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Best lightweight buggies and strollers under 7kg – for babies and toddlers

Tested by parent journalists and their babies and toddlers, we reveal the best lightweight strollers for babies and toddlers - including travel systems, holiday buggies and strollers suitable for newborns


A super lightweight buggy can make all the difference when you’re doing numerous short journeys, putting your buggy in and out of the car a lot, frequently use public transport or are travelling away with a baby or toddler.


They’re also great options to leave at grandparents or with a childminder. But just because a buggy’s light on weight, doesn’t mean style, usability or practicality have to be trimmed back, too.

What to consider before you buy a lightweight buggy:

  • Age suitability – Many manufacturers advertise their strollers from birth, as they have lie-flat seats.   However, some seat units are not completely flat, and you may feel they’re not suitable for your newborn or little baby, so it’s best to check to see exactly how flat the seat unit is, if you’d like to use it from birth. It’s worth remembering that buying a compatible carrycot can offer the ideal lie-flat position for babies.
  • Parent-facing or world-facing seat positions – While many pushchair seats can face both towards you and out towards the world, lightweights are traditionally limited to world-facing only. However, we’re seeing more lightweights that are offering both options – usually at a cost. Think about what’s important to you and your child (toddlers often prefer to face outwards to see what’s going on in the world around them).
  • Sun cover – You’ll probably need a hood/ sun canopy to shade your baby against the sun.
  • Recline – Some lightweights have seats that can recline multiple positions, this is useful for the times when your baby or toddler has fallen asleep and you want them to lie as flat as possible.
  • Adjustable calf support – This will give your toddler’s legs something to rest on, but not all strollers have them.
  • Shopping basket – Strollers generally have much smaller baskets than their larger pushchair counterparts.
  • Rain cover:  Always check that the stroller you want comes with a rain cover, as not all do, and let’s face it, in the UK you’re going to need one.

How to pick the best lightweight buggy:

  • Be realistic about how much you are going to use your stroller.  Spend more money if you are going to use it every day, as you’ll want the most comfortable and durable stroller you can get.  If it’s just for occasional use, like going on a holiday, you’ll probably not want to break the bank, so have a look at these strollers for less than £50.
  • If you’re going to be using your lightweight frequently as your main buggy, look for a stroller that has a seat that can recline (if your child often falls asleep in a buggy), has a hood, swivel wheels and padded seat.
  • In the summer, sun protection is vital, so make sure it has a roomy hood – and use a hat and sunscreen to keep your child safe from harmful rays.
  • If you need a buggy for public transport, or while travelling around a big city, check these out.

Highest-rated best lightweight buggies you can buy in the UK…

1. Babyzen YOYO2 Complete £574 (stroller £399, newborn pack £175)

Weight: 6.2kg (stroller) and 6.6kg (with newborn babynest attached)
Age suitable for: From birth if you buy the newborn babynest pack – to 22kg
Parent facing option: Yes with the newborn babynest
Travel system compatible: Yes

Weighing in at 6.2kg (6.6kg with cocoon), the Babyzen YOYO2 offers an incredibly compact fold (52 x 44 x 18cm) – small enough to be accepted as cabin baggage in the overhead locker on many airlines. Created in France, its stylish design and mini-fold comes at a price – but then it’s also one of the few lightweights that offers a parent-facing newborn babynest, can be used a travel system and has a generous basket.

The YOYO2 is an updated version for 2020. It’s basically the same as the 2019 YOYO with a reinforced frame (so the buggy can take a slightly heavier child), independent suspension on all 4 wheels and a more luxurious faux-leather handlebar.

Our YOYO reviewer, Lucy, says: “For city families, the YOYO is a no-brainer, especially if you like to travel. It’s really well designed, incredibly user-friendly, easy to store and fold, steers well and is a no-fuss option for parents who want to get from A to B.”

The completely lie-flat babynest means you can use the YOYOfrom birth – but our reviewer wasn’t keen to use it as her main pram until her baby was 3 months old. The YOYO2 is also one of the few lightweight strollers that is travel system compatible – there’s a Babyzen YOYO car seat by BeSafe, and you can also buy adapters to use Cybex Cloud Z, BeSafe iZi Go, Maxi-Cosi Pebble Pro and Cybex Aton Q.

Read our full MFM review of the Babyzen YOYO+

Available from: John Lewis, Natural Baby Shower and Amazon

2. Silver Cross Avia, £199

Weight: 5.5kg
Age suitable for: From birth with a lie-flat seat (but we wouldn’t recommend long periods for newborns) to approx 4 years
Parent facing option: No
Travel system compatible: No

The Silver Cross Avia is ultra-lightweight at 5.5kg, which is slightly lighter than its sibling the Silver Cross Zest.

