from: Little Angels Prams, Bumps N Babies and Junior Jones

8. Chicco Goody, £189

Best for tight budgets

Chicco Goody

Age suitability: From birth with carrycot to 22kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: H56 x W46. 5 x D25 cm | Weight: 6.9kg | Parent-facing: With carrycot only | Carseat compatible: No | Awards: Gold – Lightweight stroller under £250, MadeForMums Awards

Billed as an ‘auto-folding’ stroller, the Chicco Goody offers a super-easy folding mechanism at a fantastic price. At under £200, the Goody packs a lot of the features that more expensive models do. Not only is the fold easy and one-touch, but it’s compact enough to fit in most airlines’ overhead lockers. Equally importantly, our testers have reported that it great to handle and comfortable for baby.

MFM home test tester Katy loved how user friendly the Goody was and the style for the price: “The Goody aims to makes life easier by being self-folding and light to carry – perfect for parents on the go,” she said. “It gets top marks from me for its stylish looks (like a higher-end model), compact, lightweight frame and soft, leather-effect handle.”

Fellow home tester Anna loved the stroller’s style and quality but felt it might be a bit too lightweight for serious weather. She also struggled with the recline a bit. Overall, however, the Goody is fantastic value for money and looks really stylish.

Pros: Easy fold, very small when folded, smooth handling
Cons: Not the easiest to steer on uneven ground

Available from: John Lewis, Pramworld and Amazon

9. Cybex Eezy S Twist+2, £389.95

Best for parent-facing

Cybex Eezy S Twist+2

Age suitability: from birth with carrycot to 22kg | One-handed fold: Yes | Folded dimensions: L68cm, W47.5cm, H30.5cm | Weight: 8.6kg | Parent-facing: Yes | Car seat compatible: Yes | MFM Review star rating: 4.6 stars | Awards: Gold – Lightweight stroller over £250, MadeForMums Awards 2021

The Cybex Eezy S Twist+2 is a great everyday stroller that is compact enough to use for travel, fitting into most overhead compartments according to Cybex. Its stand-out feature is the 360-degree seat rotation system, which twists the seat around enabling parent-facing or front-facing seating without you needing to take it off the frame.

It is one of the heavier options on our list, but according to MFM home tester Abigail, it is a dream to push. “This pram is like pushing a feather, even with a heavy toddler in,” she said. “And then even lighter once folded. I pop my pram in the boot whilst holding my toddler and I can do it without struggling.”

MFM reviewer Katy was really impressed with its robustness and ease of steering. She concluded: “It’s worth the investment as it should genuinely last from birth to the end of toddlerhood.”

Pros: Parent- and world-facing seat, robustness
Cons: Small shopping basket, for such a robust buggy, could do with adjustable handlebar

Available from: John Lewis, Natural Baby Shower and Boots

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10. Babyzen Yoyo2, £399

Best for accessories

Babyzen Yoyo2

Age suitability: Birth (with newborn cocoon pack) to 22kg | One-handed fold: No | Folded dimensions: H52cm x L44cm x W18cm | Weight: 6.1kg | Parent-facing: with cocoon only | Carseat compatible: Yes | MFM Review star rating: 4.4

The Babyzen YOYO has quickly established itself as the go-to compact buggy for city-dwellers and keen travellers. It has become so popular with parents far and wide, that it set the bar in the sector – and has been imitated many times. The YOYO still stands out thanks to its ease of use, clever details and overall superior functionality.

The YOYO2 improves on the original with even better quality, and some additional features such as faux leather handle finish and extended weight capacity, plus improved suspension and a sturdier frame. Even though the YOYO doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar or reversible seat, it is still quite adaptable through clever design details and accessories.

For example, as well as two newborn options (the newborn pack or the bassinet) it is very easy to use the bespoke ride-on board for older kids, and you can get a clip-on bag to store an extra 10kg. This means it gives owners far more options than simpler compact buggies. In fact, many parents have ditched their primary prams for a YOYO-only approach.

MFM reviewer Natalie reported that the YOYO2 is ideal for an urban lifestyle. “The Babyzen YOYO2 is very manoeuvrable,” she said. “The compact size means you feel in control of the steering and pushing, and the nimble wheels can fit through tight spaces.” But she did caution that it’s not one for all-terrain, country-life, as the small wheels are unlikely to cope.

Pros: Super compact and easy fold, customisable and extendable
Cons: Doesn’t cope well with uneven surfaces, expensive

Available from: Samuel Johnston, John Lewis, Direct4Baby and BabyPlanet

Read the full MadeForMums Babyzen Yoyo2 review

11. Bugaboo Bee6, £645

Best for versatility

Bugaboo Bee 6

Age suitability: from birth (with newborn bassinet pack) to 22kg | One-handed fold: No | Folded dimensions: L90 x W47 x H36cm | Weight: 9.4kg | Parent-facing: Yes | Carseat compatible: Yes | MFM Review star rating (of Bee5): 4.6 stars

The Bugaboo Bee is one of the original compact-fold pushchairs, and the Bee6 is its impressive latest iteration. It has a smooth folding action which manages to be surprisingly compact given the generous seat and functionality of this stroller. It is a great all-rounder with car seat compatibility, a reversible seat, superior suspension and suitability from birth.

MFM reviewer Magda, who tested previous model the Bee5, loved the way it handled on different terrain. “The Bee5 is most at home on city streets, and you can really get up some pace as it feels so light and responsive to push – even with one hand,” she wrote. “I also found it smooth to push along grass when taking a short cut across the park, and my long walks along the river path were no problem for the Bee5.”

Even though it does not compete on folded size with the airline locker-friendly travel buggies, it does fold in one piece. Also, it is super adjustable – the only one on our list with an adjustable handlebar and seat that grows with your toddler and can be parent- or world-facing – making it still a strong contender on our list.

Pros: Great seat size, one-piece fold, superior adjustability
Cons: Expensive, not as compact as others

Available from: John Lewis and Argos

Read the full MFM review of the Bugaboo Bee5

12. Ickle Bubba Globe Prime, £239

Best for fashionable design

Ickle Bubba Globe Prime Stroller

Age suitability: From birth with a lie-flat seat (but we wouldn’t recommend long periods for newborns) to 15kg | One-handed fold: No | Folded dimensions: W45cm x L55cm x H25cm | Weight: 6.4kg | Parent-facing: No | Carseat compatible: Yes | MFM Review star rating: 4.3 stars

The stylish Ickle Bubba Globe Prime is a travel system-compatible stroller that weighs in at 6.4kg and folds small enough to fit in an overhead plane locker. But it’s not just these vital statistics that make it a great lightweight option for parents.

It offers lots of extras that add real value. A luxury quilted seat liner and footmuff for comfort, a cup holder and buggy organiser that are useful on the go, and a full length raincover and storage bag, are all included. The back panel fabric rolls up too, for keeping cool in summer.

MFM reviewer Gabrielle remarked that the Globe’s basket was a little hard to access, however, she loved its style and rated it highly as a travel companion. She said: “It’s worth the price, for such a stylish and generously-sized lightweight stroller – especially when you bear in mind that is very easy to fold and unfold, can be carried comfortably over one shoulder and can be stowed in the smallest of spaces.”

Pros: Quality materials, great accessories
Cons: Basket hard to access

Read the full MadeForMums Ickle Bubba Globe Prime review

Available from: Samuel Johnston, Amazon, Ickle Bubba and Little Angels Prams