It has longevity too with a generous upper weight limit of 20kg, making it more robust for growing tots than the similarly priced Diono Traverze (that has a maximum weight of 15kg).

The self-standing fold is a nifty feature and the stroller comes with a raincover and luxury padded footmuff, adding extra value.

Our reviewer says: “The Avia is super-light, durable and stylish. It’s got lots of parent-friendly features, such as its compact fold and the standalone feature. Silver Cross has obviously thought about everything that a parent wants from a pram and excelled with those features.”

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Available from: John Lewis and Mothercare

3. Diono Traverze, from £179


Weight: 5.6 kg
Age suitable for: From birth with a lie-flat seat (but we wouldn’t recommend long periods for newborns) to 15kg
Parent facing option: No
Travel system compatible: No

Here’s a lightweight stroller that’s easy push and even easier to cart around folded, thanks to its unique telescopic handle and water resistant travel bag that turns it into a piece of portable luggage.

At 5.6kg it’s of similar weight to the Cybex Eezy S, but with the Diono Traverze a raincover is included too. It also rates highly for its ease of fold. MFM consumer & reviews editor and mum of 2 Christy says: “The Diono Traverze is really smooth to push and although you can feel the weight when turning corners, it also feels very strong and sturdy which is an unexpected plus from a lightweight pushchair.”

Available from: Diono UK, Precious Little One and Pramworld

4. Cybex Eezy S, £230

Cybex Eezy S stroller

Weight: 5.9kg
Age suitable for: 6 months to 17kgs – approx 4 years. Can be used from birth for short journeys when used with a car seat in travel system mode
Parent facing option: No, unless used with a car seat
Travel system compatible: Yes

The Cybex Eezy S is a zippy city buggy with space-saving features.

A one-hand squeeze-fold means you can collapse it in a hurry to a self-standing unit, and at 5.9kg it’s not an effort to lift.

The folded dimensions of 53 x 45 x 25 cm aren’t quite as dinky as the heavier Babyzen YOYO, but it’s still an option that will fit in an overhead locker.

The smooth seat recline means toddlers can nap on the go.

MFM judge Kerry says: “This pushchair does everything it promises. It’s easy to control, lightweight and can be folded up and down easily with one hand. This is an added bonus when struggling with a baby in the other hand, or stuck waiting for a lift and the stairs are a quicker option!”

It’s compatible with Cybex car seats and if a parent-facing mode is important to you, the updated model – the Eezy S Twist, offers this.

Available from: Natural Baby Shower, Precious Little One and Kiddies Kingdom

5. Familidoo Air, £150


Weight: 6.3kg
Age suitable for: From birth with a lie-flat seat (but we wouldn’t recommend long periods for newborns) to 15kg
Parent facing option: No
Travel system compatible: No

The Familidoo Air is a great value option for parents wanting a lightweight pushchair that’s sturdy enough for nipping about every day. It’s a fun stroller with eye-catching fabrics in the same spend bracket as the Silver Cross Zest and the Britax Holiday.

MFM reviewer Anna says: “It’s no-frills and very user-friendly so I’d really recommend it for quick nursery runs or as a second buggy to sling in the car boot for a weekend away.”

It might not have the superior finish of the Babyzen YOYO or the Ergobaby Metro, but its one-hand, self-standing fold rivals the more expensive lightweight strollers. An easy-to-access shopping basket, front T-bar for a child to hold, plus a free raincover and carry bag, are appealing extra features.

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Available from: Cheeky Rascals

6. Ickle Bubba Globe Prime Stroller, £239

Weight: 6.4kg
Age suitable for: From birth with a lie-flat seat (but we wouldn’t recommend long periods for newborns) to 15kg
Parent facing option: No, unless used with a car seat
Travel system compatible: Yes

The stylish Ickle Bubba Globe Prime is a travel system compatible stroller that weighs in at 6.4kg and folds small enough to fit in an overhead plane locker. But it’s not just these vital statistics that make it a great lightweight option for parents.

Compared to the Cybex Eezy S, which is only slightly cheaper, there are lots of extras that add real value. A luxury quilted seat liner and footmuff for comfort, a cup holder and buggy organiser that are useful on the go, and a full length raincover and storage bag, are all included. The back panel fabric rolls up too, for keeping cool in summer.

MFM judge Annette says: “There’s lots of room in this pushchair for baby to relax. The swivel wheels worked well so it’s easy to manoeuvre when turning corners and going over bumps. Also, it folds down easily to fit into a cupboard or behind a door, meaning more room all round.”

Available from: Ickle Bubba and Kiddies Kingdom

7. Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller, £299 (Newborn kit, additional £129.90)

Weight: 6.3kg
Age suitable for: From birth if you buy the newborn kit (otherwise from 6 months) – to 18kg
Parent facing option: Yes with the newborn kit
Travel system compatible: No

The Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller is in the upper-spend bracket for a lightweight – slightly more than the Ickle Bubba Globe Prime.

Despite being a light 6.3kg, it promises the smooth ride and maximum comfort that you’d expect from much heavier strollers and has a ‘back friendly’ certification from the AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs).

Features of a one-hand collapse and an airplane locker-sized fold, add to its appeal.

MFM judge Bethan says: “This pushchair is incredibly lightweight and easy to steer. I could also comfortably carry this in one hand and baby in the other, which I couldn’t say of most strollers! I can imagine getting on a packed train and it not being much of an issue. It’s amazing how small it is when folded up.”

As with the Babyzen YOYO, a separate newborn kit is available so the stroller can be used as a pram from birth.

Available from: Ergobaby, Natural Baby Shower and Baby & Co

8. Britax Holiday, £120

Weight: 5kg
Age suitable for: 6 months to 15kg (approx 3 years)
Parent facing option: No
Travel system compatible: No

The Britax Holiday is a trip-friendly pushchair that boasts a 5kg weight. In addition to these super-light credentials, it handles well so makes a great run-around for trips away and short journeys at home.

The lack of seat recline means your toddler can’t nap flat and it does take two handles to fold. Once collapsed though, it’s slim to store and light enough to carry like a bag using the adjustable shoulder strap.

This is a great if your toddling tot likes to get out of the pushchair often to walk.

Our reviewer says: “A neat and cute looking lightweight pushchair that is so compact it could be mistaken for a doll’s pram, but is robust and easy to push.”

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Available from: Britax and Amazon

9. Chicco OhLaLa Stroller, £100


Weight: 3.8kg
Age suitable for: From birth (lie-flat seat but we wouldn’t recommend long periods for newborns) to approx 3 years
Parent facing option: No
Travel system compatible: No

Chicco’s OhLaLa pushchair weighs in at just 3.8kg, a whole 1kg less than the ultra-light GB Pockit, and is handy for taking on holiday or keeping in the car for quick walks.

It’s light enough to be lifted with just one hand and has a freestanding fold that’s useful on the move. The removable bumper bar is helpful for getting a little one in and out.

As with the more expensive Silver Cross Avia, you’ll also find plush, soft fabrics, an easy-to-manoeuvre single handlebar, adjustable calf rest and a raincover.

Our MFM home tester says: “As well as being able to lay my daughter flat when she falls asleep, it’s great if you’re not looking for an expensive pushchair but want one that does the job. It’s easy to push, carry and get your child from A to B.”

Available from: Amazon, Mothercare and Argos

10. Silver Cross Zest, £150


Weight: 5.8kg
Age suitable for: From birth (lie-flat seat but we wouldn’t recommend long periods for newborns) to 25kg
Parent facing option: No
Travel system compatible: No

Weighing 5.8kg and featuring a shoulder strap for easy carrying, the Silver Cross Zest is a great buggy for families on the move. It folds down to 103 x 27 x 22 cm and even with its lightweight aluminium frame, is a workhorse in terms of what it can carry.

Our reviewer says: “I really enjoyed using the Zest, as did my partner and two children. Its large under-seat basket meant it could carry a generous amount of shopping, plus a bulky changing bag, which made it practical for trips to the shops and to playgroup.”

There’s a useful fully-lie-flat recline for sleeping babies and the roomy seat and tall back rest will support growing tots up to 25kg – that’s 5kg more than the Silver Cross Avia, and an impressive load capacity for a lightweight.

Read our full MFM review

Available from: Silver Cross, John Lewis and Amazon,

11. GB Pockit, £150


Weight: 4.8kg
Age suitable for: 6 months (when baby has strong head control) to 17kg
Parent facing option: No
Travel system compatible: No

The GB Pockit stroller is perfect for city life and summer travels, thanks to its feather-light weight of just 4.8kg.

The two-step effortless fold and ultimate portability of this pushchair make up for the lack of raincover, recline or padding on the sling-seat  – standard with many other lightweight strollers.

Our reviewer says: “The GB Pockit is brilliant at what it was designed to do. Its small size, when folded, and ease of use deliver an exciting freedom to travel with your young child in tow. True, there is a trade-off between its unique functions and the run-of-the-mill stuff other buggies can do, so it’s probably not your only buggy – but it’s a great addition.”

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Available from: Amazon and Uber Kids


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